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32 Products That'll Make Your Life Easier If You're Clumsy AF

The whole world is an accident waiting to happen. Arm yourself!

1. A tempered glass screen protector to save your iPhone from your butter fingers.

2. A pair of stain-repellant white jeans that'll actually β€” we kid you not β€” stay white...even when you chow down on some buffalo wings.

3. A washable bath mat with serious grip for showers that won't turn into a NSFW The Three Stooges bit.

4. A finger protector that'll keep your blood from marinating your food.

5. An adjustable power strip you can bend to your needs -- and out of your path.

6. Silicone oven guards for avoiding oven rack burns when you've got lasagna on your brain (and in your paws).

7. A sturdy nail polish bottle holder so you can actually paint your nails at home without turning into a living Jackson Pollock painting.

8. A splatter guard to prevent injuries in the noble pursuit of bacon.

9. A heat-styling glove so you can wield curling wands and flatirons without burning yourself.

10. An anti-gravity paint tray that can hold up to 12 ounces of paint without spilling...and would've been quite handy for the Sistine Chapel.

11. A no-slip grip zester and grater with a cover to protect your fingers from its razor-sharp teeth while you're rooting around in drawers.

12. A shower foot rest for ~safely~ balancing as you shave your legs.

13. An auto-shutoff outlet so you won't start a disaster with your flat iron you always forget to turn off.

14. A fire blanket that suffocates both liquid and grease fires because you never know Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―.

15. A safety peeler with plenty of grip for removing potato eyes and skins without maiming yourself.

16. Anti-slip traction tape to provide some extra grip on stairs for both you and your clumsy dogs.

17. A pair of no-skid socks so you can tiptoe to the bathroom in the middle of the night without causing a huge crash.

18. Tilting whiskey glasses that won't spill when you get tipsy.

19. A pack of Tide to Go pens because they're your best bet when you spill salsa all over your button-up at dinner.

20. A set of shoe grips to keep you from slipping, sliding, and learning that you can, in fact, do a split.

21. A bottle of red wine stain remover you need on standby during book club...and every other day of the week.

22. A lidded, easy-fill ice cube tray that won't slosh everywhere on its journey to the freezer.

23. A reflective spray for making nighttime obstacles glow in your path for easier navigating.

24. A safety box cutter that'll cut through cardboard β€” not skin β€” like BUTTAH.

25. Some bacon bandages to turn your bumps and bruises into works of art.

26. A bedrail to stop you from rolling out of bed during an intense dream...or at least wake you up before you hit the floor.

27. A rainbow nightlight for lighting a dark room in the dreamiest way possible bc safety.

28. A water-repellent laptop case to protect the priciest gadget you use on the reg.

29. A vacuum-sealed travel mug that'll stand up to hard knocks.

30. An OtterBox phone case to withstand the 100x you drop your phone...before 8 a.m.

31. Some Mederma scar eraser to deal with the aftermath of the time you tripped in your gravel driveway, or dropped a curling iron on your foot, or burned your hand with a hot glue gun, or....

32. And a cute sippy cup for adults because you shouldn't dribble iced coffee all over your nice dress.

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