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29 Things Everyone Who's Constantly Losing Their Keys Needs To Own

Creative organizing additions for speedier mornings

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

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1. This tweet key holder gives your keychain its own little birdhouse.

This birdie's to-go!

Get it from ModCloth for $14.99.

2. This debonair mustache key holder will make visitors do a double take.

Rest your eyeglasses here too if you really want to disturb people.

Get it from Etsy for $45.

3. This target key hook's bullseye will draw your sleepy eye in the morning rush.

There's plenty of room for family members and roommates.

Get it from AllModern for $29.99.

4. These arrow hooks make a bold geometric statement in an entryway.

The arrow marks the spot for tracking down your car keys.

Get the 3-set from Amazon for $16.89.

5. This helpful door mat will remind you before you get too far.

Sometimes you need as many reminders as possible.

Get it from Etsy for $40+.

6. This creepy key hook says "come hither and retrieve your keys."

It makes a nice resting spot for your wallet, too.

Get it from Amazon for $36.50.

7. This magnetic rhino keychain and shield will add some cute storage without bulking up your walls.

Snap up some friends for the rhino while you're at it.

Get it from Amazon for $11.72.

8. This colorful dog hook set will be a not-so-gentle reminder before you walk out the door.

Dog butts are cute.

Get the 4-piece set from Etsy for $39.99.

9. This too-cool-for-school bear will hold your keys and sunglasses.

This shady bear keeps your leaving-the-house essentials in one spot.

Get it from Etsy for $18.

10. This dazzling multi-hook rack will make any wall look chicer.

Maybe hang your stuff elsewhere and leave this as a wall art installation.

Get it from West Elm for $59.

11. This tiny Bluetooth tracker will help you find your keychain in a pinch.

Buy one, buy them all, to keep up with your keys, wallet, laptop, whatever.

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

12. These whimsical umbrella hooks are straight-up eye-catching.

Flip them upside down to hold jewelry and other small items, too!

Get the 6-piece set from Amazon for $11.99.

13. This (legit) branch hook will lend some rustic appeal to your space.

Cured, sealed, and ready for lumbersexual use.

Get it from Etsy for $10.

14. This subway line rack will speed up (the start of) your morning commute.

Way more delightful that squeezing between sweaty strangers on the actual subway.

Get it from Amazon for $30.

15. This Taurus hook makes it useful to be bull-headed.

In this case, seeing red is OK.

Get it from CB2 for $14.95.

16. These little wall climbers will lend a storage hand, or foot.

Concealed hanging hardware keeps up the kinda-creepy illusion.

Get the 3-piece set from Amazon for $20.

17. This stylishly loud catchall tray won't go unseen before you leave your house.

The better to grab your attention, my dear.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $24.

18. This harbor key dock is perf for roommates passing like ships in the wind.

Just don't confuse your twin sailboat keychains!

Get it from Amazon for $19.

19. This catchall wall hook doubles as some modern-AF art.

Also good for tote bags and other things you can't live without.

Get it from West Elm for $59.

20. This set of wireless remote key finders will help unearth your car keys.

Put the receivers in a safe place!

Get the 3-receiver and 3-keyring set from Amazon for $38.95.

21. This handmade key holder will make you look like you have your shit together.

The key fob pegs are minimalist-friendly.

Get it from Etsy for $26.63.

22. This copper prong hook will be your favorite new multitasker.

Necklaces need apply.

Get it from CB2 for $6.95.

23. This slotted shelf is built for tucking in keys.

The little shelf will catch any loose dangling keys.

Get it from AllModern for $43.19.

24. This multi-trunk elephant wall hook will pull triple duty.

Cute and useful!

Get the 3-piece set from Amazon for $8.99.

25. This magnetized peg-board rack has room for keys, a small shelf, and more.

Now you're going to be too organized.

Get it from Etsy for $41.

26. This unassuming cloud key holder has powerful, key-catching magnets.

It'll hang onto (and help you zero in on) other metal goods like scissors.

Get it from Amazon for $6.48.

27. This pastel pineapple hook is a perfectly preppy storage solution.

An eye-pleasing pop of color.

Get it from Etsy for $13.

28. This cottage key holder looks like something out of a fairy tale.

It even has a fence!

Get it from Etsy for $54.

29. This skeleton-key hook will leave no questions about where your keychain should land.

Perfect for right beside the front door.

Get it from Anthropologie for $24.

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