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    24 Delicious Store-Bought Dipping Sauces

    Any sauce can be a dipping sauce if you try hard enough.

    1. Mike's Hot Honey – it'll do wonders when drizzled over stuff like leftover pizza, Brussells sprouts, really everything but the kitchen sink. It's also wonderful for some messy, sticky dunking that'll be oh so worth cleaning up any drips that don't make it down your throat hole.

    2. Big John's Ol' West BBQ & Dippin Sauce – your new grilling go-to that won't cover up the smoky taste of charcoal on dat meat.

    3. Inglehoffer Horseradish Squeeze Wasabi for some sinus-clearning flavor that'll bring even more life to your seared tuna, salmon, and other delectable dishes.

    4. Honeycup Mustard that'd be great for fries, chicken strips, etc., etc., BUT its true strength lies in the wonderful way its sweet/sharp flavor binds together honeybaked ham and a sweet Hawaiian roll for pure bliss.

    5. Stubb's Original Bar-B-Q Sauce to satisfy folks who are picky about their Texas-style BBQ.

    6. Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki Marinade and Sauce that'll assist you on stir fry, steaks, noodles, and more... and then you can dip all those things in it for a double coating. Yum!

    7. Tapatio – it isn't a dipping sauce per se, but if you have a taste for spicy things, coating everything in it wouldn't be a terrible idea!

    8. Wild Thymes Farm Thai Chili Roasted Garlic Dipping Sauce to be there in the crunch when all of a sudden you're throwing together apps because people are on the way to your house. Dump it on a brick of cream cheese (like so) and wait to get showered in compliments.

    9. Tropical Pepper Mango Coconut Sauce as an all-purpose food improver for a range of delish stuff like chicken, shrimp, veggies, crudite, fruit, nearly anything!

    10. A trio of Stonewall Kitchen Aiolis that'll help satisfy your creamy condiment hankerings with a variety of foods.

    11. Kumana Avocado Hot Sauce as a vibrant option for meatballs, tacos, eggs, and even just plain tortilla chips!

    12. Weichuan Dumpling Sauce – it'll make you wonder why the hell you've been dipping your dumplings in plain ole' soy sauce like a fool all this time.

    13. Sir Kensington's Spicy Ketchup to be your knight in shining armor when you think that it's a good idea to heat up leftover fries. We've all been there.

    14. Fischer and Wieser Razzpotle Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce – it combines some flavors that'll have you scratching your head BUT can instantly improve the flavor of all sorts of stuff!

    15. Sweet Baby Ray's Secret Sauce for all the folks out there who've sworn to track down a dupe for Outback's Bloomin' Onion sauce. Well, HERE SHE IS.

    16. Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Swineapple Rib Glaze and Dippin' Sauce – it might just make you wanna coat and then dip ribs in it every day of the week that ends in -y.

    17. Tamicon Tangy Tamarind Dip with a tangy zing that'll help reimagine what's for dinner... like steak?!

    18. A sampler of Queen Majesty Hot Sauce Trinity in case you're feeling a lil' fawn-cy and wanna treat yo' taste buds. (And why the hell not?!) What are you even doing if your hot sauce labels aren't stylish as heck.

    19. Terrapin Ridge Spicy Chipotle Squeeze to elevate burgers, crab cakes, shrimp skewers, and so much more with a spicy kick. Oh, and it could be *just* the thing to go with those vegan chicken nuggets.

    20. Lee Kum Kee Hoisin Sauce as your new go-to for roasts, stir fries, and dipping all sorts of things that deserve the upmost attention like wontons and egg rolls.

    21. French's Sweet Buffalo Mustard Dipping Sauce that is more or less just a combo of Frank's Red Hot and French's Mustard that'll have you wishing you'd thunk of it.

    22. Jade All-Natural Sichuan Peanut Sauce as a versatile household staple you'll come to swear by.

    23. A Whataburger Ketchup Variety Pack in case the normal stuff at home just does NOT compare. (It never does!)

    24. And a 52 oz. bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch because it seems like I'm the only one on planet earth who doesn't dunk every morsel of food into this dressing. Hello, yes, welcome to my TED talk of controversial food opinions....

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