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    35 Stylish Pieces Of Furniture From Overstock That All Cost Less Than $500

    Highfalutin looks without the matching prices.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bookcase with ~levels~ that'll become the star of any video calls you have lined up in your living room.

    antique white bookcase with three stacked horizontal triangle compartments

    2. A three-piece bistro set can make an impactful statement in your space, even if you're working with a tiny concrete patio!

    two chairs made of brown rattan with black wire legs and blue seat cushions. matching table with glass top in between the two chairs

    3. A velvet desk chair to serve as your WFH throne. 'Tis time to give that spot on your couch a breather.

    blue velvet and gold metal desk chair with a cushioned seat and back and metal arms

    4. A five-piece outdoor dining set you can fold up and store away when you're not luxuriously using it. But I hope that it spends more time being used than stored away!

    yard with a dining set of four wood folding chairs and a square-shaped folding table. Chairs do not have arms or cushions

    5. A rustic dining nook set that'll make great use of that corner in your kitchen with the most beautiful natural light. Did Joanna Gaines make over your place or do you just have excellent taste?

    dining area corner with a corner bench with a back, a matching rectangular dining table, and a matching bench with no back

    6. A velvet chaise lounge with a secret... it opens up to hold throws and other stuff you want out of the way. Quick tidying? Yes please!

    7. A charming rolling microwave cart that'll help make up for your lack of a kitchen island, counter space, and just general kitchen storage — all while looking really good while doing it.

    wheeled blue kitchen cart with wood butcher block top, open compartment for microwave, six more open compartments, and a cabinet door that closes.

    8. Or an industrial-style kitchen cart in case you require a little more storage space and wanna show off those well-used cookbooks and coveted countertop appliances.

    open metal kitchen cart with a wood butcher block tabletop. Three smaller shelves and one large open shelf that'll fit something like a standing mixer

    9. A faux-marble dining table set complete with chairs that'll make visitors wonder if you hit the lottery. No and yes: You didn't win a cash prize but you *did* come across this story with budget-friendly finds!

    modern rectangular dining table with white faux marble top, wood base and legs. four matching dining room chairs with gray linen cushions and backs

    10. A chic upholstered storage bed to conjure up some bedroom storage out of thin air. (I think your Hogwarts acceptance letter just came in the mail.)

    contemporary style light gray upholstered bed frame with tufted headboard and two pull out drawers at the foot of the bed.

    11. A fancy-looking vanity table set that'll corral all your personal glam-squad essentials. Four drawers FTW!

    black vanity table with oval mirror, four pullout storage drawers with flower decoration handles. Comes with matching black stool with white cushion.

    12. A mirrored jewelry cabinet to efficiently display your baubles and help you track down that bangle you always wear with that shirt. Plus, it has LED lights for quicker searching!

    white wall mounted cabinet with mirrored front when closed. also shown open with special hooks, shelves, notches, and other storage spots for jewelry like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and makeup

    13. A jute rope accent chair you'll wanna use indoors, outdoors, all sorts of places because it'll cradle you just right and make your fave spot looks like it belongs in the background of an Instagram influencer's "A lot of people have been asking me lately...." video.

    modern style dark gray chair with seat made of stretched jute rope. geometric triangle pattern pillow on chair, surrounded by plants and pillows

    14. A shoe storage cabinet to hold up to a dozen pairs so you can get yours up and off the floor instead of in your very clumsy path.

    white vertical cabinet with three drawers that pivot out to reveal pairs of shoes in storage. Has vents on the drawers and a tabletop surface on top with a vase

    15. A cool end table with stacked shelves to handle stuff like remotes, magazines, small snacks... all the living room essentials.

    contemporary style silver tone end table with two stacked open shelves for storage. Gold tone caps for legs and height is about the arm rest of a couch

    16. A Mission-style oak sofa that'll make a super cushy, stylish impact on your current living area sitch.

    brown sofa cushions with oak wood frame and throw pillows

    17. A power recline-and-lift chair to help you get a head start on rising from your fave new seat.

    cushioned gray recliner chair with hydraulics to lift it up and forward so the person sitting can more easily get out of it. Has a pocket on the side of the chair to hold the chair's remote control

    18. A Scandinavian-style couch for anyone who's trying to pursue a minimalist(-ish) look without sacrificing comfort.

    modern wood frame sofa with black faux-leather cushions with arm rests and enough room for three people to sit

    19. A TV console with adorable mini barn sliding doors here to help you hide the junk you most definitely jus shoved out of sight when your mom texted you about stopping by for a few minutes.

    farmhouse style TV console cabinet in weathered gray wash color with TV on top, two long open shelves sized for DVD players of gaming consoles. At the bottom of the cabinet are two sliding barn-style doors with two large open storage compartments

    20. A cushy rocking chair that'd be perfect for a nursery or a reading nook. Either way, I'm sure you'll clock a lot of meaningful hours in it!

    wood rocking chair with gray-beige cushions on seat, back, arm rests

    21. A shapely TV console in case you need a new spot to park your TV and could do with a dose of cheerful color.

    teal TV console with one pull out drawer with silver knobs, two long open shelves on the bottom

    22. An adjustable mid-century modern office chair to put you at the perfect level (style- and height-wise) to help you get to werk.

    rounded mid-century modern walnut-finished wood office chair with black leather seat and back cushions with a chrome pedestal and legs that adjusts up and down

    23. A sleek desk that's versatile enough to be used as the kids' table at Thanksgiving. (OK, for just a few youngins.)

    white mid-century modern minimalist desk with glossy tabletop, visible legs, and no drawers

    24. A super interesting bookcase that'll actually hold a lot of stuff. I think I just found the new star of your Instagram stories.

    light wood bookcase of four stacked cube compartments that are slightly tilted for a cool geometric effect

    25. A pair of antique-style outdoor side tables to add some tasteful patina to your patio setup. Plus, they'll willingly hold your wine while you attempt a cartwheel in the grass for the first time in a few decades.

    two yellow antique style side tables in hexagon shape with floral cutouts on the sidew

    26. A spindle-style platform bed that'll look like the most tasteful family heirloom in existence.

    wood platform bed with headboard made of wood spindles, white minimalist bedding

    27. A farmhouse-style cabinet to help you cop the style of a tin-tile ceiling without requiring a lot of renovation. (They're gorgeous, but wow the work!)

    Silver farmhouse-style cabinet with two front doors, blue tabletop, black drawer pulls, and a design on the cabinet doors that look like a tin-tile ceiling

    28. A metal bench just begging for a spot in your entrway or front porch. I'm just saying, it'd make a great spot to pull a Mr. Rogers and get out of those street shoes.

    industrial-style metal bench in an antiqued brown color with enough room to seat two and a back with two small panels

    29. A mirrored desk that can pull triple duty as a console or vanity. Did someone say Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Regency)?

    Hollywood Regency style slim mirrored desk with two front drawers. Has a laptop, lamp, and two books on top, positioned up against a wall with a desk chair nearby

    30. A round coffee table that'll make you feel like a total grownup, even if you're using it as a dining table while you sit on the floor and eating out of a Styrofoam takeout container. Hey, it's a GREAT way to not spill food on your couch. I SHOULD KNOW.

    round coffee table with brass-tone legs and a white faux-marble top

    31. A storage hall tree for anyone who's said "I wish I had a mudroom" and also just happens to possess a few spare feet near the front door.

    bench with an attached vertical open shelf and hooks for storage across the top. Made for storage near a front door.

    32. Or a tufted fabric bench as a stylish reminder to your fam that they need to stow away their shoes!

    wood bench with gray tufted cushion on top and an open shelf with shoes underneath. leather bag sitting on the bench with a mirror and a strip of storage hooks on the wall behind the bench

    33. A lift-top coffee table that'll help bring your bev or your current read to you. Also, you've gotta love that you can store some stuff inside to help declutter a bit.

    black modern coffee table with a lift top on hinges that reveals storage compartments in the coffee table for books and more

    34. A multifaceted bar cart (just like its owner!) to help the party move from the dining room to the couch with *such* ease and glamour.

    gold tone bar cart with a mirrored bottom shelf and two other staggered height shelves with glass bottoms. Rails along the shelves keep bottles and glasses in place

    35. A wall-mounted wood cabinet with enough rustic style to make folks assume you picked it up from some specialty woodworker for a pretty penny. (But you don't have to correct them!)

    gray wall mounted vertical cabinet with two rustic wood cabinet doors that open to storage compartments and two open shelves in the middle

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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