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    21 Things To Buy This Month That'll Save You Money In The Long Run

    Low-impact buys that'll help you hold onto more cash over time.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Makeup Eraser to eliminate the need for that luxury eye makeup remover you include in your monthly budget.

    Promising review: "I love this thing!! I was a little bit skeptical that all your makeup comes off with just water and a couple swipes of this cloth. But it really works. Previously, I would wash my face and use makeup remover and still had a hard time getting all my makeup off. This removes it all quickly and very easily. You use one side to remove your makeup and the back side to exfoliate and it leaves my skin so soft and smooth. After just a couple uses, my skin is noticeably softer and, I swear, I'm starting to see improvement in my skin tone, which I assume is from not using soaps and chemicals on my skin. And now I don't have to spend money on these products, so this Makeup Eraser pays for itself." —Katie Russo

    Get it from Amazon for $20.

    2. A set of de-icing cables that'll make snow melt in a path that won't lead to atrocities like blocked gutters and ice dams.

    Ice dams are THE WORST and these cables make it easier for destructive snow to melt on your roof, funneling it into gutters more easily and thus preventing blocked gutters! You just have to screw the mounting grips onto your roof like above.

    Promising review: "I've been using Easy Heat roof de-icing cables for 20+ years. These cables work perfectly to prevent ice dams. The first set I installed lasted over 18 years (I'm told by an electrician who professionally installs Easy Heat cables that they usually last about 10 years depending upon how much summer sunlight they're directly exposed to). I've just installed new sets after having my roof re-shingled. Due to the rough winter last year, I've also added cables over areas of the roof not previously covered with the cables in order to prevent any ice dam formation in those locations in the future. The installation instructions are extensive and very clear (you can download them from the web and review them beforehand). The instructions provide guidance on how to measure areas of your roof where you want to install Easy Heat cables so you can order cable sets of the correct length. Installation is straightforward. Easy Heat uses a clip that slips onto the edge of shingles in order to hold the cable in place. Other cable systems sometimes use clips that are nailed to the roof which was certainly nothing I wanted to do. Easy Heat clips are easy to slip onto the edge of the shingle without damaging it. I recommend Easy Heat cables for home use." —Robert C.

    Get 100 feet from Amazon for $63.87.

    3. A six-pack of silicone beer savers for keeping those huge craft investments in peak drinking condition in case you can't finish off a whole bottle in one sitting.

    Promising review: "Very convenient and great for use on craft beers that come in larger bottles that can be hard to finish in one sitting. My boyfriend loves them too and uses them all the time." —Rebecca McGinnis

    Get them from Amazon for $9.84.

    4. An indoor/outdoor pet-bathing tool so you can easily give your BFF a bath at home when they're smelling a little less than fresh (instead of making a grooming appointment).

    Designed to fit securely to either hand so you can control your dog with both hands while soaking the densest of fur. Reduce spraying water and stress for anxious pets. Includes adapters for connecting to shower bath tubs or outdoor garden hoses.

    Promising review: "I like that the sprayer can be clicked to stay on, and how easy it is to stop the flow. The spray is perfect...not too hard, but strong enough to rinse shampoo out of our dog's fur. It makes bath time fun. Plus, I like to use it to calm my own hair down when I don't have time to take a full shower!!" —Kenneth L. Kettenton

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    5. A eyeshadow palette with as much payoff as the holy-grail Urban Decay Naked palettes, but for way less bucks.,

    Promising review: "Great bargain for great colors. Pigment lasts, and the fallout is similar to my UD Naked 3 so I can't complain. I compared with my friend's actual UD Naked 1 and 2 palettes and even she is impressed at the matches. Really glad there is a clear plastic sheet protecting the shadows, it's also pretty useful if you want to label the shades with the UD names! Helps if you're following a tutorial — then you can be sure you're using the right shade." —LiebsFam

    Get it from Amazon for $15.84+ (available in six color combos).

    6. A multitasking putty set to fill gaps, seal leaks, and adhere heavy stuff to household surfaces. It'll save you some serious repair costs when you decide that was an *awful* spot for a towel bar.

    Use it for a filling or sealing leaks. Supports up to 350 pounds.

    Promising review: "We have used Mighty Putty several times for various projects — in particular to hang towel bars and toilet paper holders on our bathroom tile walls. We can't bear to drill into the tiles for items that may change over the years. Might Putty is FANTASTIC for this job!" —S in Alexandria, VA

    Get it from Amazon for $9.88.

    7. A sturdy mattress foundation that'll create additional storage area out of thin air AND let you free yourself from the burdens of a pricey box spring.

    I bought this in October in a full and LOVE it. It took maybe five minutes to set up and has rounded edges, unlike my old bed frame that kept my shins constantly scraped and bruised. It also felt great leaving my ancient box spring on the curb, which would've just been something else I'd have to pay to move in a few months when I get a new apartment.

    Get it from Amazon for $56+ (available in sizes narrow twin–California king).

    8. A back shaver to serve as a de-fuzzing assistant instead of taking a gamble on another waxing Groupon.

    Promising review: "Not one for leaving reviews, but this item is completely awesome. I no longer have to wait for assistance to complete the task of shaving my back. Would recommend to anyone who is tired of asking for a hand." —Rolando Martinez

    Get it from Amazon for $27.95.

    9. A nail polish holder for less than the bottle of the good stuff you spilled last month. And most definitely less than a manicure.

    Promising review: "I am so glad that I came across this! It works GREAT and has saved me a lot of spills. I haven't found a bottle yet that won't fit in it so that is good. Very happy with this purchase!" —Sahra

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (seven colors).

    10. A pair of snow cleats that just may be the motivation you need to go on morning runs OR can take the place of buying a proper pair of snow boots if you live somewhere that rarely gets a dusting.

    Promising review: "Probably the best $25 I ever spent. These are great. They fit perfectly over my running shoes (size 7.5 women) and didn't slip off at all. They provide excellent traction in snow, slush, ice, and on wet pavement. i did a full 5K last night on largely unshoveled sidewalks and roadways, and didn't slip once. Get these. You need them." —Mariah

    Get them from Amazon for $16.87+ (available in four sizes).

    11. Or if you *need* some snow boots, these will get you from point A to point B without becoming a walking snow-day GIF.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    I've had these for more than a year and they are surprisingly cozy. That's saying a lot because I hate any kind of essential cold-weather gear. Read my full review here.

    Get them from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in women's sizes 5–11 in 19 color combos).

    12. A Beautyblender dupe as a way to achieve an airbrushed look without robbing yourself of $19 every single time you need a replacement.

    Promising review: "Cute, cheap, and works great to blend out foundation/concealer. It's not dense and expands when wet. It also washes easily, thank god, which I didn't think would be the case with my pale foundation on a black sponge. I only need to use normal Dove bar soap. I think I'll stick to this brand for Beautyblender dupes in the future. Their sponges work perfectly and are much prettier, (I'm not a bright fuschia kind of girl)." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $6.97.

    13. A silicone soap tray with plenty of ~tasteful~ draining space so the bottom half of that fancy soap your aunt gave you for Secret Santa won't become useless goo.

    Dishwasher-safe so it's easy to clean the thing that holds the cleaning thing.

    Promising review: "I really dislike gooey soap that's been sitting in water since yesterday's shower. This tray lets the water drain out and the soap is lovely each time. Works perfectly for me." —E. J. Buss

    Get it from Amazon for $7.97.

    14. A tub of Aquaphor as a winter skincare precaution to keep your lips, hands, or other exposed skin from getting wind chapped when you have to brave the elements.

    This budget-friendly tub (that, tbh, is huge) is significantly less than any skin product you'd have to buy to remedy wind-chapped skin.

    Promising review: "During those long winter months, when the air is very dry, if you develop dry, itchy, flaky skin, you need Aquaphor! This is not a lotion or a cream, but an ointment, very similar to Vaseline in appearance and consistency, but much more healing and protective of your skin. If lotions are failing your skin, or you find yourself applying lotion over and over with little to no relief of the dryness, Aquaphor is the answer. One application before bedtime and you'll wake up with soft and itch-free skin. I recommend this to anyone who struggles with their skin in the winter." —A. McCallum

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    15. An elegant wine decanter so you can say "I'll have the house red" to yourself when you open a budget wine because letting that stuff breathe makes it taste like it costs $5 more a bottle.

    And it's probably the same as the house red at the restaurant where you'd rather be eating than on your couch. Yes, you could buy a wine aerator that you stick on the bottle, but a carafe does a better job of letting it breathe and it looks fancier. Made of lead-free crystal. Designed to hold a standard volume of a 750ml wine bottle.

    Promising review: "I love that it can fit a whole bottle of wine with no problem. People usually get nervous when they hear blown glass, but this is very thick. It makes the wine taste so much fresher then normal. I would definitely recommend for anyone that loves to drink wine. Makes a great gift!!" —Erica W.

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

    16. An= faux house plant in case you resolved to give up on the pricey (for you) hobby of indoor gardening but still want your place to look like a lush jungle.,

    Get them from Amazon: ficus bush for $48.44 or rubber tree for $19.98

    17. Or if you're still stanning actual plants, a pretty bird watering globe to keep those beauts alive and maybe slash some cents off your water bill.

    Every plant's different, but the manufacturer estimates that this globe can hold enough water for up an average of to 1.5–2 weeks.

    Promising review: "Holds enough water that my plants are still alive after a 3-week vacation and if you add food color it not only makes the water level easier to see but gives another color dimension to the pot." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    18. A laundry-detergent drip catcher to help salvage some of that precious goo, so you can go a tad bit longer in between shopping trips.

    Promising review: "Holy cow! Why didn't I think to make this!? This thing is probably the most helpful thing I own! I despise how liquid detergent is in these huge tubs with a spigot. It has to lay on it's side and it ALWAYS drips down on to whatever is underneath. It's so frustrating! However, this fixes that problem! It easily just slides on the tub and holds firm. I use it on the All tub, but I would imagine it would work with any standard size tub. I keep the cup sitting on the little shelf and it catches any drips. So no waste!" —Rachel L. White

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    19. A pair of egg poachers so you can DIY brunch every once in a while because your bank keeps telling you to spend less on Eggs Benedict.

    Eggs Benedict is THE BEST brunch dish (don't @ me) but poached eggs are tough to pull off. These little gadgets are designed to mimic the traditional water bath poaching method. So they're kinda like training wheels! Plus, they ring in at just under $10, which is about the lowest I've ever paid for decent Eggs Benedict.

    Promising review: "Basically my favorite thing ever. Tried these for the first time after failed attempts with other poachers and being too lazy to do a normal poach. These were SO easy. Bring water to a boil, slide egg from a ramekin into the pods, and within about 3.5 minutes, the eggs are done." —Alexandra K.

    Get them from Amazon for $9.95.

    20. A five-pack of remote-controlled flameless candles as a mess-free way to set the mood once you've burned through all your holiday-gifted pillars.

    These candles are powered by 2 AA batteries each (not included), work for up to 50,000 hours, and have a remote control with automatic on/off timer function, to 2 hours/4 hours/6 hours/8 hours. And they look like they flicker!

    Promising review: "These candles are fascinating. Not only do they imitate the real candles, they are actually remote controlled and simulate different lighting settings, without having to worry about the mess that real candles leave behind or even the risk of a candle tipping over and starting a fire. These candles are the adequate solution for a nice ambiance and decoration and also for emergencies, like a black out. Despite the fact that they don't have a scent or smell, using it along with an oil diffuser definitely creates a vibrant and relaxed environment. Whether it is for your room or a nice shower, these candles will have no problem in brightening and lighting up your day." —KATRINA GO QUE

    Get them from Amazon for $22.99.

    21. A four-pack of refillable K-cups if you've already invested in a K-cup machine but are sick of dumping all your change into single-serve cups.

    Made with a stainless steel–micro mesh filter. 100% BPA-free, non-toxic.

    Promising review: "Great, simple reusable K-Cups. I use these both at home and at the office to save money on coffee. It's SOOOO much cheaper to just use your own coffee grounds than buy expensive K-Cups from the store." —Kansas City Mike

    Get them from Amazon for $10.95.

    You in a few months, but feeling good because you did it legally!!!!!

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