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    36 Things For Making A Dramatic Entrance

    No one will ask "Did they show up?"

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    1. A folding fan to keep on your person and dramatically whip out when you enter a room. Isn't it hot in here? Well it is now.

    2. A bright flowy maxi that'll get you through all kinds of special events, vacations, or just a Wednesday packed full of work meetings you're sorta dreading.

    3. Mesh socks to draw attention to those new shoes you've been dying to wear and now you can because the temps are finally in the 40s. Go ahead and do a tap dance upon entering a room to help drive home the point of LOOK AT MY FEET.

    4. A similar dress with some serious pouf to serve as your wingwoman.

    5. A ruffle-sleeve bodysuit to wear tucked into skirts or your fave high-waisted jeans for a lil' ~DRAMA~. But if that drama turns into you dribbling Bloody Mary all over the front of it while cackling at brunch, it'll be fine. It will ALL be fine.

    6. A four-pack of abstract earrings that'll look glam thrown on with a high pony for a lazy but chic look. Yep, I totally planned this and didn't hit the snooze 5x this morning instead of washing my hair.

    7. A ruffled masterpiece you can wear to brunch after the bottomless mimosa time limit has commenced like it's NBD. Even if you were stuck in a subway without working A/C for 30 minutes en route. "You look so fresh and glowy!" they'll say as they hand you a glass for each hand.

    8. Sandy Liang x Vans sneakers for anyone who isn't opposed to wearing jewelry on their shoes too. And why the heck not?!

    9. A raimbow cardigan in case you're feeling a jeans and T-shirt day but don't want to look it.

    10. An extremely pretty dress with just enough twirling potential that, like, if you wear it to work it'll still be entirely office appropriate without ruffling too many feathers. Even walking into a meeting is a great op for making an entrance, eh?!

    11. Rhinestone ballerina flats making the case that flashy shoes don't have to have a teetering heel... or any heel! Better for cutting a rug, IMO.

    12. A ruffled jumpsuit (made of recycled viscose!) – it start some rumors at your local coffee shop about how people have heard you started your own influential newsletter just for fun. Not even for the money that just happens to be rolling in thanks to it. Though that's purely speculation....

    13. A pair of Marc Fisher sandals for when you wanna keep it casual. Or, well, as casual as you get!!

    14. A holographic windbreaker to help you deal with all the unpredictable spring weather coming your way.

    15. Leopard overalls I'm going to physically require to have on my body come springtime.

    16. Sparkly fishnet stockings that might make you look like a sparkly filter. There are worse things.

    17. A denim jacket to ~take out~ with you every time you leave the house.

    18. A pair of rhinestone cowboy boots (or two!) that'll announce that there's a new sheriff in town — and that sheriff has EXCELLENT footwear taste.

    19. A ~wild~ mini skirt in a dozen different prints so you'll surely be able to find a few to throw into your going-out rotation.

    20. Razzle dazzle earrings because "Knock knock." "Who's there." "Me and my door knockers."

    21. A split decision dress for when you can't decide what color you wanna wear but are also divided between a vest and a dress.

    22. A yummy skater dress that'll get you all sorts of sweet compliments.

    23. A faux-leather top as catnip for questions like "Where did you get that top?," "Are you a model?," and "Can I come to your home and borrow some things from your closet?!"

    24. A ~wild~ cropped sweater you can tuck into your jeans, wear with a skirt, really whatever! These beasts will do the attention-grabbing work for ya'.

    25. A comfy shorts set as the next best thing to your perfectly worn-in sweats from high school.

    26. A sneaky romper you won't have to worry about in case your entrance is made much more dramatic thanks to a gust of wind.

    27. A midi dress out here doing the hard work proving that tie-dye looks fab on things other than a cotton T-shirt.

    28. A metallic midi skirt you'll find yourself wearing soooo much more often than you'd think. As a proud owner of a similar gold one, I can say it always garners a ton of attention and it goes with lots and lots of stuff.

    29. A cheery, colorful skirt I'm just going to assume will make you wanna plan a picnic. Or maybe that's the way I'm feeling? I mean, I don't even like the outdoors!

    30. A high-neck dress you simply must post on your Insta. Sorry, this is not up for debate.

    31. A sheer sheath dress – it might just make onlookers assume that you're some kind of black widow on the prowl for your next victim. Honestly it's a great look and I wouldn't be offended one bit to be described that way!

    32. A glitzy dress made of recycled polyester that'll win ya' best-dressed of the night. Even if there was no contest, someone's going to scramble to make an impromptu award. It's *that* good.

    33. A stunning kimono to have your back when you can't be bothered to put together a stunning ensemble. Ok, maybe a little bothered. But not a lot bothered.

    34. A button-up shirt that'll technically fit in with your company's dress code with button-up shirts. IMO, you should just go for it. Casual Friday? Do. It.

    35. An EXTRA!!!! crop tee because you are all the news that's fit to print.

    36. And, because we can dream, a sparkly The Vampire's Wife dress I would wear at least twice a week if I owned it. Grocery store? Check. ATM stop? You betchya. Picking up my holds at the library? Of course.

    You letting everyone take in your gorgeous ensemble:

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