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    27 Under-$10 Things From Walmart To Pamper Yourself With

    You deserve it. And can afford it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Dove exfoliating body polish to help you scrub off that lackluster day and give you oh-so-touchable skin in the process.

    @dove / Via

    Promising review: "Smells great and not too overpowering. The texture was very unexpected, not rough on my skin at all. Other scrubs are too rough to use all over, but not this one. I even used it on my face. Doesn't leave any kind of residue after rinsing either. Overall I would recommend this." —BonnieClyde4ever

    Price: $5.94

    2. Or an EcoTools dry body brush if you're along the "hurts-so-good" line and wanna feel the exfoliating payoff before, during, and after!


    Promising review: "I love dry body brushing, it helps skin so much and this in an excellent brush for the job. I think it's important to point out that this brush is for DRY body brushing. It simply isn't made to be used on wet skin, which will be damaged if you brush it wet. It's wise to brush in your bathtub or shower stall so that you can then bathe or shower and the tiny exfoliated skin flakes can go down the drain instead of all over your floor but never brush wet skin. NEVER." —RosieLion

    Price: $5.97

    3. A foot roller that may look like a dog toy, but you can roll it underneath your howling "dogs" to help with mild pains from plantar fasciitis, and soothe sore, tired feet. You can also soak it in hot water for some heat therapy!


    Price: $8.64

    4. Coconut and mimosa–scented bath bombs in case soaking awhile and burning through a few book chapters sounds like a swell idea. (Really if it doesn't, WHO are you?!)


    Price: two for $6.98

    5. Or some lavender epsom salt if you spent all weekend chasing your sister's kids at a family reunion and have since realized that toddlers are in excellent shape!!!

    @drteals / Via

    Promising review: "Love this stuff!! I work 12-hour shifts overnight on my feet all night and this is perfect for relaxing me and easing my sore feet, legs and back. After a good soak I go right to sleep and rest easy the whole day." —Samantha

    Price: $4.87

    6. A jelly eye sheet mask to do one better than those lil' crescents you stick over your eye bags (OK, those masks are good to!) to help put you at ease after a tense day so you can tuck yourself into bed feeling calm and collected.


    Price: four for $9.41

    7. An energizing face mist packed with Vitamin C and bergamot your dry, tired skin will be so glad you parked on your desk at work.


    Price: $9.94

    8. A 3-in-1 back scratcher/exfoliator/lotion applicator to finally get that one super dry spot on your back that you can never reach with your T-rex arms.


    Price: $7.69

    9. A soothing travel-size candle that'll easily fit into your budget and on your crowded end table for some wafts of bliss.


    Price: $8.50

    10. Burt's Bees lemon butter cuticle cream to help you practice some tactile self-care.


    I've used this stuff before and really like it! The key is to just ~keep it up~ in your routine to see and feel results!

    Price: $5.82

    11. Sally Hansen quick-dry nail polish in case you have exactly 20 minutes to cover alll your pampering sessions but just want you nails to look nice!


    I've used this tons of times and it really does dry SO quickly! There's been a few times that I've painted a hand while waiting on a subway platform for a train, which has to be the least hospitable setting for a DIY mani.

    Price: $3.96+ (available in a variety of colors)

    12. A bedside caddy that'll have all your bedtime essentials within arm's reach while your personal assistant is on vacation.


    Price: $9.75+ (available in three colors)

    13. A hydrating overnight mask made with hyaluronic acid (who's your friend! trust me!) for those days when you can barely keep your poor eyes open to wash off your makeup before bed. Then you can slap on this beaut!


    So the packaging says "single use" but often these lil' masks will last you more than one use. So if you have any left over, put it in a ziplock bag and throw it in your fridge so it'll feel even more refreshing the next night!

    Price: two for $8.09

    14. A portable fan because you can't be bothered with fanning yourself and are still waiting for your own personal fanner at court.


    Price: $7.64 (also available in black)

    15. A potent hand and body moisturizer you've probably never heard of but should DEF incorporate into your routine because farmers have been using it since 1899 on cracked, split, chafed, or calloused skin. Talk about a tough crowd!

    @originalbagbalm / Via

    Gotta love a beauty product both you AND your dog can use for your dry nose! My dad uses this stuff on his cows and our dog Hank, and I'm 99.9% sure he's used it on his dry hands too. So go ahead and rub it where you could use a serious dose of moisture and while you're at it, massage it in a bit as a (well-deserved!) treat to yourself!

    Price: $7.68

    16. Silicone gel socks to rejuvenate your cracked heels you've been sporting though keep swearing you're going to walk to the nail salon for a pedicure. But who has the time?!


    They have gel inside and are packed with mineral oil. Oh, and they're washable!

    Price: two pairs for $8.28

    17. Or some ~full~ gel booties in case your whole foot needs the pampering and not just your heels. Plus these'll give you the excuse to sit back and put your feet up awhile bc they tend to slip and slide a bit while you walk.


    Seriously, don't try to walk around in gel socks. It's dangerous! I know.

    Price: $8.96

    18. A pair of spa gloves coated with a moisturizing gel you can wear around the house on the reg for a hydration boost for your paws.


    Price: $7.75+ (available in two colors)

    19. A memory-foam pillow ready to have your (lower) back on those days when you feel like you just can't catch a break. Or even if you've had the best day and just want to cozy up!


    Price: $10

    20. An ice roller can help give your tired face and puffy under-eyes relief because your roommate was worried you joined a fight club the last time they came home and you were seeking relief from a bag of frozen peas.


    Price: $9.95

    21. An ocean mist-scented shower gel as your new go-to because even 30-second showers on those mornings when you soap up at lightning speed after you slept through your five alarms deserve a bit of pampering too. But not too much now!

    @neutrogena / Via

    Price: $9.97

    22. A super rich body lotion that promises to stick with you for up to 48 hours because even though we all know we *should* be using body lotion every single day sometimes you skip a step and then remember when you're already on the way to work!


    Price: $5.48

    23. A one-minute hair mask you can leave on your strands much, much longer so you can stand there in the hot shower a few more minutes than usual, letting the hot water rain down on you. I know this because I own this mask.


    It's free of silicones, parabens, and artificial colorants. Also, the tub is HUGE and it smells delightful without being too smelly.

    Price: $6.47

    24. A matching PJ set that'll feel way more luxurious than the price tag. Cheers to dressing well for that family-size frozen pizza you're finishing off solo on the couch!


    Price: $9.49 (available in four colors and sizes S–L)

    25. Cushy house slippers to have at the ready for shuffling around your house in true comfort.


    Price: $5+ (available in men's sizes 7-8–13-14)

    26. A faux-sheepskin rug to place beside your bed at the exact spot where your feet hit the cold floor when you finally emerge from bed.


    Price: $2.86

    27. A sleep mask set with ear plugs that'll fully convince you that you should *only* use molded sleep masks that let you freely blink.


    Seriously, these are the only acceptable sleep masks to wear.

    Price: $9.99

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