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    26 Useful Products For Anyone With A Tiny Closet And A Ton Of Clothes

    How to get a Mariah Carey–level of stuff into your peasant space. (Don't act like you never saw that ep of Cribs.)

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Slim velvet hangers to grip onto all the garments that deserve their own hanger while taking up considerably less room in your closet than the plastic variety.


    Switching to these hangers is probably the best thing you could do for any closet. I did and it's life-changing!

    Get a 50-pack from Amazon for $18.52+ (also available in black).

    2. And Wonder Hangers to make your closet look like an infomercial *After* — even with the hangers you already have!


    Hang five hangers along the bottom, and release one of the hooks hanging from your closet rod to triple your closet space!

    Promising review: "I've been struggling for years for find the best way to maximize my closet space, until now! I have been pleasantly surprised and impressed! I find these hangers easy to use (they come pre-assembled. No fighting to get piece to fit just right, etc). It's easy to see exactly what items are on the hanger too, which is a big plus! I've already placed an order for two additional sets. I'd definitely recommend this product to someone who fights to utilize every inch of closet space they've got in their home or apartment!" —Emily

    Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $14.47.

    3. A pull-out valet rod you can easily mount as a spot to hang up a few garment options. Now you can officially say "Oh yes my valet has been holding onto that for me" and friends will think you're talking about a HUMAN BEING.


    Word to the herd: This is the hottest closet organizing tip I picked up while working for an interior designer's blog.

    Promising review: "This valet makes it so easy to hang up outfits to choose your outfit for the day, hang out what you would like to pack, to put away laundry, and even to steam your clothes. When I have a larger closet. I will definitely buy another one because, for me, one is not enough." —Brittfree

    Get it from Amazon for $15.82.

    And check out fold-away valet hooks that hold five garments each.

    4. Genius shoe stackers that'll nearly double your open shelf shoe displays because who has the space (and lighting?!) for walls of Loubs like Mariah or a Kardashian?!


    WHOMST among you has the room? Really. Not I!

    Promising review: "These shoe holders are fantastic. I'm using them for heels, casual shoes, and sneakers. For people with smaller feet (I'm a 7) it doesn't 'double' your space, but you can get three pairs where you had two. For people with larger feet, you really will double the space." —silversong203

    Get enough for six pairs of shoes from Amazon for $14.99.

    5. Soft organizers meant for drawers but you could also nestle them into the corners of your closet in case your dresser space is also limited. Your bras have to go somewhere.


    Promising review: "I love these! The cardboard that comes with them is sturdy and they organize my closet shelf. No more digging for undies and bras or stockings." —Aray

    Get them from Amazon for $12.50+ (available in six colors).

    6. Motion-activated lights that'll turn on with a wave of a hand right when you need them because cramming all those coat hangers in a tiny space means that it can be tougher to eye the garment you desire.


    I bought these after finding them for a closet-organizing story and installed them in the dark corners of my closet. They cut on when I reach for a coat hanger and they give me sharp, clear light so I can see the differences between the 20 solid black dresses I own. These stick on with 3M adhesive pads and take AAA batteries.

    Promising review: "I put one in my closet, which has very little light. I love that it turns on when it senses motion and then turns off automatically again. I wound up gluing a flat metal washer to the wall to which the magnet on this light sticks. That way, if I need some detailed lighting, I just grab the light off the wall, take a look at what I need, and then stick it back to the wall again. It's a lot more convenient than trying to find where I put the flashlight." —Debbie

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $12.99.

    7. A hat rack you can hang on the door or mount on the wall so your extensive cap collection stops hogging all your sparse shelf space.


    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    8. A closet doubler that'll hang on the rod like coat hangers to fill that dead space below your tops without installing another full-on rod.


    Promising review: "It doubled the amount of space in my daughter's closet, and because I can choose how high or low to hang it, I could bring it up high enough to allow space for boxes on the floor. I'm getting two more for my own closet! It's sturdy enough to hold heavy jeans or winter jackets or anything else you want. I thought for this price it would be flimsy, but it isn't at all." —Kelli S.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.69.

    9. Or if squeezing in a doubler is a no-go: a possibly life-changing clothing rack (with two shelves!) you can squeeze into another room.


    I swore by a clothing rack from 2009–2016 during a stretch of having teeny-tiny closets and it paid for itself over and over and over again.

    Promising review: "This clothing rack is sturdy and very well-made. It will probably outlast me. Don't forget to align the locking wheels either on the front bars or back bars so you can lock it well. It also holds a lot of weight. It's holding heavy jackets and long coats, and due to design does not even bend a bit. Definitely worth buying this over the cheaper ones that bend in the middle within a short time. You end of paying more in the end because you have to buy another one. Best to buy quality." —noelani

    Get it from Amazon for $42.75.

    And check out a smaller clothing tower you can squeeze into an entryway.

    10. A hanging shoe organizer you could use to store your shoes, scarves, other winter accessories, or really just anything that'll fit in there.,

    Feel free to buy another two or three to store your houseplants, cleaning products, diapers, pantry essentials, and much more as Amazon reviewers have done.

    Promising review: "Used to organize my scarves. The pockets are big enough for two or more cotton/silk scarves. Perfect for what I needed." —June

    Get it from Amazon for $7.87.

    11. A scarf organizer that'll be a step-up from that old looped version so you can easily slip out your pashmina pick of the day without disrupting every other scarf.


    Folks, learn from my mistakes. Scarf hangers with loops are subpar!!!

    Get it from Amazon for $12.72.

    And check out the best version of a looped scarf hanger if you're loops for lyfe.

    12. And a ~slim~ pants hanger with a similar design so you won't have to wreak havoc telling the difference between your mid-rise and hi-rise skinny black jeans.


    Get it from Amazon for $7.08.

    13. And a very similar tie rack — it can hold up to 20 ties in a minuscule amount of space so you won't have to wonder if you left your fave in a hotel room on a business trip because it's right there in front of you.


    Get a pair from Amazon for $9.99.

    14. A breathable charcoal-lined storage bin to stash out-of-season garments and free up some space for the usual seasonal suspects.


    The charcoal lining will keep your stuff smelling fresh so when it's time for a closet swap you won't have to re-launder all your stuff!

    Get it from Amazon for $8.69+ (available in several sizes, colors).

    15. And OG space bags for taking the wind out of out-of-season closet hogs you can then stash in less-desirable storage areas like under the bed or in the garage.,

    The set includes seven 21.5" x 33.5" bags perfect for towels, blankets, and clothes.

    Get them from Amazon for $13.97.

    16. A smart tank hanger so the ones you don't wanna shove into drawers can stay wrinkle-free without taking up precious hangers and space.


    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    Also check out another cami hanger and a a tie hanger people use for tank tops.

    17. A blouse tree that'll grip onto all your sleeved tops in an orderly fashion.


    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    18. Magnetic closet stack organizers here to help you make the best use of your shelf space without disrupting a neatly folded stack.


    This magnetized system lets you get an item from the middle of the pile without disrupting your folded clothes. And you can even store multiple pieces on each divider so you have a whole look planned out ahead of time!

    Get a 14-divider bundle from ThreadStax for $65.

    19. Or if you have no shelf space to speak of, a sturdy purse hanger to get your goods up off the floor in a sleek storage solution that won't hog precious closet rod space.


    Get it from Amazon for $8.90.

    20. Or a clear bag organizer that'll, yes, take up more room. But it can handle bigger bags and won't put any weight on your bag handles.


    Structured totes and backpacks are tough to store! This keeps 'em safe and helps you see what you have so you'll wear more of your closet's contents.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (also available in black).

    21. A pocketed jewelry holder (with loops for untangled necklaces) to squeeze onto your closet rod.


    Get it from Amazon for $10.87+ (available in four colors).

    22. An accessories tray you can hook into a small space underneath a shelf to keep your sunnies, clutches, or wallets in full view.


    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    Also, people have found success by using a pot lid holder as a clutch organizer.

    23. A fabric dresser available in a variety of sizes that'll fit into your desired space for some closed storage where you can squeeze all your overflow.


    Is that a drawerful of snakes or are you just happy you have a place to put all your belts?

    Get it from Amazon for $49.99+ (available in seven varieties).

    24. A bunch of Command hooks with a 5 lbs. capacity you can stick to any free wall space to store stuff like totes, umbrellas, and so on.


    I have a line of Command hooks in my coat closet to hold all my umbrellas and since I did that in February, I've never had a problem tracking down one. Also, I discovered that me, one person, owned seven umbrellas?!

    Get seven hooks from Amazon for $9.31. And get a 12-pack of small clear wire hooks (perfect for small accessories like jewelry and sunnies) for $9.83.

    25. A small storage ottoman — toss in random shoes or recent acquisitions you haven't found a place for just yet. And you can use it as a place to sit and put on your shoes!


    It can hold up to 300 lbs. worth of stuff and has a seat that flips to reveal a serving tray. FAWNcy.

    Get it from Amazon for $27.95+ (available in several sizes, colors).

    26. Finally, a washable rug for parking in front of your closet door to make getting dressed feel like a special occasion.


    It has a low pile so it won't get stuck when you swing open your closet door. And your downstairs neighbors will thank you because it'll dampen the sound of you trying on five pairs of heels each morning before deciding on the perfect pair.

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in five colors, five sizes).

    I own this gorgeous runner and put it in front of my closet. Cannot recommend enough!

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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