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    35 Useful Kitchen Products For People Who Love Being Organized

    Alphabetically organized spices? Pot lids arranged from smallest to largest? We've got you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A notched tray as a place for your food storage container lids to live that's not on top of their rightful containers. (You and I both know that takes us too much space in the drawer.)


    Promising review: "We have tons of Tupperware and the lids flying all over used to drive me bananas. This is one of those simple products that makes a big difference. It has three compartments to hold three different sized lids. We must have at least 25 lids in there and they all fit great. Kind of life changing!" —Jack

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in four colors).

    2. Stacking mixing bowls with lids and non-slip silicone bases so you'll be able to easily keep track of where they are at all times.


    includes 1.5-quart, 3-quart, and 5-quart bowls with lids. Have spouts for easy pouring and measurements inside the bowls for recipe accuracy. Dishwasher-safe.

    Get it from BuzzFeed's Goodful line, exclusively at Macy's for $49.99.

    3. And a grating bowl with interchangeable inserts to help prep and contain all sorts of ingredients and replace several tools that clutter up drawers.


    Includes a 5-quart stainless steel bowl, lid, and three grating plates (fine grater, coarse grater and slicer). Dishwasher-safe.

    Get it from BuzzFeed's Goodful line, exclusively at Macy's for $29.99.

    4. Bag holders to act like your assistant during freezer meal prep sessions.


    Get two from Amazon for $11.97.

    5. An adjustable drawer-organizing system that'll grow with you and your kitchen utensil arsenal.


    Made of dishwasher-safe silicone. Includes a non-slip base mat and 15 reposition-able Divitz in three sizes. Read my full review (#11).

    Promising review: "I have a really small drawer for mine and my son's utensils. Couldn't find anything that would fit the drawer. Baskets were too narrow, too big, not long enough...and a basket for forks, knives, and spoons was too much. THIS PRODUCT FIT PERFECTLY. I cut it to the size I needed and when I open the drawer, NOTHING MOVES." —Katia Uriarte

    Get them from Amazon for $34.99 (available in four colors).

    6. A cutlery tray that won't hog all of your drawer space.


    My friend Alyse owns this and when I saw it IRL I exclaimed "WHAT IS THIS?!"

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    7. An adjustable wrap organizer to group your quart freezer bags and quart non-freezer bags in one place.


    Promising review: "Where has this been my enire life? I love that the shelves are adjustable so I can fit a variety of wraps and other household cleaning boxes in it. Easily take out needed box and back it goes. My cabinet is finally neat!" —Jill R

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    8. A K-cup organizer with room for 50 so you can tell right away when you're down to your last breakfast blend and need to reorder ASAP.


    Promising review: "I love how this organizer fits nicely under the cabinets. While I like the drawer under K-cup machines, it wouldn't fit since it would raise the machine by inches and therefore causing the handle to bump the cabinet. This one works perfectly for my counter. In addition, it holds a 50 capacity." —Idalia

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    9. Customizable spice trips that'll transform the drawer beside your stove as the seasoning zone.


    Promising review: "This is one of my favorite things I've ever purchased from Amazon! The fact that they're so customizable allows you to cut them and shape them to any drawer size! I think this will be my go-to gift for all of my friends who love cooking as much as I do! Freeing up cabinet space and having something that can so easily be rinsed off in the sink makes this a for sure buy!" —momonono

    Get a six-pack from Amazon for $12.99.

    10. A pull-down spice rack for double checking you're grabbing the cinnamon sugar, not cinnamon.


    Get it from Amazon for $19.96+ (available in three finishes).

    11. A cookie rack organizer — it can tidy up a stack of cupcake pans and mini muffins pans without compromising their non-stick coatings.


    Get it from Amazon for $12.97.

    12. A 100-tea bag organizer with detachable sections that'll take up so much less space in your cabinet than the original boxes.


    Promising review: "Do I really need a tea bag organizer? That's what I was thinking when I ordered this. And when I took it out of the box. And when I filled the first little bag holder. But as the pile of empty boxes grew larger, I knew the answer was yes, I do need a tea bag organizer. I was using a whole shelf and a half of jumbled tea boxes which I had to sift through to look for a specific tea. In the end, I think this held about eight or nine boxes of tea bags (I crammed some of them). I am so happy that I got this!" —Sarah C.

    Get it from Amazon $24.99.

    13. A pull-out lid holder to make smart use of a lower cabinet in turmoil.


    Holds up to 18 pan lids while also holding trays, baking sheets, and cutting boards. Made of 99 percent steel, easily installs, and measures 7.25"x9"x21".

    Promising review: "This thing is awesome. I wish I had more cabinet space, but this makes it much easier. We installed it under the kitchen sink (which is a farmhouse sink with a large front apron) and it fits perfectly. I have three baking sheets, three cooling racks, a rectangular skillet, and two serving platters in there, and it all fits great! If I had another cabinet to put things in, I would totally buy this again for storing my pot lids. :)" —Lenna

    Get it from Amazon for $49.50.

    14. A heavy-duty pan rack you can store vertically or horizontally to finally put your cast-iron collection in order.


    Five-tier pan has a larger tier on the bottom to accommodate larger pans. Requires no installation.

    Promising review: "I've struggled with how to store my cast iron pans yet still have them easy to access and not look a mess. This fits the bill! I have it standing upright on the counter, and it fits easily under my upper cabinets. As shown in the seller's photo, the Lodge LCC3 Cast Iron Combo Cooker, aka chicken fryer, fits on the bottom tier — and what's not shown is that the lid fits as well if you sit the fryer in it. I have the combo cooker, it's lid, a 10" Dutch oven lid, 6 skillets of varying sizes, and a 8" round griddle on the organizer, and it is very stable." —Kindle Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $26.97.

    15. And pot lid organizers for mountin alongside your pot and pan rack you have stashed in the cabinet.


    Each rack stores three lids with different handle types.

    Promising review: "I love these lid holders!! I was hesitant to nail/screw these into my cabinet doors because I didn't want them damaged. However, I'm crazy about cleanliness and organization so I went for it and haven't regretted it one bit!" —AJ

    Get two from Amazon for $15.87.

    Also check out a vertical pot lid organizer.

    16. A pour-over filter stand so the essentials can be where you need them when you stumble into the kitchen at 5 a.m. for a caffeine fix.


    Made out of ceramic and specifically for Hario filters, but it can hold other filters.

    Get it from Amazon for $22.25.

    17. Expandable cabinet shelves for twice(!) the space to group like with like — i.e., all the white mugs can live separately from the rando initial mugs people keep giving you from the Anthro sale section.


    Get two from Amazon for $35.99.

    18. A large stemware holder that'll mount underneath your kitchen cabinet to keep all your glasses in line.


    Get it from Amazon for $9.42.

    19. Sugru, which is really just fancy talk for moldable glue you can use to make hooks, hang storage racks, and pull off other handy cookspace tasks. Oh, and it can hold up to 2 kilograms!

    Includes eight packs of glue that sets overnight, so you don't have to use it all at once. Can be used indoors and out as it's waterproof, heat- and cold-resistant, durable, flexible, shock-resistant, and electrically insulating (up to 24 volts).

    Promising review: "Usually these types of products have disappointed me. But Sugru lives up to its promise. I used it to install a shower curtain rod without drilling holes into the wall (the tension rods kept slipping and falling, so I wanted a more permanent solution). I made simple hooks to hang bathroom accessories. And I also fixed my Mac's fraying power card. Awesome product, highly recommend." —Sharmila Velamur

    Get an eight-pack from Amazon for $19.99 (available in several color combos).

    20. A gorgeous wooden magnetic knife rack in a ~variety~ of wood finishes to match your decor scheme.


    Has a continuous magnet and made of all-natural, food-safe wood. Includes mounting hardware and wood plugs to cover the hardware.

    Promising review: "This knife strip is utterly beautiful and worked better than any strip I've bought over the years. Install is a breeze and the caps to cover up the screws are a nice, premium touch." —Jonathan Digital Media

    Get it from Amazon for $35.95+ (available in 14 lengths, 10 wood finishes, and can be personalized).

    21. Or a bamboo knife block that can slide into your drawer and safely hold onto those sharp investments.


    Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

    22. A china storage set for when you don't need to pull out your wedding gifts, aka 363 days of the year.

    The Container Store

    Made of quilted cotton fabric and has a top-loading design. Includes cases for dinner plates (12"x6.5"), salad plates (10"x5"), dessert plates (8.5"x5"), cups (16.5"x12"x4"), and saucers (7.5"x5").

    Get them from The Container Store for $29.99.

    23. A stackable rack with a sliding basket to corral a variety of under-sink essentials.


    I have this rack underneath my kitchen sink with cleaning products stacked on the shelf, and sponges and wipes in the drawer. It stays put and holds nearly all of my apartment's cleaning products!

    Get it from Amazon for $24.87 (also available in a black finish).

    24. An expandable shelf that'll fit around plumbing pipes to nestle underneath your kitchen sink.

    Get it from Amazon for $20.87.

    25. A banana hook you can mount underneath your kitchen cabinets and then fold away out of sight when you finally make good on your threat of making banana bread.


    Get two from Amazon for $12.87.

    26. A peg organizer system for keeping contents from rattling around while you're searching for the lone 1/4 cup measuring cup again.


    Wood construction with a clear finish. The smallest size includes one drawer insert and nine pegs. Can be trimmed to an exact size with a table saw.

    Promising review: "I have a very large and deep kitchen drawer. This allows me to put a full eight-setting china set in the drawer. It is happens to match the maple interiors of my cabinets and that is a visual plus. We had to cut it down to fit but that was fairly easy. I bought two and will most likely use the second to organize storage containers and mixing bowls." —Diana

    Get it from Amazon for $41.99+ (available in three sizes).

    27. Stackable can racks that'll help you figure out how many LaCroix cans you have left.


    BTW, it's good for the fridge or a shelf.

    Get two from Amazon for $18.87 (available in two finishes).

    28. A stackable can organizer so you don't have to figure out which soup can's rings will cozily fit into the lid of another.


    Made from heavy-gauge steel and can store up to 36 cans of various sizes.

    Promising review: "I originally just bought one but realized I had enough space in my pantry to stack two of them. Other reviewers said they had issues with the can rack falling over due to the weight. I have not had this issue. As long as the rack is on a steady surface and braced against two walls like I have in my pantry, it should be fine. Word of advice though, if you have small round cans of tuna or chicken don't put them on their sides. They don't roll well and they fall over. Three small cans of tuna can be stacked together on a shelf and two large cans of chicken can be stacked. They will slide this way. I absolutely love this can rack!! It saved me from the chaos of my pantry." —Jennifer

    Get it from Amazon for $24.87.

    29. Under-shelf baskets to use up that dead space and bump up your storage possibilities in the fridge or pantry.


    Includes four baskets of varying size with a tight mesh grid to prevent contents from escaping.

    Promising review: "I found these shelves to be extremely handy. They helped me transform my kitchen pantry from chaos to order. They slide in and hang under the shelves, and allow me to use space I wasn't able to use otherwise. Now I can find all those cans of vegetables and soups that used to be buried. And my pantry looks organized and neat." —Sandra Henry-Stocker

    Get them from Amazon for $30.99.

    30. Or a pull-out bin with some room for circulation around produce and other fridge essentials.


    Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in four sizes).

    31. Airtight containers and chalkboard labels for a ~clear~ storage solution that'll end in way less clutter than half-open bags of pretzels and candy.


    Get them from Amazon: five-piece set of containers for $21.43 and 60-pack of labels for $7.27

    32. An over-the-door organizer you can easily move to *right* where you need it.


    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in five finishes).

    33. And a plastic bag holder to corral those future trash bin liners.


    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (available in six finishes).

    34. A kitchen sink caddy that'll hold onto all of your dish-washing essentials in one teeny, tiny spot.


    Get it from Amazon for $10.99 (also available in white).

    35. And a set of magnetic strips so stray beer bottles won't clutter up your well-oiled fridge food-prep system.

    Uncommon Goods

    Adhere to a flat, clean surface with included heavy-duty peel-and-stick adhesive. Includes two strips with three magnets each.

    Get them from Uncommon Goods for $38.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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