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    38 Sweatshirts You Can Lounge Around In While Serving Up Almost Too Much Fashion

    F-f-f-fashion has never felt so comfy.

    1. An outta-this-world patch sweatshirt for the alien obsessed (or just curious). UFOs are coming *up* from the ocean. Discuss!

    2. A marble-y tie-dye pullover with a sweet little note of "happiness" as a super cozy, wearable pick-me-up.

    model wearing crop tie-dye sweatshirt with jeans

    3. A ramen hoodie (in chicken or beef flavor!) that'll turn into your WFH uniform. You're gonna need those matching pants too.

    4. A cozy blanket sweatshirt spotted on Shark Tank you can wear at home (or on trips through the drive-thru) that is more or less a more acceptable way of wrapping yourself up in a blanket.

    5. A witty crewneck sweatshirt if *you* are the ghoulish pal who's always recommending a new spooky podcast or trying to convince friends to read they latest horror book you loved. (It's me, I'm that friend.)

    6. An outdoorsy twist for Scream fans. (Right now is the perfect window to rewatch all the prior films.)

    sweatshirt that looks like The North Face logo but has the Scream mask on it

    7. A Twilight-inspired sweatshirt perfect for wearing while you and your bestie binge-watch the entire movie series. 

    A person is wearing a cream sweatshirt that says
    Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed

    "I am absolutely obsessed with this sweatshirt. It's not only so cute for any Twilight fan, but it's ridiculously cozy and warm! I even wear it as pajamas!

    "Basic and Peachy is a small business based that sells adorable quirky sweatshirts, T-shirts, tumblers, and decals!" —Stephanie Hope

    Get it from Basic and Peachy on Etsy for $33.30+ (available in unisex sizes S–3XL and six colors).

    8. A cozy eco fleece sweatshirt ready to replace that old stained one. Or at least you can wear this one out in public and the stained one *just* in the house, k?

    model wearing the sweatshirt

    9. A sweatshirt tunic for the times you'd prefer to leave the house in a sweatshirt and no pants. Well, now you can!

    10. Or a longer sweatshirt dress for those who hate pants (meeeee).

    model wearing a midi sweatshirt dress that's roomy

    11. A cropped hoodie that'll be a dead ringer for the iconic one Megan Fox wore in Jennifer's Body. Perhaps passersby will say "good for her" like basically everyone who gave the film a rewatch.

    reviewer wearing a zip up hoodie with red hearts all over it

    12. A cropped Spice Ghouls hoodie to alert everyone near you that, yes, you are the girl who'll ruin your life.

    13. A space-y sweatshirt to work into your cool weather rotation.

    black sweatshirt with screen print of astronaut on it

    14. A farm-to-table sweatshirt as a token from that romantic weekend you spent away.

    reviewer wearing a The Office sweatshirt with Schrute Farms Bed and Breakfast on it

    15. A suggestive top that quite literally tells you to "take it easy," that is if you weren't already.

    model wearing sweatshirt with a cheetah cartoon on it and a "take it easy" message

    16. A sweatshirt with a raw hem for something that looks a lil' more FASHION but feels like your go-to winter sweats.

    model wearing beige and white leopard print sweatshirt

    17. A camo sweatshirt that'll do anything but make you blend in.

    reviewer wearing pink camo print sweatshirt with white ripped jeans and ankle boots

    18. A faux-layered sweatshirt that'll look far dressier than your go-to loungewear. Uh, this might be perfect for that day of the week when you have all your video meetings.

    person wearing sweatshirt with look of button down collar shirt underneath

    19. A sherpa-lined zip-up hoodie if you detest coats but are always dipping outside to pick up packages from your doorstep.

    model wearing zip up hoodie with sherpa lining

    20. A luxe hoodie with a built-in sleep mask that'll become your new uniform for just about everything around the house. Just think of the travel possibilities!

    21. A crewneck that is basically just my self-portrait #art.

    22. A tie-dye sweatpants and long-sleeve set in case you live for some matching. Now you won't have to sniff test all your leggings to see what's clean to wear with that top.

    a model wearing a white and light blue tie-dye set

    23. And a two-piece sweatshirt and shorts set in case you're like me and prefer to let those legs BREATHE. OK maybe breathe for an hour and then wrap up in a cozy blanket.

    24. An oversized mock-neck sweatshirt just begging to be worn with your faux-leather leggings. Or really *any* leggings.

    25. A matching sweat set you can throw a jacket or coat over to take you from bed to the grocery store.

    a reviewer in a matching green sweatshirt and pants

    26. A Rose Apothecary sweatshirt to help rep. your fave shop while rewatching Schitt's Creek for the millionth time.

    The sweatshirt with the rose apothecary logo and text "handcrafted with care"

    27. And a Zella marble-print sweatshirt you might have swiped from David's closet.

    model wearing a white and black marble print sweatshirt

    28. An Anine Bing sweatshirt with some real bite, unlike your middle school camp sweatshirt you've resorted to wearing lately.

    29. An angelic top to pay tribute to your fave city. Or second favorite. (NYC is obviously your first pick. Not that I'm biased.)

    person wearing shirt with "Los Angeles" on it and an angel

    30. A Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt to keep it a little sporty, even if you're doing the exact opposite. (Petition to enter watching TV as an Olympic sport.)

    a model wearing a sweatshirt with the Tommy Hilfiger logo on it

    31. A pullover reaper look in the style of a polo player if you're into some subtle goth wear.

    plain black pullover hoodie with a reaper in the style of the Polo Ralph Lauren polo player logo

    32. A fleece tie-dye pullover to snazz up all your plain separates. But if you wanna keep it matching, there are some shorts for that.

    model wearing tie-dye long sleeve sweatshirt with matching shorts

    33. A cozy Ugg sweatshirt with elevated balloon sleeves that'll more or less serve as compliment bait.

    model wearing sweatshirt with balloon sleeves

    34. A lace-up sleeve pullover if even your basics have to have some not-basic details.

    reviewer wearing jeans and the sweatshirt with lace up details on the sleeves

    35. An Adidas sweatshirt with those tell-tale stripes for a classic look, even if the only person seeing you is your cat.

    model in shorts and an olive green sweatshirt with three adidas stripes down the sleeves

    36. A smiley sweatshirt with a positive message your roomie can admire when you leave the room because someone actually had the nerve to call you who wasn't a scammer.

    sweatshirt with a smiley face and "think those happy thoughts" design on the back

    37. A Rebecca Minkoff hoodie that might ~ruffle~ some feathers in a good way.

    model wearing a sweatshirt with ruffles on the sleeves

    38. And a skull-flake sweatshirt in case ya' like to creep it real. Same, friend!

    sweatshirt with snowflake pattern on it that's made up of skulls and bones once you look closely at it

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