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32 Cheap AF Things That'll Make You Smile

Don't worry, we're not telling you to smile! But these will definitely make you want to.

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11. A sense of accomplishment well earned... especially after you delete all the dating apps on your phone for the 32834545th time and focus your swiping time on a more worthwhile pursuit (Netflix) again.


13. A cheesy lil' luggage tag to accompany you on your most harrowing of journeys.


18. A bookmark to save you the scramble of figuring out your previous place, letting you concentrate on the thickening plot.

19. An off-the-shoulder looker in a variety of patterns to lift your current mood.


23. Tassel earrings to make even a jeans and T-shirt feel fancy.

25. Some lil' helpers ~toucan~ use to open up you go-go juice.

27. A puke-y person who'll react on your behalf.

29. A bubbling face mask sure to make you (and a friend) giggle.

30. A cute hairband so you and your cat can match while you mask.

32. And a sweary coloring book with cute animals exclaiming cathartic messages.