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    19 Clever Ways To Spend Less Money This Month

    Cheap and dirty ways to keep more of your coin for ~investments~.

    1. Save your nice shoes from summer soirées with discreet heel protectors people won't notice while you're standing in grass at outdoor events.

    2. Walk the fine line between food waste and food poisoning by checking out how long you can store stuff through Still Tasty.

    3. Plan a family stargazing outing at a state or national park.

    4. Kick your coffee shop habit (no, but really) by keeping your favorite coffee add-ons at your desk.

    5. Store onions, garlic, and shallots in brown paper bags to make them last longer.

    6. Sign up for Salon Apprentice to become a hair model so you can get free stuff like haircuts, color jobs, and blowouts.

    7. Patronize BYOB restaurants with your friends...and call ahead about uncorking fees.

    8. Opt for comfy — but cheap — dress pants to look professional without spending your whole paycheck.

    9. Decide when it's worth it to invest in special cleaning products, like this cast-iron cleaner that'll keep your skillets clean but flavorful.

    10. Bring rusty gardening tools back to life with a few household cleaning supplies to avoid racking up an unnecessary bill at the local home center.

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    Full instructions on Nifty.

    11. Buy a cooler bag and BYO drinks and snacks to the beach or park.

    12. Snip off the top of plastic beauty beauty containers to scrape out every last drop.

    13. Divvy up bills and other expenses in a friendly, official way with an app like Splitwise.

    14. Eat a lot of bacon? Avoid tossing icky leftovers in the trash thanks to this handy bacon keeper.

    15. Opt out of saving your credit card information on websites and apps so you can second guess impromptu purchases.

    16. Fake bake with a drugstore self-tanner so you don't have to pay a stranger $30 to airbrush on some bronze while you awkwardly stand there naked. (And don't even get me started on tanning beds.)

    17. Subscribe to Budget Girl on YouTube for inspo to pay off debt and get used to talking about it.

    18. DIY a summer-ready pedicure with this serious pumice stone.

    19. And switch to an all-in-one polish that stays put, like Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.

    Fewer in-salon manis means more $$$ for martinis.

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