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    20 Organizing Items For Anyone Whose Only Storage Area Is Under Their Bed

    Now the monster under your bed won't be a pile of clothes.

    1. A light but sturdy bed frame with 14 inches of room underneath to bump up your under-bed storage a few *valuable* inches. Plus with this, you don't need a box spring with most mattresses! Trust me, it's a game-changer for shoving your stuff under your bed.

    black metal bed frame in a bedroom

    2. Or some adjustable bed risers that'll buy you an extra 3, 5, or 8 inches of extra space on your existing bed frame.

    the bed risers with both heights visible

    3. Vacuum storage bags because if that roller carry-on is going to take up space underneath your bed, it might as well earn its stationary keep by housing your smushed linens and out-of-season clothes.

    person using a vacuum hose to suck air out of space bags holding clothing

    4. And some hanging vacuum bags to help you find even more closet space (you thought that was impossible!). These are especially great for bulky out-of-season items you've been storing under your bed.

    5. A bedside storage caddy to corral a few things that you normally stash under your bed...that is if you don't have a nightstand. No more fishing out a book you thought you'd finished reading from the forbidden nook between your bed and wall.

    bed with caddy hanging off the bed frame and holding several items like a magazine, phone, glasses

    6. An under-bed shoe storage tray because you and I both know that storing your shoes loose under your bed is basically bidding them adieu.

    tray with shoes in it

    7. Or a rolling cart with rotating wheels you can stack random stuff on and easily maneuver out from under your bed.

    horizontal open cart with wheels

    8. Foldable drawer organizers with tiny sections befitting your unmentionables that can easily fit into your drawers. OR underneath your bed if you're especially starved for space!

    storage organizers with compartments for underwear, socks, bras, etc.

    9. Fabric storage bags you can shove out-of-season clothes into and then under your bed. (They're probably the lowest effort storage strategy in this story. Just saying.)

    10. Plus an in-drawer bra organizer you could use in said storage bag to help maintain cup shape in between wears.

    open dresser with bra-shaped slots as an organizer

    11. A genius T-shirt roll holder to create some storage out of seemingly thin air and let you put even MORE clothing under your bed.

    closet door closed with several shirts hanging from a hook at the top of the door. The shirts are attached by rolling them up and putting them through stretchy loops.

    12. And in the same vein, a special cabinet that can safely hang on the door hinges and provide storage where it didn't exist before. Let's get those odds 'n' ends out from underneath the bed, shall we?

    cabinet behind door

    13. A little monster bin will guard important stuff you have squirreled away beneath your bed. Who knew a monster under the bed could be a *good* thing?!

    open top storage bin with a monster face on the front

    14. Some pretty standard (but reliable) 12-quart stackable plastic bins so you can see what you're working with and easily transport stuff to other spots in your home as you need.

    the clear bins

    15. A shoe box with slots for each pair to keep special-occasion shoes pristine.

    shoe bag with compartments

    16. Packing cubes so you can group like with like for separate legs of the same trip and locate the shirt you bought for the day's outing in a snap. But they're also quite handy for storing a huge amount of things in your suitcase while it takes up real estate under your bed. (I know they work for me.)

    open suitcase with packing cubes

    17. Stacking fabric storage bags that'll go from under the bed to closet shelf to wherever. AND the handy handy window means that you can see what's inside, especially if you fold like Marie Kondo. (The only way I fold now, in case you're curious.)

    closet shelves with storage cubes

    18. A zippable heavy-duty bag for when you need a whole bunch of stuff stashed in one spot. IKEA bag lovers, rejoice! (I'm one of you.)

    blue rectangular bag that zips

    19. A dust-proof bag for your hats. All 20 of them!

    horizontal clear bag with baseball caps stacked inside of it

    20. Storage bins with wheels *and* handles so you can easily track down that extra set of sheets when you need 'em.

    two bins holding board games and extra linens

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