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    Just 46 Things You May Want To Buy Before Summer's Over

    Rapid-fill water balloons, *actually* clear sunscreen, a cooling towel you'll wanna take everywhere, and other gems that'll help you live your best summer self.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A mini sprinkler pool that'll help the fam cool off and get some water time without having to dump out a kiddie pool's worth of water once the fun has wrapped.

    A small inflatable pool with water shooting up from the squirters all around the rim of it. It's sitting in a yard, attached to a hose.

    2. A lemon-eucalyptus spray I bought and wore while hiking in Greece two summers ago with NO bites! It really smells like lemon but that's a thing I can live with if it means I'm bite-free.

    the spray on a map surrounded by other camping supplies like a compass and pocket knife

    3. Or a pack of insect-repellent wipes that'll be easier to keep on you at all times than a bottle of liquid. Or will be even better when packing carry-on only for a trip.

    parent using the wipe on a kid's face

    4. A bug bite suction tool to help you out with existing bites to remove the irritating venom, and help reduce itchiness, pain, and swollenness. Plus it works on other insect stings. Think about all the scratching you could've saved yourself!

    5. A pair of stretchy bike shorts that'll become part of your WFH, working out, lounging, *and* just-about-anything-else rotation. You'll probably want to buy both colors from the jump.

    6. And! Elastic-waist shorts in enough fun colors and patterns to keep you from repeating for a whole month.

    voluminous elastic waist shorts with matching tie belt in geometric pattern

    7. A cooling towel you simply soak in water and wring out to bring some chill to that outdoor run... or just stroll! Just walking outside or doing some low-key gardening can make you sweat like a racehorse.

    A person wringing out a microfiber towel with water dripping out of it

    8. An insulated soundproofing strip that'll stick on your door to help muffle your roommate's sounds as you clock lots of time together while working from home. OK this isn't revolutionary but it'll feel like it once you realize it would've improved your quality of life drastically if you bought it a year ago.

    9. A coffee mug you could use for every last video call. If you had a dollar for every time you said "You're on mute" this past year, you could buy a vacation home.

    coffee mug that says "you're on mute" on it

    10. A salt gun made for killing flies, but it'll *also* be an effective, fun way to pick off mosquitoes at your leisure. Welcome to your new hobby for when you're sitting on the porch.

    11. Wondercide Spray you've seen on Shark Tank that'll serve as a naturally derived alternative to your pet's monthly treatments because fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are horrible! Your pet doesn't need to speak human words to tell you that!

    person spraying the product on a calm looking golden retriever dog

    12. A three-pack of washable bra liners for those super sweaty days because it's pretty, pretty gross when you peel off a bra to only find it heavier with sweat. That's stop that little trend with this.

    person wearing the bra liner with a black lacey bra

    13. Or a wireless cooling bra designed to cut down on underboob sweat.

    14. A leopard wrap skirt you can pair with every dang top in your closet!

    15. A camping hammock with a mosquito net to help you kick back, relax, and take in some nature BUT not *too* much nature, amiright? Here's to comfortably clocking in more leisure hours despite blood-sucking fiends.

    red hammock strung up between two trees with a mosquito net on top

    16. A net for your patio umbrella as an ~extra layer~ so you can sit and survey your kingdom, even if mosquitoes have infested it. Let's get more use out of the deck!

    17. A hair finishing cream on a mascara-like wand for helping slick back those baby hairs and flyaways before your next video conference call.

    before and after pics of person with hair in bun with lots of wisps as before and slick look as after

    18. A sunshade triangle you can rig up over the patio or the kids' sandbox to block up to 95% of UV rays and keep things a bit cooler. Adding some shade will make that yard of yours easier to hang in this summer!

    The sunshade

    19. Sweat-wicking pajamas that don't look like sweat-wicking pajamas. All the better to look super pulled-together while becoming one with your couch.

    purple V-neck pajama top and matching shorts

    20. Rapid-fill water balloons to cut down on prep time and get to the backyard fun so much faster. Ahem, water balloon fights are a WONDERFUL social-distancing activity, as the reviewer below found!

    tub full of water balloons

    21. A wrap dress that'll make for a picturesque OOTD or let ya show lots of leg for whatever plans you have this summer.

    22. A rechargeable handheld fan – it might just make you think about all those times you said "I wish I had a fan." Well now you will.

    reviewer's hand holding the fan which is circular on the fan end has a handle

    23. Bottle Bright cleaning tablets to revive the look (and taste!) of the stainless-steel thermos you use every dang day (whether you're WFH or not) but aren't so great at washing like you should.

    reviewer pic of a "before" dirty coffee stained thermos with an after of a clean thermos

    24. A Squatty Potty here for ALL seasons. If you don't already know what it does, it helps position your body in a way that'll feel more natural for your colon and, therefore, make going no. 2 easier. (More or less.)

    model wearing clothes sitting on a toilet with their feet propped on the stool-like squatty potty

    25. A clear Glossier sunscreen that'll be great for your face *but* I like to use on my hair part where I always get burnt. Spray-on body sunscreen always makes my roots look like they're gray. And! Black reviewers say this stuff has no cast.

    dark skin model with a dollop of the clear sunscreen on palm

    26. And a Think SPF 50 sunscreen built to stay put (even in water) for up to 80 minutes. TBH, having to reapply more frequently than that is a bummer. But so are sunburns so, uh, this stuff will def come in handy.

    person sitting outside wearing short shorts with a bottle of the sunscreen

    27. A lightning fast chiller to help get your coffee to a temp that won't make you sweat even more in merely *one minute* without watering it down like pesky, slow-working ice cubes!

    hand pouring coffee out of chemex into the chiller cup

    28. A small electric ice cream maker that'll whip up some fro-yo with fruit and yogurt or transform smoothies into the consistency of ice cream. It's summer and we love cold things!

    29. A DIY pinball machine kit as a nice distraction for when the weather isn't cooperating for outdoor summer break play.

    person using the DIY pinball machine

    30. A mesh exfoliating towel with fans amongst my colleagues. It'll help prevent bacne and make scrubbing your back super easy. Just use it with your regular body wash.

    The mesh towel

    31. Breathable cotton undies for those days when you just know you're gonna sweat but don't want swamp ass. (Soooo, most days?)

    pair pairs of differently colored bikini briefs

    32. A stick of slicker anti-chafing balm that'll keep your inner thighs and other parts ouchless when it's time to get physical, physical.

    plus size reviewer at a tourist site of ruins wearing shorts

    33. A designated beer bottle cooler begging to be (safely!) taken on all your outdoor adventures this year. This also makes bottle retrieval so much easier than a standard cooler.

    34. A Charlotte Tilbury setting spray for a weightless finish to your look that'll make it stay intact, even if you're sweating up a storm. I've been using this stuff and I sweat A LOT, so yes it does what it says.

    model spraying made up face with the product

    35. Or a budget-friendly setting powder in case sprays aren't your thing but you need something to keep the sweat off the beautiful masterpiece of your face.

    36. A rechargeable massager with more than two hours of power to help you get through seemingly endless conference calls that could've been an email. "Sorry my Wi-Fi isn't cooperating with video calls rn!" ::mutes sound and bites into a sandwich::

    person not wearing a shirt using the large wand-like massager to reach a part of back their hand wouldn't

    37. Ice pop molds to make lots of sweet treats for the fam.

    four popsicle containers filled with the fruit mix. Two have the tops on them that will serve as the sticks

    38. Or light saber ice pop holders to keep your paws from freezing while you're trying to to enjoy your fave store-bought summer treat.

    long ice pops with the felt holders on them that make them look like light sabers

    39. A summer-friendly blanket made to be temperature-regulating and oversized so there's no fighting over the covers. You *can* sleep with covers on in the summer. Or at least with covers like this.

    made bed with the super soft looking blanket on it

    40. A time-marked water bottle that'll prevent those 5 p.m. revelations that all you've had today is coffee. You should *always* stay hydrated but you really feel it in the summer.

    41. An outdoor drink stakes set – it'll hold your beer while you tend to the fire pit or check out how those burgers are faring on the grill.

    review pic of a bottle of beer in the drink stake

    42. A portable wading pool for your pet to cool off in so every member of the fam can make good use of the great outdoors on your lil' patch of land! And in case you're wondering, yes, it's great for ducks.

    43. And a pressure-activated cooling pad you can keep in a spot right inside your door so your dog has a place to go for a quick cool down when they ask to come inside. It's 5–10 degrees cooler than room temp and reviewers say it also provides some relief for pets with joint pain.

    Reviewer's photo of their dog laying on top of a red mat

    44. Waterproof globe string lights that'll make a big impact when hung along your roofline, draped on outdoor structures like a pergola, or just strung up solo so you can enjoy the lights *and* the stars. So dreamy!

    45. A pack of coconut water powder in case the electrolyte-packed drink is a fave. This'll be so much more convenient that carting around bottles. Just add it to water!

    The bag of coconut water powder

    46. And a well-reviewed hair serum because humidity and frizz are a bummer. Use this vitamin E, aloe vera, and argan oil formula to keep your 'do smooth.

    Reviewer's photo of their hair frizzy, and then smooth and shinier after using the serum