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    48 Things For Anyone Who's Lazy But Also Wants A Clean House

    K-cups that'll clean your Keurig, a (faux) fish that fights humidifier scum, a dishwashing spray that'll take care of the elbow grease, and more stuff that'll make it seem like you're super into cleaning.

    1. A genius humidifier tank cleaner to help look after that lil' machine that's saving your skin this season. This cartridge "swims" around the water tank, helping inhibit the growth of buildup for up to 30 days.

    2. A jar of the The Pink Stuff — a TikTok-famous cleaning paste made to handle all kinds of sticky, stuck-on situations like this nasty-looking kitchen faucet. 

    Promising review: "I need this in bulk!! I have tried so many cleaning solutions to get out hard cooking stains on my stovetop and nothing worked! This stuff took it right out without a problem!!" —Micaela Gunderson

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    3. Foaming garbage disposer tablets so your biggest kitchen helper can keep running on 100 instead of ruining your day.

    double kitchen sink

    4. Goo Gone for annihilating residue from tape, crayon, stickers, and more. Aka, no more ruining your nails by scraping off stickers.

    5. Fridge bin liners that'll absorb extra moisture in an effort to keep your produce fresher for longer. PLUS, they'll catch the brunt of messy spills and will be so much easier to clean than taking a drawer out of the fridge and awkwardly scrubbing it down in your sink. I've done that before and it's not great!

    open fridge with drawer inside that has the liner underneath oranges, grapes, and apples

    6. An affordable hand vac as man's *other* best friend for cleaning up kitty litter spills, hairy upholstery, and all other manners of animalistic messes.

    hand using a hand vac on a fur-covered cat tree

    7. And a rubber squeegee broom (with a telescoping pole) to get DEEP down into the pile of your carpet to unearth pet fur. TBH, this sounds like work but once you get a couple of passes in and it starts to unearth all the fluff you're going to go IN on it for some super satisfying results like this.

    reviewer pic of huge pile of fur swept up from a carpet

    8. AND a scratchy lil' tool that'll FINALLY get all the pet hair off your fabric surfaces both inside your house and car. You'll wonder how you lived without up until now.

    9. A container of silver-polishing wipes that may just convince you to take out those heirloom pieces you're ignoring out of fear of suffering a scrubbing-induced elbow injury.

    10. A silicone sink strainer — it will make ridding it of tiny food particles easy as pie so you aren't awkwardly standing over your trash can raking them out of your OG metal strainer like a maniac.

    hand moving the catch of the middle of the sink trainer to move food off of it

    11. Washing machine-cleaning tablets because we know you're not going to get down on your hands and knees and actually clean out the drum yourself. And why would you with these resources?!

    model putting white cleaning tablet into a top loading clothes washing machine

    12. And dishwasher-cleaning tablets to get rid of residue that ends up creating odor and buildup on your dishes — all while you're mentally somewhere else.

    13. A set of K-Cup cleaning pods in case your Keurig is starting to have problems. Give these for a go for $11 before shelling out cash for a new machine! The glass on the left shows the progress with a few cycles.

    14. Water bottle-cleaning tablets to make sure everyone's go-to container actually gets cleaned. (Cleaning water bottles is hard!)

    reviewer's before and after of dirty steel thermos from coffee, then the after cleaning pic of completely clean looking thermos

    15. Plus a reusable weighted bottle cleaner for getting into all the parts of your sports and water bottles that you can't access with a sponge and your mere human hands. Those clumps of protein powder? No problem.

    16. And if you'd like even more help, a bottle-cleaning set even the laziest of dishwashers will use because deep-down you know that your water bottle will start growing its own mold colony any day now if you do the half-second rinse again.

    person using long handled brush to wash out a tall water bottle

    17. A TubShroom that people (including this writer) are obsessed with and will steal your heart after snaking your drain becomes a thing of the past!

    18. A legit stain remover — it may make you feel like Rocky on those steps after you successfully get blood and grass stains out of your kid's soccer jersey.

    three bottles of the spot remover

    19. An all-natural all-purpose cleaner that'll be super tough on gross stuff (with just plant- and mineral-based ingredients) and leave behind a delightful smell.

    A person holds up the all purpose cleaner in a bathroom

    20. A rust-removing spray to work like a magic trick in neglected showers, minus the elbow grease. Spray it on a rusted surround, leave the room, and come back to diminished stains you can easily wipe away.

    21. A dishwashing spray (while we're on the subject) for anyone without a dishwasher (or even with one!) who wishes they could just close their eyes and have someone scrub at baked-on gunk. Ok, this won't scrub for you but'll make it to where you just have to SWIPE off the gunk and rinse instead!

    person spraying the spray onto the contents of a kitchen sink with dirty dishes

    22. A jetted tub cleaner that'll make you gag with delight once you run it through your system and all the pipe filth emerges like some Ghostbusters sludge.

    23. A bidet toilet attachment to help you cut down on your toilet paper budget after awhile while getting you squeaky clean. You'll discover why they're alllll about these in certain parts of Europe ;)

    bidet attachment on a toilet with closeup of the controls on it

    24. Stove counter gap covers to keep pesky crumbs within sight instead of down between your cabinets and appliances. Woof.

    25. A drill brush cleaning kit you can attach to your drill/driver for an informercial-like cleaning sesh at the flip of a switch that'll have you seeking out all the dirty surfaces you've been ignoring.

    26. A steaming microwave cleaner for harnessing the power of anger to loosen up crud and dirt inside your microwave for wipeable messes.

    person-like gadget with steam coming out of it in a microwave

    27. An ~all-natural~ stain remover that'll work so well on those stained garments you gave up on as soon as you threw them in the laundry pile, you might swear.

    the bar

    28. A water mark removing cloth that could also do wonders on the nail polish remover you dribbled down your nightstand two years ago that's been a running "project for next weekend" for the past two years.

    29. An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to restore essentials like a cloudy wedding band and smudged glasses to their former glory in mere minutes.

    the machine with jewelry in it

    30. Resolve pet stain remover so you can erase the house training stain from that designer rug you nabbed on sale. (It's great for human messes too!)

    the spray bottle

    31. A Scrub Daddy sponge you might recognize from Shark Tank and then fall in love with because the lil' guy basically spoons your dirty kitchen tools clean.

    three face-shaped sponges with eyes and mouth shaped holes for cleaning utensils

    32. A nine-pack of nonscratch Scotch-Brite sponges – they'll make serious work on your nonstick pans with coating you don't wanna compromise. Stuck-on messes, be gone!

    reviewer image of a pack of scotch-brite non-scratch sponges

    33. Magic Erasers that'll handle most of the elbow grease when you *do* have to scrub away at a variety of stains.

    tub with sop scum with a clean spot thanks to the Magic Eraser

    34. Toilet cleaners with goose necks for minimal-effort reaching and serious bowl-whitening power because your loved ones DO notice when your toilet is filthy.

    person squirting the cleaner into a toilet bowl from the container with a curved neck

    35. A 100% natural oven scrub that'll be surprisingly powerful on that oven coated in frozen pizza cheese and grease. Oh, and it'll make your oven smell great!

    36. Non-stick oven liners to clean up spills without *actually* having to clean your oven.

    view of oven with grease from pizza dripping onto the liner

    37. And stove burner covers that'll do the same for you up top. And you can even run them through the dishwasher!

    38. reusable and washable duster that'll do so much more for you (and your home) than disposable Swiffer dusters. 

    colorful reusable swiffer duster covers
    TS Designs / Etsy

    Psst — the seller notes that this works best with Swiffers with the yellow handle, but also is compatible with the blue handle. You should avoid using fabric softener when washing this duster so it won't lose its static cling.

    TS Designs is a Michigan-based small business that offers vintage gifts and decor paired with eco-friendly items.

    Promising review: "I love these! They are really thick and they wipe up the dust easily. I actually bought three so I could keep one on while the other is being washed. I had no issues with getting it on my holder. Glad to have found these!" —Rebecca Jo

    Get it from TS Designs on Etsy for $5.49 (available in 10 colors).

    39. Odor-blocking trash bags to buy another day here or there before you take out the trash. As one lazy person to another, I get it.

    person taking a full trash bag out of a kitchen trash bag