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    28 Gifts From Loft You May Want To Keep For Yourself (Or Just Buy Two Of)

    Get a little something for yourself with all these cute options.

    1. A toasty blanket scarf for your work bae who's always a little chilly.

    2. A scrunchie duo for the friend who waits until the last minute to emerge from their covers on cold winter mornings. These'll zhuzh up those January ponytails.

    3. A gorgeous statement necklace that'll look amazing with your mom's signature button-ups. Everyone could use a lil' extra sparkle!

    4. A studded velvet card case for the friend who thinks it's a great idea (it's not) to put their credit card, ID, and Metro card in their smaller purse for the night and then eats up 20 minutes of everyone's time when they can't find their ID at the bar door.

    5. A bedazzled sweatshirt that'll be slightly dressed up for those days when they'd rather stay at home in their sweats but OBLIGATIONS.

    6. A snazzy travel jewelry case to help 'em wrangle all those baubles because every time you see 'em they're wearing something new and glamorous.

    7. A plaid pajama dress that's so pretty, it looks like it belongs on a Christmas card. And maybe it does, on their card for 2020!

    8. Faux-fur slippers that'll look and feel so luxurious, they may worry you spent way too much on them.

    9. A trio of classic earrings you could gift to one lucky recipient or split up for three of the gems in your life. If they knew you were saving this much on such beautiful gifts, it'd be life you gave them two gifts.

    10. A super soft sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants sure to transform them into the heart-eyes emoji.

    11. A floral tote as a pretty new option for anyone who has trouble paring down their daily load. I feel that.

    12. Bow-tiful slides that'll more or less be compliment bait.

    13. A very handsome sweater because the only thing better than something with a single refined penguin on it is something with three.

    14. A faux-fur eye mask for anyone who's favorite hobby is sleeping and would like to signal to the earth not to bother them.

    15. A reversible cape because maybe Martha Stewart is (rightfully) their style icon and this'll get 'em one step closer to their own lifestyle empire.

    16. A pair of shimmery fingerless gloves so they can get plenty of grip on their steering wheel or phone without compromising their style.

    17. A faux-sherpa jacket they'll find a reason to wear every dang day 'til Memorial Day.

    18. Festive socks they'll hold deer every time they pull them on and think of you.

    19. Or some polka dot knee-highs in case they live in layers and are constantly on the prowl for clean socks to go underneath their tall boots.

    20. A belted wrap top for a stylish solution to "I have to do laundry and have nothing to wear." You did the work for them. Well, not the laundry work. But, y'know....

    21. A velvet headband that's v of the moment and won't break the bank, so perf for holidays 2019!

    22. A square floral scarf they can wear in a million different ways. We love a versatile gift!

    23. A bracelet duo you can split up as a friendship bracelet with your BFF or give both to the lucky recipient can have one for each wrist.

    24. Metallic sunglasses because their future's so bright, they could really use another pair of shades.

    25. A textured sweater with cool sleeves that'll be so easy to wear, even for the person who lives in basics and never wants to wear anything "too much."

    26. A horde of sparkly studs for anyone whose favorite color is shiny. They'll have a new pair for every day of the week... and then some.

    27. A pom pom hat your gaudy goth friend will adore. (BTW, you can buy this for me, friends.)

    28. A matching plaid PJ top and bottoms that'll be a bright spot in their sleepwear collection of stretched-out sweats and college T-shirts.

    Them upon receipt:

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