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    25 Things Anyone Without A Dishwasher Needs ASAP

    You've gotta hand-wash, but you can make it feel a tiny bit less like the chore it is.

    1. A powerful dish-washing spray that, honestly, if you buy anything from this list, this should be it. You can spray down that casserole dish caked with enchilada sauce, let it sit, and you simply wipe and rinse away that saucy mess in a few minutes.

    2. Scrubby cleaning gloves that'll eliminate the need for a sponge! Even better, you can sanitize them and then use them for all kinds of cleaning all kinds of other stuff like the stove, the car, windows... so many possibilities!

    3. Or a pair of fun dishwashing gloves as the teensiest bit of motivation when you have a sink full of chili-caked bowls you can't put off washing for any longer.

    4. A collapsible tub for letting those dishes soak (in or out of the sink) while you handle other stuff and make for a lot less scrubbing when the dreaded time comes. *Plus* this one has a plug in the bottom for even easier use!

    5. A Shark Tank-famous Scrub Daddy sponge to serve as a major helper. Dunk it in warm water for soft, gentle cleansing and in cold water for hard, difficult cleaning.

    6. Bottle-cleaning tablets will save you what feels like years and years of soaking and scrubbing because you're just trying to save the environment but that stainless-steel travel mug looks like it's been holding mud.

    7. A set of bottle brushes or straw brushes that'll help get your tallest water bottles and reusable straws squeaky clean.

    8. No-stink silicone dish scrubbers with loops for easily letting it hang dry once your chores are finished.

    9. Or an antimicrobial silicone scrubber if you prefer the look and shape of a traditional sponge, but are tired of mold and gag-inducing smells.

    10. A bottle of natural dish soap with tons and tons of fans to help loosen the grease and grime without sulfates.

    11. A touchless soap dispenser and huge jug of dish soap that'll make juggling dirty dishes so much easier.

    12. A silicone sink strainer I finally bought and love — it can easily catch all the food particles before they go into your pipes and turn into a smelly mess that requires a plumber.

    13. Or perhaps a fun sink strainer that'll cheer you up every time you gaze upon its colorful visage.

    14. A corner sponge holder for parking your hand soap, sponge, brush, and other sink-side essentials.

    15. A sling sponge holder to conjure some storage out of nowhere and stick to sinks that can't handle suction-cup holders.

    16. A dish brush and base you can use as a soap dispenser to scrub a dub in style. Your sink is about to look *so* fancy.

    17. A flat whisk for easier cleaning in case you haven't yet acquired the life skill of licking a whisk clean of batter like I have.

    18. A set of bamboo microfiber towels with a smooth side and a ribbed side that'll ~gently~ get those sopping-wet dishes dry.

    19. And a sassy dish towel in reference to your method of licking your ice cream bowls clean knowing full well you're going to have to hand-wash them later.

    20. A roll-up drying rack you can place on top of your sink and stash away later because your counter space is precious! (If you have a double sink, consider me extremely envious.)

    21. And a grippy silicone drying mat for parking your precious Porsche mugs and other items you don't wanna give the slip. (Those fabric drying mats end up being a huge soppy mess anyway.)

    22. Or a combo dish-drying mat that also has an adjustable drying rack to hold all those plates.

    23. And a dedicated baby bottle-drying rack so you don't have to make space on your regular drying rack.

    24. A a bottle brush and nipple cleaner to prep your baby's BFF for its next round.

    25. Or if you're just plain fed up with hand-washing everything, a countertop dishwasher will help lighten the load.

    You tackling a mountain of dishes like:

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