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31 Things That Will Make You So Much Cozier This Fall

Prep for hibernation and feel just like Lenny in his ginormous scarf.

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

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1. Don a drapey poncho that's like wearing your favorite blanket outside.

Be a total blanket hog.

Get it from Abercrombie & Fitch for $68. / Available in one size. / Available in two patterns.

2. Slip into yeti-style foot warmers and feel like you're luxuriating by a campfire.

Just don't leave any tracks in the woods and put your neighbors in a panic.

Get them from ModCloth for $39.99. / Available in one size.

3. Wrap up in a rich(-looking) faux-fur scarf.

Make any ensemble warmer ASAP.

Get it from Asos for $33.

4. Snuggle up with this faux-fur heart pillow.

A fluffy step up from your boyfriend pillow.

Get it from JCPenney for $15.99.

5. Wear a velvet cap that'll earn you the spot as MVP.

Way better than you S.O.'s hat you always steal.

Get it from Missguided for $13.60.

6. Wrap up in this colorblock throw when you're feeling the teensiest bit chilly.

A stylish gateway drug to your thicker, plusher late-season throws.

Get it from Kate Spade New York for $60. / Available in three color combos.

7. Huddle under this faux-fur throw when the full-on chills set in.

Key for hibernation.

Get it from T.J. Maxx for $39.99.

8. Kick back with a faux-fur stool that'll keep your feet warm.

Even better when you're holding a mug of hot chocolate.

Get it from World Market for $79.99.

9. Fold yourself like a burrito between these printed flannel sheets.

Once you're nestled in, the deer will be the only thing frolicking.

Get the set from Bed Bath & Beyond for $24.99+ / Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King. / Available in 12 patterns.

10. Top off a warmer-weather top with this faux-fur jacket for hayrides and other fall-AF activities.

For giving your best Penny Lane.

Get it from Asos for $105. / Available in sizes 0–14, petite 00–12, tall 4–16, plus 14–24.

11. Keep your wrists toasty with fingerless cat gloves.

They'll be the cat's meow of your fall wardrobe.

Get them from Forever 21 for $6.90. / Available in two colors.

12. Slip into some hobbit-ish furry slippers and freak out your pets.

Pic or they didn't happen.

Get them from Urban Outfitters for $29. / Available in sizes S–L.

13. Put your excellent taste front and center with a brushed-fleece sweatshirt.

An important message worth conveying.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $49. / Available is sizes XS–L.

14. Channel a '70s vibe with this velvet A-line skirt.

I like big buttons and I can not lie.

Get it from Joe Fresh for $39. / Available in sizes 0–14. / Available in two colors.

15. Warm your bones in a bouclé yarn coat.

It'll bridge the gap between your bomber jacket and down coat.

Get it from H&M for $69.99. / Available in sizes 2–14.

16. Pull on a houndstooth wrap shawl for sipping wine and going to the pumpkin patch.

The best way to look like a rich old lady.

Get it from Target for $39.99. / Available in one size.

17. Pull on some ribbed joggers as an upgrade from ratty sweats.

Seriously, you're grossing out onlookers with your old sweats.

Get them from Uniqlo for $19.99. / Available in sizes S–XL. / Available in three colors.

18. Shrug on a military cape with a faux-fur collar for pretending you're a street-style star.

No fur babies hurt in the pursuit of looking chic.

Get it from Asos for $65. / Available in one size.

19. Lend some sweater style to your spot on the couch with a soft cable-knit pillow.

Now you can match your couch.

Get it from Amazon for $29. / Available in 13 colors.

20. Rock it in this cozy sweater dress.

Sleek and chic, but still so toasty!

Get it from Forever 21 for $14.95. / Available in sizes XL–3X.

21. Set your floor up for fall success with a faux-sheepskin rug for a steal.

When you don't want to wear socks but do want to feel like you're walking on a cloud.

Get it from Amazon for $29+. / Available in six sizes.

22. Add these sneaky sheepskin insoles to your ankle booties.

You'll fall for these even if you hate the traditional Uggs that Tom Brady loves.

Get them from Amazon for $12.95+. / Available in sizes 5 B(M) US–11 B(M) US, Medium/12 B(M) US.

23. Slip into a velvet pinafore dress for a pulled-together look that's soft to the touch.

Relive the only good part about school uniforms.

Get it from Abercrombie & Fitch for $29. / Available in sizes XS–L.

24. Layer up with Heattech knit leggings to get more mileage out of your wispy dresses.

Escape from the shackles of plain black leggings!

Get them from Uniqlo for $14.90. / Available in sizes S/M, L/XL. / Available in two color combos.

25. Netflix and not-chill in this hooded fleece bathrobe.

Now you'll never want to get dressed.

Get it from Amazon for $59.99. / Available in sizes S/M–3X/4X. / Available in nine colors.

26. Hide your snooze-button bed head with a fluffy beanie hat.

A comfy way to project your DGAF-ness.

Get it from Topshop for $22.

27. Top off your fave pair of fall footwear with these toasty crochet boot cuffs.

Bulk up without bulking up.

Get them from Amazon for $9.99. / Available in seven colors.

28. Fight the chill with a layering-friendly sparkly cardi.

Oh-so-perfect for the office.

Get it from Joe Fresh for $34. / Available in sizes XS–XL. / Available in four colors.

29. Commit to a fleece onesie in a lumberjack-favorite print.

AKA your new home 'til April.

Get them from Kohl's for $38.99. / Available in sizes 1X–3X. / Available in nine patterns.

30. Start from the bottom with thermal cushion socks.

You'll want to gird these socks from dryer loss with your life.

Get a six-pack from Amazon for $27.95. / Available in one size.

31. Commemorate Nov. 25, 2012, with a Lenny Kravitz–style scarf of your own.

Remember, remember the 25th of November.

Get it from FierceStitchLLC on Etsy for $295. / It measures out at a whopping 9 feet by 2.5 feet.

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