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23 Things To Buy This Month That'll Save You Money In The Long Run

Products that'll help your budget over time, including a cat-proof phone charger, battery organizer/tester, produce-saving sheets, and more!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A pair of kick mats to save you some dough on car cleanings and keep your vehicle's resale value in good standing despite what happens in the backseat post–soccer practice.

The mats are easily removed for cleaning, machine-washable, and water-resistant.

Promising review: "I love these kick mats. They have saved my seats from being torn up and full of dirt from my kids' shoes. We have one on each seat, even our rear-facing infant sons. Amazon had the best price." —Tommy Vee

Get them from Amazon for $17.57, Jet for $15.99, or Walmart for $17.01.

2. A pair of airtight pasta noodle containers so you won't accidentally tip over that opened box of spaghetti in the pantry, only to watch all those tiny sticks crash to the floor in slow motion and ruin your dinner plans.

It's tragic every single time. Made of BPA-free plastic and are freezer-safe.

Promising review: "These are the perfect size for spaghetti and linguini. No more half-opened boxes. They are airtight and easy to open" —Michelle L.

Get them from Amazon for $14.99 or Walmart for $14.99.


4. A 4-in-1 cross-body bag with different looks for when you're just bored to death with this gorgeous pattern.,

Get it from Target for $34.99 (available in two color combos).

Want a pricier version? Check out Kate Spade New York's line of covetable bags with interchangeable flaps here.

5. A nylon braided charger cable that won't fall prey to your fav fur ball's destructive nibbles.

Promising review: "After losing several cables to hungry cats with something to prove, I thought maybe a nylon cable would be able to hold up to the task — and this one definitely has! The cord is very strong, doesn't tangle, is still flexible, and the 6' is a good length for when you still need to charge your phone but don't quite want to get out of bed just yet. Only complaint is that the braided nylon has enough stiffness that the cord can become twisted at times but this is easily solved by twisting it back. Absolutely no problems with the cable itself being loose or losing connectivity." —mizzerkat

Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in two lengths, four colors).

6. A makeup brush cleaner set that'll do the hard (but necessary) work to keep that pricey set in tip-top shape!

Includes a brush spinner, charging station, rubber collars, glass bowl, bowl splash guard ring, and a cleaning solution. To use, simply fill the bowl with warm water and cleaning solution, use an appropriately sized rubber adaptor to attach the brush to the spinner and spin on the lowest setting, then remove the brush from the water (but still keeping it in the bowl) and spin to dry.

Promising review: "Absolutely love it. Cleaning and drying all of my brushes by hand normally takes me about 4–5 hours once they are all totally dried. With this it's an hour max! Just be sure not to push your brushes all the way to the bottom or you will misshape them." —Justice A.

Get them from Amazon for $49.99 or Jet for $49.85.

7. A battery rack and organizer to help you corral the little multitaskers and test 'em so you aren't left in the dark with an unusable flashlight when a storm cut out your power.

Also, batteries are expensive! This'll help you use the ones you already have while they're still good.

Promising review: "I mainly like that this thing has gotten the random batteries out of our 'junk' drawer and into a structured setting which is meant to contain them. It's so easy and quick to find batteries. I also really like the tester. I started testing batteries right away, and threw the ones away that came up as being dead. The only problem is that we have a ton of AAA batteries and there aren't very many AAA spots. I have had to put all the extra AAAs into other slots and the only reason that they don't fall out is because I have it laying flat on top of the fridge. Also there are no spots for those flat batteries, so I set them into the slot for 9Vs." —MelanieO

Get it from the Container Store for $19.99.


8. A pack of produce-saving sheets so you won't feel like you're pouring all your dollars into farmer's market finds that mostly end up whole in your compost. :(,

These sheets keep fruits and veggies fresher, up to 2 to 4 times longer! Each pack contains 8 sheets and each will last for about 1 month once in use. You can store unused sheets in the original packaging for up to 2 years. To use, place one sheet into your fridge drawer, salad bag, fruit bowl, berry carton, or on your countertop!

Promising review: "It works exactly as described and is great with saving berries, tomatoes, vegetables etc. I have reused the sheets and cut them to size for smaller berry containers. We were so impressed that the blueberries were still rolling around the container after several days." —mary

Get a pack of 8 sheets from Amazon for $5.99 (also available for bread) or Walmart for $5.99.

Check out our tips for making your food last longer here.

9. A lil' helper to keep your bar of soap from going all mushy and unusable with a draining tail.

Promising review: "Cool soap dish. A little big but I like it. It has kept my soap dry in the shower and its tail drains out the excess water to keep my bar from getting slimy." —Daniel Rivera

Get it from Amazon for $7.47+ (also available in white).

10. An Aeropress coffee set nearly every coffee snob I know swears by for some superb coffee you won't have to shell out money for in a crowded shop.,

Includes a plunger, chamber, seal, filter cap, funnel, filter holder, scoop, and stirrer. Makes 1–3 cups per pressing in about one minute. Brews regular American style coffee.

Promising review: "Daily use for over a year-and-a-half. Makes a decent cup o' joe. I am a bit of a coffee geek and carry a gram scale for measuring out water and beans and care a lot about water temps and timing, This gizmo is perfect for the java nerd in your life. Easy to clean and highly portable. When mine wears out, I will buy another one." —Just Some Guy

Get it from Amazon for $29.95.

11. A pet wand shower attachment to try out instead of using a pond's worth of H2O to get all the dog shampoo out — it'll easily hook up to your actual shower or hose!

Attaches indoors to a utility sink or shower pipe and outdoors to a garden hose (adapters included). Has one-handed operation with water-flow control, and an extra-long 8-foot flexible hose for extended reach.

Promising review: "I have a small dog that needs to be bathed twice a week for a skin condition. Before I purchased this I was never sure if she was rinsed well enough. This works well in my laundry tub with the outdoor faucet connection. She looks so much better, and I know she is rinsed well. Great product!" —Sunny Skies

Get it from Amazon for $29.99 or Walmart for $29.99.


12. A pair of replacement windshield wiper blades because you know it's time but don't want to make a trip to the shop, much less pay the markup fee. Plus, reviewers say they last longer than other models!

FYI, Amazon has a fit finder so you won't have to second guess if these'll fit your vehicle!

Promising review: "Best wipers hands down. No streaking even after a few months. It's a joy to have a clean windshield. I have these wipers on all 3 of my cars. Honda Civic, VW Passat, and Porshe 911. They actually save money. Even though they may be twice the price of other wipers, they last 5 times longer AND, they actually clean for that long instead of 'kinda' cleaning." —Tim S.

Get them from Amazon for $28.19.

13. A pair of silicone makeup sponges to help you save on product because they won't suck it up!

Promising review: "I love that this is easy to clean and doesn't soak up makeup, which saves my money. It takes a little getting used to and a different technique than a traditional beautyblender does, but once you get the hang of it your makeup will look amazing." —A.May

Get them from Amazon for $7.99, Jet for $5.99, or Walmart for $5.99.

14. An under-desk headphone hanger as a way to avoid stepping on your expensive headphones on the way to the bathroom. Again.

Adheres to a clean and smooth surface with double-sided adhesive.

Promising review: "I wish I had bought a second one as I didn't realize how much this would come in handy! It helps to save space and offers a safe and out of the way resting place for your headphones so that they are not knocked off the desk, run over by your computer chair, stepped on, etc." —Rebekah

Get it from Amazon for $5.99.

15. A pack of witch hazel astringent pads to outperform the pricier competitors.

Promising review: "These are FABULOUS! I follow with them after cleansing with PURE organic aloe vera gel all over my face, neck, and chest — REFRESHING and perfect! Why didn't they think of these YEARS ago? I would have saved SO much money on expensive cleansing lotions and face moisturizers! I even use them some days for a quick underarm swipe when I don't have time to shower!!" —Deanne Delbridge

Get them from Amazon for $6.95, Jet for $6.85, or Walmart for $6.95.

And check out why one BuzzFeeder loves the toner here you can get for $7.49.


16. A bottle of wood polish to bring old pieces back to life or transform a curbside find into an heirloom!

This beeswax and orange oil-based potion has soooo many dramatic before and after pics, including lots we highlighted here.

Promising review: "Awesome product, I went and bought 2 more bottles. This is the best shine you will find out of any product and I have purchased quite a few. This thick Feed-N-Wax goes on easy and you can see the results instantly. Buff off after 20 to 40 minutes and the results are like a new floor. Saved me over $2,000 for a quote I got for sand-less refinishing." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $10.39 or Jet for $11.08.

17. A microwave plate cover that'll help cut down on paper towel use, wasted noms, and cleaning products to wipe up said wasted noms.

Has holes for steam venting. Size of 10.5" size fits most plates, expands to 3.5", and collapses to 1" for easy storage. Can be used expanded or flat on bowls. Heat-resistant up to 600 degrees F, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe.

Promising review: "Really great product. It cleans easily, stores in a very small space, and helps protect the microwave from splatters and messes. I have seen no issues with it fitting over the food (bowls, plates, whatever) or losing shape or melting in any way. It is durable and saves me a lot of time cleaning out a disgusting microwave." —Doodle

Get it from Amazon for $7.99 or a similar one from Jet for $6.75.

18. A handy butter dish designed to prevent spread-wasting slippage!

Has stoppers to keep butter in place while cutting, tablespoon measurement markings, and a clear lid that won't slide off during transport and is easy to remove.

Promising review: "Stick of butter fits perfectly. Rubber on bottom keeps it from sliding around. Straight sides are easy to grip. Flat top lets you place a butter knife their. Top doesn't slide around. And you can put it in the dishwasher. I can't think of a thing I would change." —Dave P

Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (also available for wide butter/cream cheese) or Jet for $9.99.

19. A plastic welding kit for making all kinds of small repairs that'll have a huge impact on your everyday life.

This stuff is a liquid plastic that only hardens when you need it to, meaning it stays liquid and won’t dry out like crazy glues. Clean, fill, cure, and shape it in seconds to fix almost anything. OK to use on plastic, wood, metal, and fabric. Includes Bondic 4gram tube of liquid plastic with applicator.

Promising review: "BONDIC met all my expectations and more. I broke my glasses — actually when I took them off, the frame broke in the middle. No way to repair. Then, I searched online and stumbled into this product. Yes, I ordered new frames and lenses, but in the mean time, I had to have my glasses. I cannot drive or do much else without them. I paid the next-day shipping charges and mended my glasses. They held up for the nearly 3 weeks until I got my new pair. I recommend that anyone who wears glasses or has children who wear corrective lenses keep BONDIC on hand.It will save your sanity and your pocket book. Would i buy it again?You bet your booties I would." —Kindle Customer

Get it from Amazon for $21.99.


20. A bird waterer who'll keep an eye on your leafy pet so it won't bite the dust like the 38 others before it.

Can hold enough water for up to 1.5 to 2 weeks, but results may vary due to different conditions, soil, or plant types.

Promising review: "Hold enough water that my plants are still alive after a 3 week vacation and if you add food color it not only makes the water level easier to see but gives another color dimension to the pot." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

21. A quartet of sheet fasteners to act like suspenders for your old fitted sheet on a new, deeper mattress when you don't wanna buy a new sheet set, too.

BTW, these work for both fitted and flat sheets!

Promising review: "My sheets are ALWAYS pulled out overnight from my restless turns. It doesn't help that I have a really thick mattress and my sheet barely covers the corners. Buying this product is the BEST decision I made. It was easy to use, and works well. My sheets stay in place all through the night and it sure saves me some backbreaking work every morning. I've now recommended this set to my sister for her daughter who is also a restless sleeper. I will buy again!" —ash

Get them from Amazon for $8.99.

22. A water filter pitcher you can use to help fill up the humidifier your skin's been depending on this winter instead of basically owning stock in gallon jugs of distilled water.

Yes, manufacturers recommend using distilled water in humidifiers. BUT, many humidifier lovers get around it by using filtered water! It isn't a bad idea to keep a designated water filter pitcher on hand for that so you don't happen upon your family's empty drinking water pitcher at bedtime. FYI, lots of personal humidifiers hold around a liter of water and this pitcher will cover that! BPA-free.

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in three colors).

Check out our top picks for humidifiers and diffusers here.

23. A personal finance guide written in an actually helpful tone that won't sound like it comes from somebody who assumes you're spending all your cash on avocado toast and music festivals instead of trying to pay off your student loans.

(I swear if I have to read one more of those dumb headlines...) This book is written by Chelsea Fagan, the writer behind the The Financial Diet (which is good and helpful on its own!), in a way that's approachable for people who don't have a clue how to create a formula in Excel or have just been too intimidated to figure out their own situation.

Get it from Amazon for $9.99+, Barnes & Noble for $9.99+, or a local bookseller through IndieBound here.