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    25 Stunning Furniture Before And Afters You've Gotta See To Believe

    And what you need to recreate them!

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    1. A dresser got a completely new look thanks to a metal-look spray paint Amazon reviewers have found allll kinds of ways to use.

    2. But the same spray paint also did wonders for an outdoor bistro table set ready for some warm-weather fun.

    3. A 102-year-old wood table surface that was ruined by a hot pan(!!!) and then brought back to a passably normal look with to a water stain–removing cloth! (Sometimes you've gotta sand and stain, but it's nice to avoid that if you can.)

    4. An old Formica picnic table was upgraded to a fancy looker with the application of some marble-print contact paper.

    5. That same contact paper, a coat of water-based polyurethane, and some drawer pull swaps did big things for an old bedroom piece.

    6. And a cheap standard desk all of a sudden looked a lot more luxe with the faux-marble application!

    7. A simple side table experienced a super modern, design-y facelift thanks to some sanding, white paint, and gold paint!

    8. Studio Monitors that — OK technically aren't furniture, but they're large enough to be treated as furniture(?!) — had become magnets for cat hair and dust thanks to some sticky residue from the packaging. That was, until the owner used some potent AF Goo Gone to *safely* scrub 'em clean.

    9. An old headboard became a cheery outdoor bench ready to liven up any ho-hum outdoor space.

    10. An old hutch looks like a pricey antique you paid way too much for at a fancy boutique that flips old furniture thanks to a coat of chalkboard paint in its journey to becoming an at-home coffee bar. Yum!

    11. And a dumpster-ready table found new life as an activity table for toddlers. Damaged tabletop + chalkboard paint = a win-win. See, math!

    12. The same paint and some glass drawer knobs prove, once again, that some paint and new hardware can make you say "Who is she?!" about a piece you've felt meh about awhile.

    13. Speaking of those glass drawer knobs, they're the finishing touch for a dilapidated dresser that was on the receiving end of a top-notch makeover featuring some impressive stencil work.

    14. And a plain white dresser perked up significantly with the addition of blue glass drawer knobs.

    15. And because sometimes you'd like to reverse the effects of things, a powerful stain remover did wonders for a glass of spilled red wine on a beige couch.

    16. A white leather couch-turned-easel that reverted back to its pristine thanks to a *secret* spot remover you've probably never heard about 'til now.

    17. An no-frills IKEA STOCKHOLM sideboard became a showpiece thanks to some well-placed brass strips.

    18. A vibrant yellow chair got a mellow redo with some neutral paint and then a generous helping of spray gloss to make it look lacquered, aka extremely expensive.

    19. A "distressed" headboard that was exposed to more distress than intended. But then some wood scratch cover came to the rescue!

    20. The some scratch cover *also* worked as a budget-friendly wood stain on some unfinished pieces in need of a darker hue.

    21. And yet another Amazon customer flipped a free five-drawer dresser from a friend with the same scratch cover to upgrade the look and hide the ghostly outline of outdated hardware before swapping in some sleek drawer pulls.

    22. A wicker bench that got an Anthro-level makeover and honestly people would pay hundreds of bucks for now thanks to some paint and pretty decorative rope!

    23. A dining table set that got a couple fresh coats of paint and a drastically brighter outlook.

    24. A well-loved dining set lightened up a bit with some super-matted chalked paint.

    25. And the same chalk paint totally flipped a thrifted china cabinet for a stunning after.

    When the furniture makeover is so good it's like magic:

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