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    25 Things That'll Save You Money In The Long Run

    A wine filter that'll help cause fewer headaches, a reliable drugstore foundation, a book on negotiating that's actually a fun read, and more.

    1. A stingray drain cover that'll make you actually enjoy looking in your kitchen sink. *Plus* it'll save your kitchen sink pipes because it catches food scraps before they migrate down there, stink up your kitchen, and cause some major plumbing problems.

    2. Stainless-steel-effect contact paper to get you the look of fresh appliances for chump change. (Why is stainless steel sooo pricey? This is a question I have for the fancy ppl in the back.)

    3. And marble-print contact paper that'll seriously zhuzh up a countertop or piece of furniture. You don't need a new coffee table! You can need a weekend afternoon and a roll of this stuff to transform things!

    4. A bendy travel pillow for anyone who's always game for the cheap seats on the plane or a train to make a vacation fit their budget... but then thinks "What have I done to myself?" as soon as they get seated. Buy that seat, bring this versatile pillow.

    5. A budget-friendly medium-coverage foundation (also available in a ~glowy~ version) to give you a smooth and flawless looking finish that your department store foundation simply won't. I should know, I just switched to it!

    6. A wine filter you can swish in your glass to help combat the sulfites and histamines in that delicious glass, aka the stuff that can give you a wicked hangover. Here's to not paying $20 for a hangover burrito, as I imagine hungover folks might crave. Lil' ole me has no experience with that whatsoever.

    7. Or wine drops as a less weird-looking option to use in public.

    8. A set of wood repair markers that'll help ya' hide scratches and dents on your dining room table legs that get a bunch of wear and tear but your guests can see. We love a repair instead of a replacement product!

    9. And 16-pack of furniture socks to help blend in with those furniture legs and keep them safe from your Roomba's reign of cleaning terror. Plus, it'll help prevent some scratches on your precious wood floor!

    10. Never Split the Difference, a book on negotiating that'll teach you techniques to help get your way, like mirroring the other person's actions, using your soothing radio voice, and more clever tricks. Whether you're hankering for a raise at work or planning on buying a car soon, it'll come in handy.

    11. And Investing 101: From Stocks and Bonds to ETFs and IPOs, an Essential Primer on Building a Profitable Portfolio for anyone who's googled "What's a bond?" in an incognito window — and just about everyone else too.

    12. An at-home teeth whitening kit that uses whitening gel, a tray, and an LED light that'll give you a ~dramatic~ shade difference, lest you drop a couple hundo at the dentist in the pursuit of whiter chompers.

    13. A darks detergent I swear by for keeping my almost-exclusively black wardrobe as dark as my taste in music. And it smells delightful without being too floral like most detergents.

    14. A pack of collagen-infused eye masks that are soooo cheap but soooo effective at helping to de-puff your poor undereyes. There are much pricier versions of these and turns out, these work incredibly well for less!

    15. A foot peel mask to undo a winter's worth of dry skin for ya' instead of having to pay for a pedicure.

    16. And while we're on the topic of feet, washable cotton shoe insoles anyone who has super sweaty feet and has ever had to prematurely toss a pair of flats you can't wear with socks with thanks to that problem will appreciate.

    17. Funk-killing spray you can use on your fam's shoes, sports equipment, most anything they sweat on and could use more than just a little wipe down.

    18. A Q-flex acupressure tool ready to step in for your normal massage therapist. After all, no matter how many times you try to convince your puppy to walk across your back, it's just cute instead of providing some relief.

    19. Grease Monkey cleaning wipes for those times when you're working on your bike, wiping off your hands while you admire a job well done, and then realize that your hands are still very much caked with grease! Save on water and soap. Cut it straight to the grease with these!

    20. A book cover for paperbacks to keep 'em in fighting condition. Yes, we're going for resale value on those tomes to make space/more funds for new books.

    21. An earwax removal kit anyone who seems to get built up quite a bit will appreciate. Or anyone who watches earwax removal videos when they can't sleep. ::raises hand::

    22. A ~musical~ sleep mask that'll save you the cost of a separate hotel room on the next family vacay because dad snores like a freight train.

    23. A nail-strengthening cream for anyone who just naturally suffers from thin and brittle nails — or if they're ravaged from acrylics. Here's to healthier-looking and -feeling nails while you take a break from the salon.

    24. An AirPods holder that'll slide right onto a watch wristband (most any kind!) so you can keep those precious expensive bbs right where you can get 'em. $7 is much easier to stomach than a replacement.

    25. A sink cleaner/polisher for reviving that kitchen sink instead of buying another one (or in case you're just tired of looking at the dingy scratches).

    Me cheering you on for both making wise money moves and watching this excellent TV show.

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