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    18 Things You Can Get For Over 60% Off At Wayfair's Memorial Day Sale

    Because you've been clocking a lot of time staring at that old area rug.

    Been staring at that empty wall? Thinking about how you can rearrange your living room furniture? Welp, if you're looking for new stuff for your home then the Wayfair Memorial Day sale might be your perfect plans to set off the long weekend.

    You can snag stuff like furniture, area rugs, appliances, and more for up to 70% off! Really though, there are just sooo many things deeply discounted!

    Here's some great stuff with the steepest discounts in the sale:

    1. A gorgeous settee that'll really bring your living space up a notch. (You're really coming into your fancy-yet-approachable self.)

    gray upholstered settee with turned maple legs, rolled arms, and enough room for about two people to sit on it.

    2. An over-dyed area rug to add a tasteful pop of color and scream the lie, "I COST A LOT OF MONEY!!!"

    living area with chair and side table with focus on bright blue area rug with saturated color and peeks of a traditional style rug pattern peeking through

    3. A sleek lil' range hood that'll help air out any strong smells or smoke from all those new recipes you've been trying. Those pan-fried brussels sprouts are delicious but the whole place doesn't have to smell of them.

    kitchen scene with part of stove visible and white tile backsplash. Main focus is sleek contemporary silver range hood with buttons on the front

    4. Abstract wall art with a wrapped canvas construction to help fill up that naked wall you've been mulling over for some time.

    living area with top of arm chair visible and piece of canvas abstract wall art visible. all art has three general sections of black, gold, and white

    5. A fun sheet set because you loooove your duvet cover but your plain ole' sheets are a lookin' *extra* plain these days.

    bed with sheets and pillowcases visible covered in a grid-like pattern that has polka dots on it

    6. A pair of spindle-back chairs for bringing some timeless style to your family's dining setup.

    7. A five-piece dining set with a round table that'll help it fit into smaller spaces like an apartment or a kitchen. (Psst, round tables are suuuuper versatile.)

    dining room area with white wood table set of a round pedestal table with four chairs around it

    8. A chevron jute rug ready to transform your room setup you've been feeling a little meh about but can't really rearrange because of the room's weird footprint. (I feel your pain.)

    living area with focus on area rug that has rows of various chevron patterns in neutral beige and light blue that'll match a lot of things

    9. Pretty floral curtains that'll ::deep breath:: help block out light, reduce noise, keep the temp in your room the way you like it, and just look really nice.

    floral gray and silver pattern curtains hanging on a window and brushing the ground. Grommet tops of curtains for sliding onto a curtain rod

    10. A four-piece outdoor set sure to spur lots of quality family time.

    11. A patio umbrella that can tilt to your (and the sun's) whims while you take in the great outdoors. A little shade can make allll the difference in the amount of time you spend in your backyard.

    patio view with a round table and four chairs with an umbrella that'll fit into the table. The umbrella is large and tilted to adjust for the sun

    12. A charming bookcase to store your tomes and put your fave stuff on display.

    living area with tall beige bookcase up against the wall. Five open, equal size shelves display books and small decor items

    13. Or a cool library cart–style bookcase that just may earn you a spot in the Instagram hall of fame while giving you plenty of book storage in an unexpected way.

    living area with gold finish bookcase about waist height with a top shelf, bin-style style in the middle, and open shelf on the bottom

    14. A brass bell pendant to bring a little industrial flair to your kitchen setup. At this discount, upgrading your lighting is all of a sudden much more feasible.

    kitchen scene with focus on lighting pendant hanging from ceiling with black bell-shaped body and brass accents that give it in an industrial style

    15. A chaise lounge chair you can park on your patio and turn into your WFH station.

    outdoor patio with wood chaise lounge with blue cushion and bright throw pillow

    16. A 12-piece Rachael Ray non-stick cookware set to replace your mismatched jumble that, turns out, is subpar at doing even the most basic of functions like frying an egg.

    rustic white table surface with brown accent color of 12-piece cooking set

    17. Or a Cuisinart 11-piece stainless steel cookware set because folks have preferences for kitchen goods! Plus these'll look super sharp over time, not matter the decor scheme of your kitchen.

    product shot of stainless steel cookware set

    18. An accent chest with unique hardware details on it to help this storage piece feel like your best design choice yet!

    dark wood tone storage chest with three drawers and brass-tone ring-style drawer pools and accent hardware

    And be sure to check out the rest of the goods in the Wayfair Memorial Day sale.

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