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23 Monthly Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use

A (lazy) monthly reminder of your love...and good taste!

1. Help him put his survival skills where his off-the-grid-reality-show-watching mouth is with this Prepper Gear Box.

2. Let someone else pick out your designated tie gift with The Daily Knot, which has a way better selection than your local department store on Dec. 23rd.

3. Upgrade his dried meats game with the Jerky Snob, which delivers at least two bags of jerky for better snacking.

4. Channel his nostalgia for The Grateful Dead, vintage comics, and more with the Retro Pop Box. Plus, it'll help him populate his man cave.

5. Help him replace his ratty old team gear -- but not the lucky jersey -- with Game Day Box.

6. Refill his liquor cabinet with the Gin Every Month box and prepare thyself for ALL The Anchorman jokes.

7. Mix up the playlist rotation on long family drives with The Music Box, which will intro some variety to his normal listening patterns of Styx or Frank Sinatra.

8. Skip self-curating him the perfect combo of Geektastic accessories and sign up for Loot Crate instead.

9. Add a little extra flair to your pop's work uniform with a Cufflinks Monthly sub.

10. Put off the gift of an Alaskan cruise yet another year with Alaska Crate Co., which will fulfill his desire for outdoorsy stuff from The Last Frontier...at least for a while.

11. Tap into his love of the cross-country part of watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with the Indie States of America box that curates indie food goods, minus Guy Fieri.

12. Light it up with the Southern Cigar Co. box that includes a curated selection of cigars to take off the edge every week.

13. Source his comic-book addiction with ComicBoxer so he'll stop snagging yours.

14. Equip him with "not junk" knives for all his slicing needs -- like hunting, fishing, and tactical stuff -- with Bladesman Club.

15. One-up your annual ginormous tub of holiday popcorn with the Popcorn Every Month box full of artisanal popped snacks that you can normally only afford when you find it discounted in the check-out line at Marshalls.

16. Slash his time spent tracking down the perfect fishing supplies (and complaining about doing so) with Postfly Box.

17. Take the guesswork out of selecting the perfect tome with and The Story Begins, which'll deliver two books a month in his favorite genre.

18. Stock his medicine cabinet on the reg with a fresh supply of razors from Dollar Shave Club.

19. Provide the chance to make allll the dad jokes with this golf-centric Swinger box.

20. Boost his spicy bragging rights with the Fuego Box to fulfill all his hot-sauce needs.

21. Help him get a jump start on his New Year's resolution to finally grow a veggie garden with PlowBox.

22. Dissent from his usual Old Spice request and help him zero in on a new cologne with Scentbird.

23. And if you're going to get him socks, opt for some stylish dress ones via Southern Scholar.

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