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    33 Things That'll Help You Live Your Best Dang Life Every Day

    Because you deserve it, even on the days you feel like you don't.

    1. An AirPods holder you can slip onto any regular old wristband so you can keep those precious bbs right when you need them... aka when the perfectly nice but incredibly loud coworker is back from vacation.

    2. A bidet attachment for your toilet that even YOU can install. Your family can cut down on your toilet-paper consumption, be a bit kinder on your plumbing, and come away from bathroom time feeling cleaner than ever.

    3. A Home Chef subscription to keep your weeknight dinners exciting. After all, at this point you're seeing the pizza delivery person more than your best friend. Whip up the shrimp and grits, and invite over your BFF.

    4. A magnetic key rack you simply swap in for the screw on your light switch by the door. So where are your keys? Right where you left 'em — hanging from one of these tiny-but-powerful magnets! There, five minutes spared.

    5. A two-minute morning gratitude journal that'll help even YOU carve out some time in the morn for thinking about your personal highlights and happy times. Journaling doesn't have to suck up huge chunks of time or take too much brain power.

    6. An e.l.f. lip exfoliator for keeping your smackers soft and flake-free, which will just feel nice OR really come in handy if you're like me and live in liquid lipstick.

    7. A foot massager to put your old dogs at ease, even if everything else is still stressing you out. I should know, I own this and LOVE it.

    8. Or a heated shiatsu-style foot-massager with rotating nodules that you can use to loosen up your tired muscles after a long day at work — or a long Saturday of doing nothing!

    9. A deck of affirmation cards for the days when you could use a lil' pick-me-up without the cheese (OK, but actual cheese you could use).

    10. Death Wish Coffee (yep, that's the name!) that'll make you scarily alert. Plus, the name alone will give you some major bragging rights.

    11. Ghost hair oil that you won't have to be spooky to start bellowing about how great it works to tame frizz and flyaways. This is THE BEST hair oil if you have coarse, thick hair like me. Trust.

    12. A double extension cord because somehow the outlets are NEVER where they should be in a room.

    13. And a 10-foot lightning phone cable because you deserve to live your life horizontal on your couch scrolling through your phone far, far away from the nearest outlet or extension cord.

    14. And a couch clip-on table for that side where there's zero space to squeeze in a side table for your beverages and the remote. Once I'm on the couch after work I'm not moving 'til I have to.

    15. A reliable roomy tote in muted tones or a rainbow streak you can easily throw your laptop, lunch, water bottle, current read, and more into as you carry it back and forth.

    16. And a chic crossbody bag you could even double up on with your handy dandy tote. Or switch to for your post-work plans.

    17. Dip clips that'll fit onto your car air vent and make for easier nugz dipping on those days when you've just gotta eat a quick meal in your car bc, well, it's the easiest and quickest.

    18. Light-dimming stickers you can add over any lights that keep you up at night, here's looking at a restful night of sleep without feeling like your modem is glaring at you through your eyelids. You'll still be able to see the light when you're awake, it just won't be blindingly bright!

    19. An activity book for anxious folks that's filled with funny things to laugh over when you need a break or stuff to distract your mind when it's keeping you up at 3 a.m. Stop watching YouTube when you can't sleep (I myself need to stop this).

    20. Or if you're just into coloring, a coloring book with a cause that teaches kids (or whoever's using it!) about compassion for other people. *Plus* all the proceeds go to Families Belong Together.

    21. A vegan brightening facial scrub made with sea kelp and French green clay to give you some oooh- and awww-worthy results. And it's less than my usual Taco Bell order! (Sometimes a v good day involves eating a few chalupas covered in fire sauce, k?)

    22. Buttery soft high-waisted leggings that are nice-looking enough to run to the grocery store in and comfy enough to wear all Sunday while you're in bed.

    23. A password book you should fill out IN PENCIL because who can keep up with all those passwords you constantly have to change and apparently are not strong enough for the robots unless it has something like 29478495734592713 on the end. End the nonsense and spend a bit of time filling out this babe as a gift to future you.

    24. A humidifier that may seriously help your stuffy nasal passages and dry winter skin woes. Buy one for your bedroom AT LEAST but you'll thank yourself for buying one for your living area too. Just think of that harsh indoor heat!

    25. Water bottle-cleaning tablets to make sure your go-to container actually gets cleaned and LOOKS it. Tote around your fave brew in a now-squeaky-clean container!

    26. A gel-infused mattress topper that'll help keep hot sleepers cool as a cucumber without sacrificing the cushy embrace of memory foam.

    27. An undercover dog bed for your furry lil' angel who gets to do what you'd like to do, lounge around all day while someone else works for the chow. At least with this, you'll have a luxe-looking, machine-washable surface they won't get in trouble for drooling all over.

    28. A wind-resistant umbrella that won't end up in the graveyard of warped umbrellas that failed you during soggy gusts. And this design is so cheery! Cheery enough that you'll remember to take it with you so you can actually use it.

    29. A memory foam cushion for transforming your lackluster office chair or worn car seat into a throne for your old bag of bones. Ya' gotta sit. Ya' might as well make it as comfy as possible.

    30. A waterproof Kindle to save you trips to the library with e-books sent directly to the device! Then you can practice some ~self-care~ by reading in the bath without putting yourself in a Final Destination sitch. Plus it'll lighten your daily load so you can finally get in more reading!

    31. Satin pillow cases that I own and love! They'll become an essential for anyone who sleeps hot and/or wants to keep their hair and skin moisturized. Soooooo, everyone?

    32. A pregnancy body pillow to have and to hold you, even if you're just pregnant with a food baby. It's *that* comfy.

    33. An adorable pillow case to zhuzh up your couch because sometimes it's just nice to have something around that's super silly and will make you smile.

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