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27 Of The Best Rugs You Can Get On Amazon

Cozy up those cold hardwood floors.

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1. Liven up an neutral space with an on-trend, overdyed rug.

Promising review: "Normally cheap rugs feel cheap and rough, almost like outdoor carpet, this is really soft underfoot and the colors are so vibrant and beautiful. I did not notice any offensive odors, and I'm very sensitive to smells, it also flattened out nicely after a few days. I did notice that the rug is not as thick as some higher end rugs but, it's not a higher end rug. So, for the price, I thought the quality was very good." —K. TAYLOR

Price: $39+ / Rating: 4.5/5 / Sizes: Available in nine sizes.

2. Freshen tired decor with a lively Moroccan trellis rug.

Promising review: "Love my new area rug! Used it for the dining room. The grey looks slightly darker in picture and turned out looking a little darker in my picture, as well. I have not found any variation in color except for when moving grain of carpet. It has a sewn/stitched edge that is barely a half inch in the same gray as carpet. I do not feel it needs a slip pad under it at all." —AKM

Price: $34.99+ / Rating: 4/5 / Sizes: Available in four sizes. / Colors: Available in three patterns.

3. Give color a whirl with this mesmerizing swirl shag rug.

Promising review: "These colorful rugs, have purchased two now, are just awesome. They are so soft under your feet, they are brilliantly colored, the pictures do them no justice. I am getting ready to buy a third one! I'm purchasing a 1/2" memory foam backing for it, because I know that having them helps the rug to last longer. It's not even needed, but I want these rugs to go to the grave with me!" —Patty Ragan

Price: $70.73+ / Rating: 4.6/5 / Sizes: Available in three sizes.

4. Pull off some low-key texture blocking with a chunky jute rug.

Promising review: "I bought the bleached rug and love the color. It's off white with nubs of darker brown—just what I was hoping for. There is no smell and the rug is softer than I had anticipated—couldn't be happier." —Edy J. Lincoln

Price: $35.54+ / Rating: 4/5 / Sizes: Available in 11 sizes. / Colors: Available in nine colors.

5. Brighten up skinny floor space with a classic striped rug.

Promising review: "Purchased for my daughter who is an 8th-grade reading specialist teacher. She used the rug for one of many 'center' areas for the students. It was a perfect size and the colors were exact as the school colors. Well made." —LOUCINDA ROBINSON

Price: $35.47 / Rating: 4.2/5 / Sizes: Available in 18 sizes. / Colors: Available in 12 colors.

6. Soften a large area underfoot with a versatile shag rug.

Promising review: "So happy with this beautiful 8 x 10' rug. My husband was skeptical about a shag rug with three little dogs and Mom's wheelchair but we've had it for a couple months and couldn't be happier with it. It doesn't shed and the turquoise color is outstanding, and it is very soft. It cleans and vacuums easily." —N.S. Buxbaum

Price: $25.99+ / Rating: 4.4/5 / Sizes: Available in 20 sizes. / Colors: Available in 24 colors.

7. Transform a playroom floor into an imagination-stoking surface with a play rug that comes in six themes.

Promising review: "My son's new favorite thing in the house. Anytime visitors come over this is where he brings them to show off his 'little city.' A lot bigger than I had anticipated, which was perfect. It fits very nicely in his room." —Sheryce

Price: $33.75+ / Rating: 4.6/5 / Size: 79 x 36 x 0.3 inches / Themes: City Life (shown), Ride the Train, My Neighborhood, Giant Road, Happy Town, My Metropolis

8. Put down this non-slip rug where you need a bit of cushion, but also clearance for doors, cabinets, and household traffic.

Promising review: "More beige than yellowish as shown, which was a huge plus! I just needed something that wasn't crazy expensive we could wipe our wet shoes on in the winter. I ended up liking it so much I'm going to order another one for our second entrance. I love when inexpensive things end up being better in person! It also lays very flat, which is unheard of for a cheap rug." —Susanna

Price: $13.85+ / Rating: 4.3/5 / Sizes: Available in nine sizes. / Colors: Available in two patterns.

9. Add an eclectic vibe to a space with a bold abstract rug.

Promising review: "This rug is every bit as vibrant and lovely as the picture. Everyone who's seen it so far has been surprised by the high quality versus the reasonable price. My living room has very high ceilings and dark painted walls, this rug really pops and livens the room up. It's more plush underfoot than I was expecting, which is a great thing!" —amy pace

Price: $61.95+ / Rating: 4.7/5 / Sizes: Available in four sizes.

10. Tie together a traditional room with a beautiful, soft-hued rug.

Promising review: "I was in love as soon as I unrolled it. It's the perfect pattern without all the color that Oriental rugs usually have. Perfect for my neutral farmhouse style decor. It's not very plush so it will require a felt pad under it to thicken it up a bit but the quality, color, and pattern make this rug worth every penny!." —Gabrielle Collier

Price: $24.98+ / Rating: 4.4/5 / Sizes: Available in 34 sizes. / Colors: Available in seven colors.

11. Make a burgeoning football star happy with this soccer rug.

Promising review: "The rug was sent exactly as described and very quickly. It would be nice if it was thicker/had more cushion, but I didn't expect it. I would purchase again." —Sarah w.

Price: $34.99+ / Rating: 4.3/5 / Sizes: Available in two sizes.

12. Keep it simple with a cool contemporary striped rug.

Promising review: "We love our new reading rug! We just started homeschooling and I wanted a soft rug the kids could sit and read books on. I was so glad to feel how soft this is! Love how it looks even more in person than in pics." —TKelsh

Price: $60.48+ / Rating: 5/5 / Sizes: Available in two sizes.

13. Make a bold statement with this traditional Persian-style rug.

Promising review: "The rug is a little thin, but really soft! If you put a rug pad underneath, it's perfect! Furthermore, cleaning is a snap! Within the first couple of days of getting the rug, I spilled half a glass of red wine on it! After freaking out for a bit, I started cleaning it, and within minutes, you couldn't even tell there was anything spilled." —Gretta Patrick

Price: $39+ / Rating: 4.2/5 / Sizes: Available in six sizes. / Colors: Available in eight sizes.

14. Outfit a large expanse of floor with a traditional braided rug.

Promising review: "It lays flat. The edges do not curl. It appears to be durable and the only complaint I have is that nine grandkids can sure get it dirty." —darlene hughes

Price: $59+ / Rating: 4.6/5 / Sizes: Available in 14 sizes. / Colors: Available in six color combos.

15. Create a sense of stylish space with a flame-stitch rug.

Promising review: "Bright purples, pink, turquoise, blended with yellows, oranges, creams and grays gives one the flexibility for accents of any complimentary color. I chose a Southwestern theme and found some quilted throws for the couch and love seat that picked up the colors in the rug. Tossed in some solid throw pillows and some turquoise rug runners in those awkward areas and voila, a simple gorgeous result!" —Auntimom

Price: $44.97+ / Rating: 4.5/5 / Sizes: Available in four sizes.

16. Play it subtle and soft with a plush geometric rug.

Promising review: "Love this rug. It came so quickly and was exactly what is pictured. It's so soft, and fills up a room really nicely. It's easy to vacuum on the highest height setting, and doesn't ever look dirty or out of order." —Alexcetera28

Price: $60.48+ / Rating: 4.8/5 / Sizes: Available in three sizes.

17. Add a burst of color with this saturated area rug.

Promising review: "We just put in a beautiful real hard wood floor and the rug goes perfectly with it. It's actually redder than the picture and I was really happy with it. We also go it so my dogs have a place to sit. I love the worn look, it looks like its been in my house forever and I cannot thank the seller enough. I have seen carpets like this on other sites and stores at $300 to $400, which I could not afford, so another reason to be delighted!" —Carol

Price: $65.83+ / Rating: 4.3/5 / Sizes: Available in six sizes. / Colors: Available in six sizes.

18. Create a playroom focal point with a reversible checkers/tic-tac-toe game rug.

Promising review: "My 9-year-old son and I have been playing a lot since this arrived last week. The game pieces are substantial plastic pieces with ridges, (one side with king and as big as your palm), and easily stacked/stay stacked. The mat is high quality too. Surprised how fun super tic-tac-toe is to play. Highly recommend and going to buy extra sets to use for future birthday gifts. Now just need to figure out how to out-smart a small child to win." —Sarah

Price: $17.99 / Rating: 4.6/5

19. Invest in a natural-fiber woven rug for some visual texture.

Promising review: "I'll be honest, I mainly got this for our cats. I've tried rugs in the study and the critters tend to either scratch them to pieces or get sick on them, etc., and this one has worked out great! Unbelievably easy to clean, and even with them scratching on it, it's not torn up!" —C. Noel

Price: $24.73+ / Rating: 4.1/5 / Sizes: Available in 44 sizes. / Colors: Available in 21 combos.

20. Give a family room some major personality with a watercolor scroll rug.

Promising review: "I live in a house with no carpet and several rugs. And this is by far the best rug I have ever purchased. It is so soft and thick. Feels great on bare feet and the colors are incredible! I positively love it!" —T. Sweet

Price: $80.11+ / Rating: 4.9/5 / Sizes: Available in two sizes.

21. Make the eye travel with this labyrinth area rug.

Promising review: "The colors are very rich in person and the color around the edge is more pinkish than orange, but it's very pretty. I am thrilled with it and although it's not as thick as I would like, you should expect to pay at least double the price for something thicker. Let's be realistic, very thick area rugs start at well over $200 just from experience. This was perfect for the price and where I needed it and the design with the colors is unique. I'm sure I will get plenty of compliments on it!" —Bobbi K.

Price: $70.38+ / Rating: 4.2/5 / Sizes: Available in four sizes.

22. Cushion a narrow path with this charming runner.

Promising review: "I was concerned about the rug looking too taupe according to some online photos, but it is a perfect mix of grays with a light cream pattern. I have a mix of beige, gray, cream and white in my room, walls and trim and it complements everything. It feels very soft to the touch. The only thing that would have made this rug better would have been a canvas backing. However, the backing wasn't scratchy enough for me to be concerned about it rubbing on my wood floors. I do have a felt rug pad underneath but it is just shy of the size of this rug. The rug did smell like new carpet (duh!) for a day and it has laid out pretty flat just overnight." —dilli

Price: $50.98+ / Rating: 4.8/5 / Sizes: Available in nine sizes. / Colors: Available in three colors.

23. Let your toddler crawl around on this soft ABC rug that encourages early development.

Promising review: "Even though the rug is smaller than 8' round (more like 7.5'), it is so well made that it is worth rating it with five stars, especially given the cost. The design is adorable and the colors are amazingly vibrant. I am using it for a child's room and am putting it over a floor that is already covered by foam interlocking tiles and the non-slip backing works perfectly." —S. Snyder

Price: $29.99+ / Rating: 4.6/5 / Sizes: Available in three sizes.

24. Make a modern statement with this elegant abstract rug.

Promising review: "Looks like reflections on a pond which is what I wanted. Creams, browns and lovely shade of blue. The rug is a dense weave and probably did not need a pad, but as I live above others I put one under it and it is really soft to walk on." —M CAROL MILLER

Price: $221.50 / Rating: 4.6/5

25. Turn a classic style on its head with this vibrant braided rug.

Promising review: "Man I really felt like I went out on a limb buying these. I was concerned about the colors being too bright that the effect might be too garish. But in my kitchenette with dark wood floor, medium cabinets and saturated wall colors, these really lifted the feel of that space. The thickness, feel of these underfoot is very comfortable." —J. Nowlen

Price: $38.03 / Rating: 4.3/5

26. Up the comfort on a deck or porch with this outdoor rug.

Promising review: "It's survived 12" of rain in one day! The colors are still vibrant and beautiful. If it's super drenched, I continue to hang it over the railing and it's dry within a day. If it's only damp, I just leave it laying in the heat and sun, and it dries within 1-2 days. I continue to be in love with this rug." —Z and J

Price: $45.50+ / Rating: 4.7/5 / Sizes: Available in four sizes.

27. Turn a hallway into a design moment with a trellis runner.

Promising review: "Way better quality than I was expecting for the price. Anyone who walks into my house always compliments how nice it looks, matches my furniture perfect, and lays nicely." —Deanna christiansen

Price: $28.99+ / Rating: 4.4/5 / Sizes: Available in six sizes. / Colors: Available in eight colors.

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