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    31 Gadgets And Recipes Everyone Who Loves To Cook Needs ASAP

    Useful products, delicious recipes, and not a spiralizer in sight! Promise. The products in this post were updated in April 2018.

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    1. Set and (almost) forget a fluffy cinnamon pancake in a rice cooker.

    2. Hate trying to fish out sherbet scoops from party punch?Portion out the perfect amount for each serving in cupcake liners and baking sheets and stick them in the freezer for big-batch raspberry party punch.

    3. Make this life-changing beef stew in an Instant Pot once and you'll never go back.

    4. Make your body and kitchen sink happy by whipping up a one-skillet chicken pot pie in a preseasoned cast-iron skillet.

    5. Prep noodles more efficiently for adorable ramen muffins with a BPA-free rapid ramen cooker.

    6. Impress your taste buds — without fishing out eggshells — by using an egg separator to make these tiramisu mille-crepes.

    7. Let this little garlic chopper do the smelly mincing for you so you're one step closer to this glorious cheesy garlic bread meatball ring.

    8. Slice up some spuds for garlic Parmesan potato stackers with this handy vegetable slicer.

    9. Devein shrimp for a one-pot tomato garlic shrimp pasta with this tiny shrimp cleaner.

    10. Scape the bowl with these silicone spatulas so every last drop of the batter for this chocolate fudge ice cream cake gets your mouth.

    11. Make quick work of guacamole deviled eggs with a rapid egg cooker.

    12. Thaw out the main attraction of French pepper steak (steak au poivre) with a defrosting tray.

    13. Squirt out the right dose of batter for pancake cups with this batter mixer/dispenser.

    14. Cut the perfect slices of chicken Alfredo pizza with this handsome pizza cutter.

    15. One-up your next Netflix binge with this hot-air popcorn maker and a scrumptious sour cream and onion popcorn recipe.

    16. Indulge and get your veggie servings in by dismantling a head with this cauliflower prep tool and transforming it into some mouthwatering cauliflower tots.

    17. Slay Lawrence Page's mac 'n' cheese with a top-quality cheese grater.

    18. Whip up some delish Italian pasta salad even faster with this microwave pasta cooker.

    19. Win your own private version of Chopped by using this handy herb stripper to cook a garlic and herb-marinated rack of lamb.

    20. Treat yo' self to an apple slab pie with considerably less work thanks to this apple slicer.

    21. Mix up the sweet garlic lime sauce for these spring roll bowls with a salad dressing shaker that also stores and pours.

    22. Juice the lemon for some garlic Parmesan-stuffed artichokes with this 2-in-1 juicer/container.

    23. Toss together some avocado chickpea salad with ease thanks to this 3-in-1 avocado slicer.

    24. Get decadent with a waffle maker and this clever cookie waffle recipe.

    25. Gloat about fixing this healthy shrimp and asparagus stir fry on Instagram ~and~ make a Boomerang of the awesome food chopper you used to make it happen.

    26. Make room for lots of steak fajita quesadilla fillings with this George Foreman quesadilla maker.

    27. Create your own brick-oven-style pizza at home with this pizza stone that has a bajillion other uses.

    28. Serve up brunch in bed by whipping up this Southwestern omelet in a microwavable omelet maker.

    29. Style the perfect food photo shoot with this ravioli press and our homemade ricotta ravioli recipe.

    30. Tear into some slow-cooker BBQ chicken with these handy meat-shredding claws.