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18 Clever Ways To Spend Less Money This Month

Strategies for saving a few more bucks this month.

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1. Buy The Hungover Cookbook to satiate your thirst for grease, bread, and other hangover-slaking foods the next time you're suffering on a Sunday morn instead of ordering way too much takeout food to meet the delivery minimum.

Or going through the drive-thru. Whatever. (I can't be the only person who has this problem, right? RIGHT?!)

Promising review: "This book has saved me many a time during horrible mornings. I hope it helps you along the way with your drunken struggles." —dan

Get it from Amazon: hardcover for $6.13 or paperback for $6.93+.

2. Take advantage of tax-free holidays to score deals on clothing, books, and school supplies.

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Most of these are intended to help out with back-to-school shopping, yet there's no harm in shopping for your nonschool needs. States like Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia offer tax-free days during August. See a comprehensive list of tax holidays by state and what categories they cover here.

3. And if you're back-to-school shopping, consider non-kid alternatives for stuff they need, like a makeup pouch as a pencil pouch or a cool printed adult backpack.,

Get them from Amazon: three-pack of pouches for $2.55 and backpack for $17.45+. Find more affordable backpacks on Amazon here.


4. Download the ~free~ Tasty app as some meal-prep motivation to help solve your recipe fatigue.

Our new app is chock-full of recipes from Tasty that you can search by ingredient, diet, and social setting. You can even send the ingredients to your notes for easier grocery shopping! It's basically engineered for lazy people (like me) and lets you *heart* a recipe to save it to My Recipes. Then when you finally make the dish, you can follow along in step-by-step mode — with GIFS!

Get it for free from iTunes.

5. Cut down on your liquid soap habit by investing in a foaming pump that uses significantly less soap.

It may not pay for itself *this* month, but it's quite a sweet deal after you do the math on this and a gallon of soap (56-ounce for $3.97) versus a bottle of one-time-use soap (7.5-ounce for $1.03).

Promising review: "It created a lovely foaming soap that I feel comfortable using. But this also works with regular hand soap. You get foaming soap and use less soap, which saves a little money and time. I didn't buy this to save money per se, but just so that I could have foaming hand soap out of my castile soap. It does save me money on castile soap since that is typically more expensive then regular soap, but is awesome for my hands. I also like that it is plastic and not glass so that my 1-year-old can use it, too. I can't wait to order another one for my kitchen." —R&B

Get it from Amazon for $12.58+ (available in 10 color finishes).

6. Before you reach for the bottle o' Drano, remove hair clogs from drains with a wire coat hanger.

View this video on YouTube

For the record, a bottle of Drano from Amazon is $3.99. I'm not a betting person, but I'd guess you have a wire hanger handy somewhere.

Get the full instructions on Nifty here.

7. Shop for groceries solo — sorry, kids — to avoid arguing over and then relenting to that box of cereal with a unicorn on the box that they'll never finish.


8. Source *gently used* clothes for your tots at thrift stores and sites like, because we all know that adorable onesie isn't going to fit in three months.,

Kids grow soooo fast, or so that's what people with children tell me.

Get them from Merimekko shirt for $7 (24 mo) and Ralph Lauren slip-ons for $12 (3 infant). Check out all of the baby apparel selection on here.

And read 22 more tips that'll make parenting so much cheaper here.

9. Save some drying time, water, and possibly a laundry bill by steaming some (non-soiled) dirty clothes that are smelling slightly less than fresh.

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For real though, I did this with an LBD that was loose and wouldn't show sweat stains on a 95-degree day when I had to go to an event and wanted to wear an OK-looking sack for air flow. I dug it out of the BOTTOM of my clothes hamper and gave it a fresh steam, and it smelled absolutely fine. I even asked people at work and they reassured me that I didn't smell like a dirty laundry pile. This is also way gentler on your clothes and why I'm also wearing a $10 H&M dress five years later.

I swear by my Rowenta ($65 from Amazon), but you can invest in a perfectly decent handheld steamer with top-notch ratings ($20 from Amazon).

10. Store beauty products, condiments, and more upside down to help get out every last bit of product.

Like shampoo bottles in the shower, jars of salsa in the fridge (with a towel underneath), and all kinds of things!

Or if you think you need some specially designed caps for this, get a six-pack from QVC for $18.62.

11. ACTUALLY make lunch for a week for $20 with this ~super helpful~ plan.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Buying lunch during the week is an *excellent* excuse to get outside during the workday, but $10 a pop for a salad adds up quickly. (I know from experience.)

Read the full plan here.


12. Clean out and organize your fridge so you aren't spending $ on your power bill cooling that expired jar of mayo.

The better for meal prep, my dear! BUT, a packed freezer is A-OK bc a full freezer runs more efficiently. Read our ways to keep your fridge organized here.

Get a six-pack of fridge organizers from Amazon for $32.29.

13. And while you're at it, install a door sweep on your garage and entry doors to keep out seasonal air that makes your HVAC system work harder, therefore also ending in a higher utility bill.

Can you use a tape measure and a drill? Then you can do this super quick DIY project that'll pay off in'll also help keep out bugs!! Just make sure that you measure your door before you buy the door sweep. Watch an instructional video on YouTube here.

Get a 36-inch one from Amazon for $6.29.

14. Obsessed with bath bombs? Kick the Lush habit and make your own in bulk.

View this video on YouTube

Not to call anyone out, but these Lush bath bombs start at $4.50 a pop. (OK, but maybe "Sex Bomb" could be worth $7.95?) Anyway, avoid financial death by a million small, fizzy purchases by trying our DIYs. Get the full instructions here.

15. If you spend a lot of dough on eBooks, sign up for Kindle Unlimited AND take advantage of your local library.,

Libraries are cool! Use them! As far as Kindle Unlimited goes, you need a Kindle and 1-click ordering enabled. Start off with a free 30-day trial and then pay $9.99 a month for access to 1 million book titles and thousands of audiobooks. You can keep as many as 10 titles on a device at a time with no due dates. (Library late fees suck, amirite?! I pay them quite frequently, lol.) Read more deets here.


16. Tote around an infuser water bottle filled with yummy fruit so you aren't tempted to buy some expensive-ass Starbucks Refresher when you're trying to be healthy but don't want plain water.

And then guzzle that cucumber water like you're Saul in the first season of Better Call Saul. This bad boy'll pay for itself (without the cost of fruit) in lieu of three or four Refreshers purchases.

Get it from Amazon for $14.90 (available in 11 color combos).

17. Lengthen the life of those new back-to-school shoes with some shoe deodorizer you can sneak when your kids aren't looking.

Promising review: "This shoe deodorant spray is great! I have a particular pair of Converse that, for some reason, smell really bad and the smell will often transfer to my socks and even my feet. The shoes themselves are only a month old and I wear them only occasionally. I was a little skeptical that this spray would work, but it exceeded my expectations. It smells amazing! The peppermint is so clean and fresh, and it truly helped to eradicate the nasty odor from my Chucks." —Lindsey

Get it from Amazon for $11.73.

Check out our life-changing products for people with stinky feet here.

18. And depending on your level of dedication, fake being engaged so you can score some sweet discounts.

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A recent story on The Cut outlined how one writer made this work. Tbh, I am probably too lazy, bitter for this. But if you decide it's worth it and you're saving A TON OF DOUGH, buy yourself a damn fine(-looking) ring while you're at it, because you deserve it...also, costume jewelry is SO GOOD these days.

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