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    23 Products For Anyone With An Incredibly Messy Bag

    For when you insist on packing like Hermione on a horcrux-finding mission, but (sadly) have no magical powers.

    1. A purse organizer with 12 compartments any tote bag devotee can load up and then move from one purse to another. Hullo, dedicated pockets!!!

    2. Macaron-shaped storage boxes to keep your tiny things nice and tidy.

    3. Or if you're packing way more baubles, this larger jewelry organizer will do the trick without hogging all your storage space.

    4. An airtight travel mug for keeping your beverage contained because we all remember what happened when you threw that free travel mug your bank gave you into your bag!

    5. A makeup pouch that can easily be wiped clean in case of a lip gloss spill or bronzer dust storm.

    6. Or a cinch-able pouch that'll turn into a makeup application surface whenever, wherever.

    7. And a retractable brush to take up less room in your mobile makeup kit than your go-tos.

    8. A travel water dispenser so you can leave the collapsible water bottle at home on trips to the dog park.

    9. A super organized wallet to help you find your local coffee shop's loyalty card in a snap.

    10. And a delightfully weird change purse you can hook onto a purse strap or something else.

    11. An earbud cord wrap that'll help you skip the chore of untangling the wires from everything in your purse before you can queue up your current playlist.

    12. A cable roll so the bottom of your tote won't look like the elephant graveyard in The Lion King. (It's still scary!)

    13. Or a flat organizer to hold your smaller devices and let you eye what you need that much faster.

    14. A colorful pill organizer you'll be able to easily locate.

    15. A check-size accordion folder to avoid scrambling for the right coupon in the grocery checkout aisle.

    16. A wallet-size multitool for anyone out there who's toting around a bottle opener and screwdriver. (I know you fine folks exist.)

    17. Canvas pouches in a variety of sizes that'll help you sort like with like.

    18. A clip-on flashlight for *successfully* peering into the (now organized) depths of your bag.

    19. And a glowing LED keychain for finding your keys ASAP instead of locating them by shaking your purse around and following the jangling sound.

    20. A tiny umbrella that comes with a waterproof carrying case so you'll always be prepared and then have somewhere to shove it once you're indoors that isn't a damp grocery bag.

    21. And a handbag raincoat to help prevent horizontal rain from getting into your precious bag.

    22. A carrying case can hold all 72 of the coloring pencils you require for filling up those adult color books while you're on the go.

    23. And a trendy mesh bag to shove in your regular bag for when you need an additional bag to handle the girth of a library or farmers market haul.

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