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    Just 32 Things That’ll Seriously Zhuzh Up Your Bed

    Let's be honest, it's basically your throne.

    1. A faux-fur blanket you can add to your bedtime go-tos for the practical equivalent of sleeping on a bearskin rug. (But really, you do you.)

    2. Glam satin pillow cases that I own and love! If you're a hot sleeper, these'll help keep you nice and cool. Plus, they're more moisturizing for your skin and hair than sleeping on cotton pillow cases. Definition of beauty rest.

    3. A vintage-inspired bed frame to distract from an unmade bed and totally transform your bedroom lewk. OK it looks v nice when you make your bed too.

    4. Or a grander canopy bed if you're feeling fawn-cy.

    5. A temperature-regulating comforter made of 100% eucalyptus, which'll be super handy if you're a hot sleeper like me.

    6. A weighted blanket to nuzzle you in its warm embrace. It's no chic faux-fur throw in the looks department but this is more for actual bedtime than a made bed after all.

    7. Thicc quilted pillows for back or side sleepers because — as one of you bbs, I can vouch that you need and deserve the extra support! Plus they'll look nice and plush once they're wearing pillowcases and your bed is made.

    8. Euro pillows that'll be much better as your second pillow layer when your bed is made than traditional sleeping pillows. Plus, they're so nice to propping yourself up to sit!

    9. A pregnancy pillow to prop you up in allll the right places. (I swear you won't get arrested for using it if you aren't pregnant.)

    10. Super soft sheets that'll only get softer the more you wash them. AND they're super affordable too!

    11. Or some flannel sheets if you find you're always cold in bed at night! (Not I, but I've heard you people exist.)

    12. An organic cotton bedding subscription for your sheets and duvets so you can get fresh stuff on the reg. Plus, the eco-friendly brand renews, upcycles, or recycles your returned stuff.

    13. Suspenders for your sheets so no matter how much you toss and turn, your fitted sheet won't pop you in the face in the middle of the night when it comes loose — which is the polar opposite of cozy!

    14. Or a clamp-on wooden shelf in case you need a surface for your water glass and charging phone.

    15. Speaking of that charging phone, a 10-foot lightning cord to keep you easily scrolling or watching YouTube videos while burrowed underneath your covers.

    16. A headboard lamp with a shade (or without a shade) in case you require a reading light right where you want it without having to mount anything or call in an electrician. Sometimes a table lamp just won't cut it!

    17. Or a charming wood headboard with built-in sconces for a one-and-done late-night reading/resting solution.

    18. A sweet comforter set that'll look just as cheery and impressive on your Insta feed.

    19. A tapestry to hang in place of a headboard in case you're scarce on space and/or just don't like slamming your headd against a headboard (it me). It'll pull together the look of your sleep spot in a totally charming way.

    20. A chunky knit merino wool blanket that'll be the next best thing to a bed-sized sweater.

    21. Fairy lights with photo clips to keep all your favorite memories nearby to help encourage reliving them in your dreams.

    22. A reading pillow you may wanna buy in doubles because your dog is gonna wanna lounge all over it too.

    23. A cushioned storage bench you can park at the end of your bed for a super luxe look and store your throw pillows in at night.

    24. A new bud for your bed in the form of a throw pillow to help you binge-watch in bed. And the best part? They'll agree with all your takes without talking over the show.

    25. A plush throw with just enough flair (ty, tassels) to make it look like a decor choice elegantly strewn across your made bed.

    26. A toasty rug to park at the spot where your feet hit the floor in the a.m. Plus, this rug is plush enough to dampen sound — which'll really come in handy if you wake up earlier than your partner.

    27. A beautiful velvet quilt that'll make you feel like royalty, minus all the paps.

    28. A sweater lumbar pillow cover to have your back as you sit up in bed reading (one of life's pure joys!) or binge-watching your stories (another of life's pure joys!).

    29. And some velvet throw pillow covers available in 32 colors so you'll easily be able to find the perfect accent. Plus, they're smooth so if you fall asleep on top of them and your made-up bed, you won't wake up with weird lines on your face!

    30. A caned headboard – it'll easily go with your current bedding in case you're hopelessly devoted to your duvet and shams you snagged a few years ago.

    31. A bed skirt for anyone who's shied from buying a dust ruffle because it didn't fit their aesthetic. Did I mention it's the laziest way to hide all the stuff you shoved under your bed?

    32. A nightstand with three (!!!) drawers to hold your essentials so once you're in bed you can stay in there for as long as your body allows.

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