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    18 Of The Best Grills You Can Get On Amazon

    Your backyard barbecues are gonna be LIT. And not just by charcoal!

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

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    1. A compact charcoal grill with a side drawer and cast-iron grates, aka it's perf for decks or patios.

    Promising Review: "Sturdy, small enough to easily clean and move, but large enough for a family of three. I used this grill for the whole summer and have nothing bad to say about it. The cast-iron grates are a lot better than the usual wire that you get for a small grill. The lid sits well and you can actually control the air flow. I love the wheels and side handle because when I'm done I can just roll it in my garage. The whole grill feels strong and well-made." --Viorel R.

    Price: $60.91

    2. This 14" portable Weber you can take to the beach or camping.

    Promising Review: "I've had this great grill for about three years now. WAY better than a cheaper imitation grill! The one thing that was bugging me about it is that I couldn't keep the coals super I know to open both vents all the way and if it's still not enough heat or the heat is dying, just take off the top and it will get super hot with air flow! Hope this helps someone." --Nick

    Price: $29.99+ (also available with accessories).

    3. A HUGE cabinet gas grill that'll earn you some new best friends on the block.

    Promising Review: "Holy heavens, I did not think the grill would be this big. I would've gotten a smaller size but for the price, it's still a big one. I have a small family of four but I guess when we're entertaining in the summertime the food will be done sooner. Took a little while to put together but nothing major. Just pay attention to the steps, they're very detailed." --AugusteGloabl Inc

    Price: $289.18+ (also available with expert assembly for $75)

    4. This narrow party grill will be the main event at your next kabob party.

    Promising Review: "Wish it was about three inches wider so I can make longer kabobs. Otherwise, it's everything I wanted and more." --Hotdz

    Price: $99.99

    5. A two-burner propane grill that ignites with the press of a button.

    Promising Review: "Weber grills are expensive, but they seem to be worth it. Control knobs rotate a full 270 degrees rather than the typical 90 degrees for much better heat control. The fat-drip system is well-designed to eliminate the mess you usually get with cheaper grills. Comes to grilling temperature very quickly. Best grill I've ever owned." --David Richard

    Price: $399 (also available with expert assembly for $42.89 or with three burners)

    6. An OG 22" grill for no-fuss food prep without all the extras you most likely don't need.

    Promising Review: "A fine kettle grill, very well-made and the cleaning system is extremely clever and functional. The ability to cut off all air intake (upper and lower vents) enables quicker cooling and coal savings. My only suggestion would be a deeper lid that would permit the cooking of large 'Beer Can Turkeys'." --Chilihead

    Price: $99+ (also available with expert assembly for $54.49).

    7. Or this classic charcoal remix that has a gas startup for quick cooking, an easy transition to charcoal grilling

    Promising Review: "I have two children under three and don't have time to wait for my charcoal grill to heat up. My research kept pointing me back to this performer grill. It has a propane startup that you can leave on as long as you want to get your coals hot. The bin underneath is great to store the coals, the timer and temp gage are helpful, and the metal cart top is a perfect size for food prep. And my food tastes absolutely amazing! This grill has been a much easier transition from gas than I expected. I just need to work on my charcoal grilling cooking skills now!" --liekfam4

    Price: $399+ (available in three colors).

    8. A restaurant-grade outdoor flat top with 36" of griddle space for all kinds of noms.

    Promising Review: "This makes the best food and is easy to clean. The more you use it, the better the flavor it imparts to the food you cook, like cast iron. The size is great, not so big that it feels there's wasted space, not so small that you get cranky that you can't fit enough food on it. It heats evenly, but I generally like to have it hotter in the middle and on low on the sides. We've cooked everything from a steak dinner for two to breakfast for seven on it, and every time we love the results." --D. Primm

    Price: $263.20 (also available with expert assembly for $56.79).

    9. This portable tabletop gas grill for taking your tailgates to a new, tastier level.

    Promising Review: "Unusually well-designed. The full-length grease trap works well and is easy to remove for cleaning. The lid is sturdy, and the backside of the lid physically hits the rear of the grill to hold it open, (rather than a weak linkage or chain like most grills). There's a small hotspot on the left side where the 'U' of the propane burner is. No bueno for Teflon mats, but otherwise workable. Excellent for camping." --Amazon Customer

    Price: $72.19 (down from $129.99).

    10. A durable gas grill made with a porcelain coating for withstanding the elements.

    Promising Review: "I bought this grill at the beginning of summer and it was the best investment in a grill I have ever made! This is my first gas grill. Before this I only used charcoal, and I will never go back. This grill gets used at least once a week and is still going strong. The setup did take a while; about four hours, even with a friend's help. If you follow the directions, you should be fine, but just know that the directions are mostly pictures. Overall the long setup was worth it to have my very own gas grill!" --Victoria

    Price: $159 (also available with expert assembly for $62.89).

    11. This Coleman road-trip grill that easily folds up into the size of a carry-on.

    Promising Review: "I wouldn't trade this grill for the world! This grill is reliable, rugged, and cooks better than any grill I have ever owned. I take it everywhere I go! This grill it easy to clean and the whole thing is just top-notch!!" --April Portwood

    Price: $144.99+ (available in eight colors).

    12. A square charcoal grill with ample shelf space for seasonings, sauces, plates, and more.

    Promising Review: "I shopped for a grill for a while, so suffice to say that I really wanted this one. It is small enough to fit on an apartment balcony but not so small that you only have grill space for one burger and two hot dogs. There is plenty of space to cook a steak, several burgers, a few kabobs, and two corn cobs all at once. It is made of good-quality, heavy gauge steel and the overall design is sound and sturdy. The construction was fairly easy but the instructions were very vague, so some building know-how and prior planning will be essential." --Deadman

    Price: $99.98+ (also available with expert assembly for $54.49, two bigger sizes).

    13. This grill/smoker combo that won't hog precious patio space.

    Promising Review: "I really can't say what I like best about it. It is a better smoker than any offset barrel smoker I have owned. It is a better grill than any gasser or kettle I have ever used. And it gives you the added benefit of a convection oven. We cook pizza, cornbread, desserts, cobblers, etc., on ours. The possibilities are endless. There are better alternatives out there (Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo XL), but these are four and five times as expensive. And only moderately better." --John T Lehman

    Price: $286.99+ (available with expert assembly for $54.49, three colors).

    14. A tabletop grill you can also mount as a side fire box on a barrel grill.

    Promising Review: "Very impressed with the quality and stoutness of this little grill. I've got a smoker box on my main grill and it's not nearly this well-built. I bought this as my RV grill and love the size and heavy duty design. I added a temp thermometer to mine. The rack doesn't adjust the coals, but I haven't found a reason to with this grill. I use less coals to start and add if need be. Adjust the air in/out and you'll be fine." --Fogleman33

    Price: $59.97 (down from $99.99).

    15. A swivel grill for cooking over your fire pit or on camping trips.,

    Promising Review: "This is a great little grill. The post is sturdy and the swivel locks work well. One thing worth mentioning is that the fin on the post is pretty big. If you are wanting something to drive into the ground and then remove and relocate, that might be hard to do with this unless you are in sand." --Mark

    Price: $43.99

    16. A Cuisinart tabletop gas grill you can move from deck to tailgating to wherever.,

    Promising Review: "We grew tired of all these fancy grills that looked great and cooked like a hot plate. FINALLY! A grill that's really just right in surface size and cooks at the temperature the dial states. Buy the stand separately, as I've found the grill with stand to be significantly more expensive over buying both separately. I think you'd be hard pressed to find any flashy, larger, stainless-steel, strong-branded grill that cooks like this for less than $1,000 and look how much more of your deck space you get to keep!" --jonnyconsumer

    Price: $148.99 (available in two finishes).

    17. A pre-seasoned charcoal grill from the same people who make (excellent) Lodge cast-iron skillets.

    Promising Review: "Lodge is fantastic! I had a gas grill but love this cast-iron one. It's really the perfect size for a family of six to eight. I can easily grill eight big hamburgers in tight configuration or six to eight pork chops on it, and because it's so heat-efficient I can grill supper and then put more meat on for another meal and save it. Two meals uses only four to five handfuls of lump charcoal. This is one of the best-designed and least-complicated things I've used in years. It needs to be greased after each use, but that's a plus in my mind" --Robin M. Holmes

    Price: $94.99

    18. And an infrared electric grill for easy cooking and dragging around for outdoor entertaining.

    Promising Review: "I didn't want to break down and buy electric, but had no choice. I was worried about the drop in grill quality and flavor. I cooked a ribeye and it's probably in the top three steaks I've ever grilled, which is saying a whole lot. There may be some getting used to grilling temperatures and time, but it was actually very similar to grilling. All in all, if you can only buy electric I recommend this grill and honestly, so far, it probably ranks pretty high up compared with gas or charcoal due to ease of use and no true added cost as such with propane or coals." --William P Cason

    Price: $109.99 (down from $199.99).

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.