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    51 Super Simple Things I’d Bet You’ll Be Glad You Have At Home

    Cable clips that keep your phone charger *right* where you want it will end up having quite the impact on your day.

    1. Small cable clip organizers you can stick on as you please because there's no need to see OR trip over the your phone charger cord every time you stand up to fill up your glass of water.

    close up of mountable cable clips

    2. Light-blocking curtains that'll keep your bedroom (or any other room!) as dark as you want. Plus they'll help maintain your ideal indoor temp!

    living room with blue curtains on windows

    3. And a ~streamlined~ door draft stopper to keep gusts from coming in under the door. It'll just look like a natural part of your door so other decor design choices (like that cute welcome mat) can shine!

    4. A memory-foam cushion for anyone whose rear could use a real treat. So, arguably, everyone.

    reviewer's computer chair with seat cushion on it

    5. A jar of the The Pink Stuff — a TikTok-famous cleaning paste made to handle all kinds of sticky, stuck-on situations like this nasty-looking kitchen faucet. 

    Promising review: "I need this in bulk!! I have tried so many cleaning solutions to get out hard cooking stains on my stovetop and nothing worked! This stuff took it right out without a problem!!" —Micaela Gunderson

    Get it from Amazon for $5.97.

    6. Slow-cooker liners that'll make your set-it-and-forget-it routine even easier by making cleanup a snap!

    slow cooker with two liners in it making dips

    7. A over-the-door laundry hamper to get those discarded PJs and undies off the bathroom floor. Raise your hand if you've ever tripped on your or a loved one's dirty underwear ::raises both hands::

    hamper bag hanging on back of laundry room door with circular opening at top for putting in the dirty clothes

    8. A minimalist tissue box cover that'll bring the right amount of whimsy to your setup. I have this and just love it!

    house-shaped white square tissue box cover on a stack of books

    9. A set of stove burner covers to help you catch the mess right away on gas stovetops. Or just cover up some chipped or sorry-looking stovetops. (I live in a rental with a white gas stovetop that def has some unsightly chips on it, so I can relate!)

    10. A nine-pack of reliable nonscratch sponges – they'll make serious work on your nonstick pans with coating you don't wanna compromise. Stuck-on messes, be gone!

    reviewer image of a pack of scotch-brite non-scratch sponges

    11. An over-the-door cabinet organizer so you won't have to stare at a pile of hairstyling tools every time you go to brush your teeth. You'll be locating your hair dryer in record time!

    12. A broom and mop organizer you can mount on a closet wall for a tidy "after" so you won't worry about an avalanche when you open that door. You know what I'm talking about. Ok it doesn't look simple with everything on it. But that mere row of hooks is ~magical~.

    13. Or a pair of broom holders in case you've gotta get a little more nimble with your closet storage solutions. I use my coat closet to store cleaning supplies because, well, NYC one-bedroom apartment. And these broom holders have made SUCH a difference in the organization.

    two hooks for broom handles

    14. Odor-blocking trash bags to buy another day here or there before you take out the trash. Take it from me, a lazy person. These work.

    model taking bulky bag out of a trash can in a kitchen

    15. A wood scratch cover you can use to help cover up dings and discoloration on door frames and molding so everything will blend in like normal. Also, it requires no sanding or refinishing! Cue to you on the prowl for more wood surfaces you can fix up.

    16. And wood repair markers to hide smaller scratches on your fave furniture. We love a repair instead of a replacement product!

    17. A laundry-detergent drip catcher to help salvage some of that precious goo, so you can go a tad bit longer in between shopping trips.

    laundry detergent containers with the drip catcher on them

    18. Pimple patches that'll attack blemishes that pop up in the least convenient time (so any time) by sucking out the gunk without irritating your skin around the blemish like drying treatments. Keep a pack of these in your bathroom and you'll be set!

    19. A luxe-looking mousepad with a metal finish for smooth movement that'll perk up a lackluster home office — even if that home office is the couch or your bed.

    model sitting on couch with a lap desk with a laptop and the metallic mousepad on the couch seat

    20. An eye compression mask to block out every last bit of light in your bedroom while feeling soft against your skin. (BTW, it was designed by an orthopedic surgeon to help relieve migraines, tension headaches, sinus pain, and eye strain.)

    person sleeping in bed with eye mask on face

    21. A set of satin pillowcases I personally swear by for keeping my hair and skin moisturized (vs. cotton pillowcases). Plus! They're super soft and look glam.

    22. And a silky lined sleeping beanie to help protect hair while you get some Zzzzs.

    23. A set of wool dryer balls that'll be a wonderful effective alternative to fabric softener sheets or liquid that can cause some serious buildup on machines.

    the wool dryer bars on a blanket

    24. A cushy lumbar pillow you can position as its name implies or use to elevate your knees or feet. TV watching just leveled up.

    25. A wooden lap desk you can use for inhaling some pancakes, reading, or binge-watching on your laptop. I own this and it was my 2020 WFH MVP, hands down.

    person using the table-like wood lap desk in bed to hold a breakfast plate, cup of coffee

    26. Suspenders for your sheets that are exactly how they sound so no matter how much you toss and turn, your fitted sheet won't pop you in the face in the middle of the night when it comes loose. It happens! I know!

    27. A brown sugar saver disguised as an adorable terra-cotta bear that baking fiends *might* be sad they didn't know was a thing 'til now.

    the bear beside a jar of brown sugar

    28. A dishwasher magnet so everyone in the house is on the same page about whether it's OK to eat off a plate that's in the dishwasher.

    29. A Squatty Potty which, if you don't already know what it does, helps position your body in a way that'll feel more natural for your colon and, therefore, make going no. 2 easier. (More or less.)

    model wearing clothes sitting on a toilet with their feet propped on the stool-like squatty potty

    30. A Beard King trimmings catcher that'll make cleaning the bathroom sink SO much easier if you can convince your currently bearded bae to actually use it.

    31. Safe grabs silicone mats for putting a safe barrier between hot things and important stuff, like your hands, in so many situations.

    person using the mats to get a hot bowl out of the microwave

    32. A sharp bed skirt to coordinate with your bedding while masking the horror show underneath your bed. Trust me! I use one to mask my own underbed storage area.

    neutral bedroom with neat looking bed with bed skirt that obscures anything underneath the bed

    33. Plus some adjustable bed risers that'll buy you 3, 5, or 8 inches of extra space for stashing all sorts of stuff under that bed.

    the bed risers with both heights visible

    34. A boot tray to help bring some order to your entryway where your family kicks off their muddy, dirty shoes as soon as they walk in the door. *Or* you can use it to contain the mess of pets' food and water bowls!

    black textured boot tray with sneakers and boots on it

    35. A humidifier that may seriously help your stuffy nasal passages and dry winter skin woes. Buy one for your bedroom AT LEAST but you'll thank yourself for buying one for your living area too. Just think of that harsh indoor heat!

    the humidifier on a side table in a living room

    36. A slim cutlery organizer to make room for the rest of the stuff you've been keeping in an unwieldy standing container on your countertop. Trust me, I have it and love it!

    37. A bacon sponge "unpaper" towel to help get the extra grease off of your fave breakfast side with a reusable kitchen tool!

    a pile of bacon on the reusable towel

    38. A scratchy lil' tool to FINALLY get all the pet hair off your fabric surfaces both inside your house and car. You'll wonder how you lived without it up until now.

    39. A silicone sink strainer that can make ridding it of tiny food particles easy as pie so you aren't awkwardly standing over your trash can raking them out of your OG metal strainer like a masked killer in a movie. I bought one of these and it truly is game-changing.

    hands holding sink strainer with knob you can toggle to help get food off of it

    40. A set of reusable coffee pods you can fill with your favorite ground brew and then toss in your K-Cup machine like normal. This'll put a halt to tons of plastic pod waste, both for the environment and your fam's monthly budget.

    41. A motion-activated toilet light that I guarantee SOMEONE in your household will love.

    toilet with half in the daylight and half in the dark with the toilet lit up

    42. Wool dryer balls you can toss in the dryer instead of chemical-coated dryer sheets that, psssst, leave behind buildup on the inside of your dryer and thus makes it less effective over time.

    white wool balls on a blanket

    43. A heavy-duty Command hook that'll hold your step stool in place because you're tired of having to scoot it out of the way every time you have to get at something else in your closet. (I do this every single time and need this for my step stool!)

    the hook on a wall holding up a two-tier stepstool

    44. Fridge bin liners that'll absorb extra moisture in an effort to keep your produce fresher for longer. PLUS, they'll catch the brunt of messy spills and will be so much easier to clean than taking a drawer out of the fridge and awkwardly scrubbing it down in your sink. I've done that before and it's not great!

    open fridge with drawer inside that has the liner underneath oranges, grapes, and apples