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    47 Things You’ll Wish You’d Bought Last Fall Because They’re That Good

    Your neighbors are going to be asking where you got the murderous garden gnome.

    1. A cuddly teddy jacket that'll feel like a warm hug every time you pull it on. You're gonna need/want/etc., both the button-up and zip-up versions... in all the colors. Sorry not sorry!

    2. And a lightweight water-resistant down coat as a topper against the fall chill that'll pack down to fit in a small bag. Affordable, available in eight colors, and easy to transport? Sign me up!

    3. A range of fall stud earrings to keep your seasonal accessories as fresh as the autumnal morning air.

    palm with small clay earrings in various Halloween motif shapes

    4. InstaFire, an eco-friendly fire starter from Shark Tank with four fires in a pouch so you'll be set even if you don't remember how to build a campfire from back in your Girl Scout days. (OK, I could if I had to.) This'll also seriously come in handy if you're all of a sudden interested in camping as a vacay option.

    5. Or if you've already mastered actually building a fire, a pouch of Mystical Fire you drop onto your wood fire to create a colorful, magical effect.

    A campfire with rainbow flames

    6. A Jason Voorhees garden gnome to help one-up your neighbor who pulls out ALL the stops for Halloween.

    garden gnome with hockey mask that resembles Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th

    7. And if you know who Jason Voorhees is, Shudder will also probably pique your interest with its STACKED lineup of horror, sci-fi, thrillers, and more.

    bloody woman, monster made of human teeth, Nic Cage with his face covered in blood

    8. Knit and faux fur-lined booties more or less made for jumping into piles of leaves. They'll keep your feet toasty too!

    9. A tub of O'Keeffe's hand cream to give your ragged cuticles and dry paws a major overhaul because they always seem to get super dry as soon as the calendar says it's ~officially~ fall.

    before photo of a reviewer's extremely dry hands and cracked cuticles and an after photo of the same hand looking much more moisturized and free of cracks

    10. A Squatty Potty which, if you don't already know what it does, helps position your body in a way that'll feel more natural for your colon and, therefore, make going no. 2 easier. (More or less.) It's never a bad time to invest in one of these.

    model wearing clothes sitting on a toilet with their feet propped on the stool-like squatty potty

    11. A winter hat that somehow looks good on everyone, which'll increase the number of days you'll spray dry shampoo on your dirty hair, wear a cute hat, and call it a stylish day.

    12. A door draft stopper the least handy person in the world could handle installing to prevent cold gusts from coming indoors. Don't make your heating system work harder than it has to! Bc $$$!

    13. And a roll of thick foam tape weatherstripping even YOU can handle installing on doors where you can normally feel the fall gusts creeping in. No more!

    14. Cozy knee-high socks because the '90s are back BAY-BEE, even though you've been mimicking Cher and Dionne's style since you were able to dress yourself.

    three models wearing knee high cable knit style socks

    15. Or some fun wool socks in tons of colors and patterns you can let peek out from your ankle boots for a bit of color amongst a rainbow of fall neutrals.

    person wearing colorful argyle print socks

    16. Wood polish and conditioner to revive all sorts of wood surfaces around the house. Hardwood floor that looks gray? Check! Kitchen cabinets you priced out as a total horror story? Check x2! Front door you thought about replacing Check x3! Look at you with all your indoor projects!

    17. Wondercide Spray that'll serve as a naturally derived alternative to your pet's monthly treatments because fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are horrible! Your pet doesn't need to speak human words to tell you that!

    person spraying the product on a calm looking golden retriever dog

    18. And a bottle of Grip Clean heavy-duty soap made with coconut and olive oils so you can get those exceptionally dirty paws hands of yours back to their normal, clean selves. Yes it cleans THIS well but doesn't dry out your hands!

    reviewer's before and after pic of grease covered hand and then clean hand thanks to the soap

    19. A bottle of pumpkin spice syrup for extremely obvious, tasty reasons. Your at-home coffee game is about to get a LOT sweeter.

    bottle of the amber-colored syrup

    20. An exterior shed big enough for recycling bins, bikes, a lawnmower, and other hefty tools in case you're tired of 1) carting your patio trash back inside or 2) staring at an ugly trash can that does anything but look nice with your patio dining set. It's a necessary evil but now it's a ~hidden~ necessary evil.

    21. A Hocus Pocus shirt that'll make passersby wanna break out into "I'll Put a Spell on You."

    22. A snuggly undercover dog bed for your furry lil' angel whose prime lounging spot is in the middle of your living room floor. This'll look far better than their favorite raggedy blanket. And it's machine-washable!

    dog laying on faux sheepskin dog bed that looks like a nice rug

    23. A rust stain-removing gel to help the gross shower you've been living with all summer while you did your summer things. Lots of folks have gotten clean in that bathroom, but it that doesn't have to feel that way.

    24. A KitchenIQ sharpener that'll handle dull kitchen knives for change when compared to pricier sharpeners. Don't even think about going at that pumpkin with a dull knife!

    hand holding the kitchen sharpener in front of a cutting board with knives

    25. A drink-insulating "flannel" in the shape of your go-to fall outerwear so you'll know which drink is yours while keeping it perfectly chilly.

    26. A set of room-darkening velvet curtains to create a super dramatic look on the cheap that'll also guard your home against fall drafts.

    27. A set of flame-retardant socket sealers to help seal out the cold air that tends to leak inside through your outlets. 

    A person installing the light switch socket sealer
    A person installing the plug socket sealer

    The 24-piece set includes 16 outlet sealers, 6 switch plates, and 2 decorative covers.

    Promising review: "Socket sealer. Say it with me. Socket sealer. Alliteration can be so much fun. Okay, now with that out of our system, down to brass tacks. I love these. They're cheap and easy to install. They block the draft that is sure to come out of an electrical outlet or a light switch. I've used these in apartments and in houses. They work both ways. Just unscrew the plate, slap one of these bad boys in, and screw the plate back in. Just be sure to not touch metal to metal or skin to metal. It's a good idea to flip the breaker to deactivate the outlets you're installing these on. Otherwise, you'll give yourself a nice jolt. Or three. You know how everyone tells you not to stick a fork into an outlet? The same principle applies here except your finger is the fork and you can't taste purple for a while. So do yourself the favor of flipping the breaker before installing these. Don't make the same mistake as I did. Once. Or maybe three times. I can't remember too good now." —Frequency Jones

    Get the 24-piece set from Amazon for $7.49.

    28. And a window insulator kit if you wanna get a little more aggressive against drafts and sky-high heating bills. The clear film shrinks to create an airtight lining that'll blend in with the window panes.

    29. An RTIC tumbler that'll keep liquids as hot or as frigid as you like while you go about all your outdoor adventuring.

    silver RTIC tumbler

    30. "Blood bag" drink pouches to really level up any spooky shindigs you have planned for the fam. Reviewers say they're super easy to fill!

    the blood bag drink holders in a cooler with other drinks

    31. A pair of Joules wellies in case you can't shake the price on holy grail Hunters for shoes you're just going to get wet. *Very* wet.

    32. A Nightmare Before Christmas mini cross-stitch kit for helping you whip up some home decor while keeping you busy on chilly nights.

    the cross stitch set

    33. A pair of leaf scoops to make clearing out your yard much easier on your knees and back.

    Model holding the scoops and transferring a large handful of leaves into a trash can

    Promising review: "We have a very large wooded property that requires a lot of leaves and sticks to be raked up. We have tried various brands of leaf scoops but most lasted not even one season. Since purchasing the ReLeaf Leaf Scoops are job has been much easier. First of all is the way your hands grasp the scoops. These are much more ergonomic and are actually like extensions of your own hands. Second, these are very sturdy and do not bend when trying to pick up a pile of sticks and debris. We have made it through the season so far without issue. Next will be the dreaded fall cleanup. I highly recommend the ReLeaf Leaf Scoops which make our yard, woods and garden cleanup easier." —trouble54

    Get a pair from Amazon for $29.99.

    34. And a large waterproof garden dustpan can help cart all those leaves over to the garbage can. The large opening lets you easily shovel stuff into it. 

    hands holding the green cylindrical bag as a scoop for dead leaves

    Promising review: "As large as I hoped, allowing me to fill them with leaves and press the leaves down several times, to move a LARGE amount of leaves in one go. Two different straps are placed so the full bag is easy to carry. Flat side of the opening DOES stay close to the ground, allowing easy 'sweep' of the rake to move leaves into the plenty-wide opening. Might be my most-loved leaf processing tool this fall, because I save and chip all my leaves. I also ordered the Bully Tool 1000 Poly Leaf Scoop, which works perfectly to press/compact the leaves in the bag." —June S.

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $19.99.

    35. A goth-y tie-dye shirt to help transition your bright summer wardrobe to the fall.

    black and red tie-dye long sleeve shirt

    36. A quilt set with cute fall-ish woodland creatures that'll help give your bedroom a seasonal revamp too. Plus, it's reversible!

    37. Scaredy cats for some very cute Halloween decorations that'll deter critters like real cats, rodents, birds, rabbits, squirrels, and other pests.

    black cat style yard decorations

    38. Slip-proof slippers so you can avoid turning up the heat *too* much (bc $!) and scoot around inside on your hardwood floors without pulling a Risky Business. Remember when you slipped in the kitchen last fall? Yep.

    39. A boot tray to contain the mess from your family's footwear after trudging through seasonal corn mazes or just raking the leaves in the yard.

    the boot tray in an entryway

    40. And a ~washable~ door mat in fall colors you can park inside before you get to the boot tray so your fam can wipe off their dirty shoes before storing them. And it just looks so nice!

    gray, yellow, and black abstract mat at door

    41. A