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    27 Things That'll Probably Help Anyone Who's Bad At Going To Bed On Time

    You really try — and these things could make those attempts even more fruitful.

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    1. Satin pillow cases that I own and love! They make both sides of the pillow the cool side and just feel luxurious when I get in bed to doze off for the night. There's nothing wrong with some beautiful motivation!

    2. A color-changing humidifier/diffuser you can use with some ~calming~ essential oils (ahem, lavender) to make your room smell like paradise and get you in the mood for Zzzzzzzs.

    3. Or a workhouse humidifier in case that lil' babe ^ ain't gonna cut it when it comes to adding moisture back into your bedroom air in the pursuit of flawless skin and nasal passages. Moist air (sry) will make it easier to breathe so you can go to sleep and stay asleep.

    4. A string light curtain that'll look lovely layered with sheer curtains or placed on a ceiling for an ethereal accent that'll be a softer transition for when you're winding down for the night than switching off your overhead light.

    5. A "marshmallow-soft" sleep mask that'll actually block out ALL the light for giving you a dreamy blackout sensation. Sign me up, plz.

    6. Or a compression eye mask that'll not only keep out stray light keeping you up, but also put pressure on any sore sinuses or a headache that has you aching.

    7. An essential oil stick that people with migraines swear by, which'll definitely come in handy on any day you're suffering from one. Here's to getting the rest you need on your schedule.

    8. A weighted blanket that'll mimic the feeling of being held to encourage deep sleep and help put you at ease.

    9. A deck of gorgeous dream-decoding cards that'll help you figure out what the heck that dream you had last night meant and put a stop on anxiety surrounding a repeat. Turns out, it probably didn't mean something as bad as you thought!

    10. A pregnancy body pillow to have and to hold you, even if you're just pregnant with a food baby. It's *that* comfy. No more wrestling with your spare pillows to get that cradled sensation. Nuzzle into this and slip into Dreamland.

    11. A cushy lumbar pillow you can position as its name implies or use to elevate your knees or feet to help with muscle spasms, pains, or other medical issues. The comfier you get before your bedtime, the easier it'll be easier to stick to it.

    12. Collagen eye masks you can easily apply and take off without leaving bed. Here's to your peepers looking as well-rested as you'll feel without having to deal with getting out of bed to wash off a mask.

    13. A Nic Cage reversible sequin pillow case in case you tend to fidget a lot once you get in bed. This will be an entertaining solution you can then toss on the floor by your bed once you finally feel your eyelids getting heavy.

    14. A valerian-infused sleep tea that tastes herbal-y and will gently help you ease into sleep mode. I use this stuff and it indeed puts me in a state where I'm ready to crawl into bed for a solid eight hours.

    15. And some yummy sleep gummies with five milligrams of melatonin that have turned out to be the ONLY sleep gummies I can take that don't make me have incredibly vivid nightmares of a demon standing in the corner of my bedroom. So, uh, maybe you too will have restful sleep at your intended bedtime with these as well?

    16. A faux-fur blanket for a luxurious touch you'll look forward to folding yourself into at the end of a long day. Or a short day! Any day really.

    17. ~Breathable~ sheets (I own and adore) as a welcome addition to any hot sleeper's bed. In case cooling down is an issue for ya' (like me), these will be a welcome but affordable swap.

    18. Suspenders for your sheets so you won't crawl into bed only to find that one of your fitted sheet corners has popped off and you must emerge from your bedding to address it. Truly a tragedy.

    19. A storage caddy to tuck into your mattress so you only have to dangle your arm out from underneath your sheets to reach your pre-bed reading material. No walking to the living room to find your library book and getting distracted by something for an hour.

    20. Light-blocking curtains you can also rely on to keep in the heat during frigid nights and weekends and days. So your bedroom can be nice and dark, and the perfect temp when it's time to turn in for the night.

    21. A Paperwhite Kindle that'll be slim enough to keep at your bedside without the harsh blue-light glare of other tablets and e-readers. If you're a bedtime reader, this is quite the solid investment.

    22. And a soft lil' pillow tablet stand in case you want every single thing on your bed to be pillowy soft. No one can blame you for that.

    23. Fiber gel pillows for support like memory foam with down-like softness. Seriously, it's time to change your pillows. I made the leap with these very pillows on Prime Day this summer and omg they are good.

    24. A calming ylang ylang–scented candle in a gorgeous container you'll want to reuse once you've worked your way through the 60–80 hours of burn time.

    25. Or a selenite lamp that'll look gorgeous and give off a decent glow... in case you've been super careful ever since you took a nap and left a candle burning. Oof.

    26. An insulated water bottle you can fill up before you head to your bedroom so you don't find yourself thirsty and running to the kitchen. Plus, it'll keep your H2O extremely cold throughout the night!

    27. Or an elegant beside carafe set in case you prefer drinking out of a glass instead of fussing with a water bottle.

    Sweet dreams!

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