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19 Things That'll Make You Look Fierce AF

Find your own version of fierce.

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1. Some cat-eye sunglasses to warn everyone in your path that you're a total badass.,

Promising Review: "The mirror aspect is amazing and the little peep holes of the cat-eye part are great. I am obsessed with these and want them in another color. I have a small face and was excited these don't look overly large on me." —Maria Scherder

Get them from Amazon for $10.99. / Available in 17 color combos.

3. A killer faux-leather dress you'll wanna live in...then be buried in.,

Toooootally worth the dry cleaning. (Or Woolite sheets for at-home dry cleaning.) P.S. All of Deandri's stuff is vegan!

Get it from Deandri for $85 (down from $100). / Available in 2XS–3XL.


5. An anything-but-subtle holographic eyeshadow palette that makes a high-impact statement on any skin tone.

Promising Review: "In the words of Rihanna, 'Shine bright like a diamond' with this palette. WOW, the prismatic colors with the highly pigmented undertones are the showstoppers of highlighters. MUST purchase." —kandra

Get it from Sephora for $32.


9. A set of faux septum rings for adding some pain-free versatility to your personal brand.


12. A metallic bodysuit and coordinating metallic jacket for elevating all your looks to 11/10.

13. An insulated lunchbox that tells your coworkers that neither you, nor your lunch, is to be fucked with.

Promising Review: "I don't get why it's getting negative reviews based on size. I mean I've had no problem stuffing in a brain or couple of kidneys. But if you were needing to carry the large intestine we may run into a problem. Overall, I'm completely satisfied." —Haley Parks

Get it from Amazon for $15.76.


17. A male tears mug to sip from as an intern mansplains your job to you in a meeting.

Promising Review: "I'm the boss lady and sometimes my job requires me to challenge fragile male egos around the workplace. When a man tries to talk over me in a meeting, or mansplains something that I've been doing longer than he's been alive, I shut them down. The resulting tantrum usually results in hot, salty tears that I can then save for a refreshing pick-me-up later in the afternoon! It's a mug, it holds liquids, (or pens, M&M's, or whatever), has a handle, and makes me laugh every time I use it." —Bosspigg

Get it from Amazon for $12.64. / Available in several sizes and varieties.

18. Anything mesh, like this shirt or this other shirt or this other other shirt...and preferably with little to nothing underneath it.,,

Get them from Amazon: (clockwise from left) $15.99+ (sizes S–2XL), $5.99 (sizes M–XL), and $12.92+ (sizes M–XL).

And don't leave the house without these coordinating shorts.

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.