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    35 Small Tips To Make Your Living Room Look So Much Better

    Curtain-hanging pointers, a backlight for your TV, and more stuff to make your binge-watching cave not look like a cave.

    1. Hang up a tapestry (or something more substantial than a poster or print) that'll skim over any dents, unsightly utility panel doors, scuffs, or other marks that distract from your aesthetic.

    natural rope macrame wall hanging with tassels

    2. Invest in a hanging frame helper so you can finally get all your wall art up and make it feel like home without eyeballing it. (You can only lean so many frames prints against the wall as a "look.")

    3. If you have an exterior door leading into your living area, swap out one of those weird long pillows (sorry!) for a ~streamlined~ door draft stopper to keep fall gusts from coming in under the door. It'll just look like a natural part of your door so other decor design choices (like that cute welcome mat) can shine!

    4. Tuck stray cords outta the way with cable clip organizers because there's no need to see OR trip over the video game console cord every time you walk by your entertainment center.

    close up of mountable cable clips

    5. While we're on the subject of cords, mask an unsightly power strip in a sleek (but ventilated!) box that'll also keep kids and pets outta there. TBH, I need one of these in MY living room.

    before pic of a messy cable strip then after of the box containing the same power strip but looking much neater

    6. Layer some lighted curtains with sheer curtains for an ethereal look in your indoor oasis. Your living space is about to look straight-up magical.

    7. Or hang up a fairy light photo display with lil' clips so you can easily swap out the photos as you please. It'll create a lovely feature and help add another light source (every room needs three!), which will be especially welcome if you live in a place that has no ceiling light!

    string lights with polaroid pics clipped onto them above a bed

    8. Hang up a set of room-darkening velvet curtains (with the rod ABOVE the window frame) for a super dramatic look. And make sure you measure the curtains correctly so you can get a glam floor-skimming look that draws the eye upward.

    9. Cozy up your spot on the couch with some velvet throw pillow covers that'll also help distract from how, TBH, you could really use a new sofa.

    couch with several velvet throw pillows on it

    10. And toss a punchy throw blanket with some pom-pom trim over your lackluster couch or chair to draw attention away from the fact that, wow, it's seen better days.

    yellow blanket with pom pom trim on it thrown over a beige couch

    11. Or if you are extremely glamorous, take a similar approach with a faux-sheepskin rug to throw on a chair seriously lacking in comfort, at the foot of your couch, or in a number of spots!

    white faux sheepskin rug on a wicker armchair

    12. While we're talking about faux-fur luxury, swap to an undercover dog bed for your furry lil' angel who gets to do what you'd like to do, lounge around all day while someone else works for the chow. At least with this, you'll have a luxe-looking, machine-washable surface they won't get in trouble for drooling all over.

    dog laying on faux sheepskin dog bed that looks like a nice rug

    13. Use a bottle of leather conditioner to revive your leather goods *even* as large as a leather couch! Welcome to your next project while you catch up on the latest ep of your fave true-crime podcast!

    14. Cover up dings and discoloration on door frames and molding you can see outta the corner of your eye as you watch TV with some wood scratch cover so everything will blend in like normal. Also, it requires no sanding or refinishing! Cue to you on the prowl for more wood surfaces you can fix up.

    15. And hide smaller scratches on your fave furniture with a set of wood repair markers. We love a repair instead of a replacement product!

    16. Tidy up a modem-y mess by hiding it behind a bookish disguise as a decorative touch that's more useful than anyone could expect.

    before pic of modems out in the open and then after pic of row of faux books hiding the modem

    17. Erase the likes of spills, wine, and even Sharpie marker(!!!) with this powerful stain remover. As you can see, it even works on suede furniture.

    18. Or stomp your way to pristine carpets (OK stain-less, maybe not pristine) with some stain-lifting pads made to tackle icky pet stains. You simply throw down a pad, step on it to activate its ~powers~, then check back later to see the results!

    19. Distract from an unsightly lighting chain or cord with an electrical cord cover that'll look like it's just part of the decor.

    chandelier with neutral cover over the light fixture's chain that's hanging from the ceiling

    20. Bring some ambient lighting to your entertainment focal point with a USB-powered LED light strip you attach to the back of your TV. Plus! Reviewers say it even makes the picture look sharper!

    21. Keep your floors in tip-top shape (and prevent some nails-on-chalkboard scrapes) by putting furniture protectors on furniture legs. Any year you can avoid refinishing your floors is a GREAT year.

    showing how you can't see the furniture protectors on a chair leg

    22. Repair chips, dents, cracks, and other eyesores with a set of 50 wood fillers. Dog scratched up your hardwood living room floors? NBD.

    23. Revive wood surfaces that need a whole makeover with wood polish and conditioner. Don't replace your coffee table! Give it a facelift with this.

    24. Store toys and any other items with the flick of a wrist in this collapsible storage ottoman in case you need to clear a play area ASAP.

    person putting toys into a storage ottoman

    25. Opt for a gorgeous coffee table you'll want to keep clear. Plus it has a nice extra storage area down below.

    gray sculptural coffee table in living room

    26. Buy yourself (literally) some extra book storage space with these floating bookshelves as straight-up compliment bait. Sometimes another bookcase can feel a bit crowded. These won't!

    27. Or if that corner would make a great storage spot but, well, it's an awkward corner, this corner shelf can work for you without making your space feel too cramped.

    corner shelf with five tiers tucked into a corner in a living room

    28. *Artfully* corral items on your coffee table with a decorative tray that'll make it look perfectly styled — even if the other thing on the coffee table is an open pizza box serving as your dinner plate. (We've all been there, I vacation there often.)

    29. Turn a sniffle helper into a design op with a minimalist tissue box cover that'll won't mess up your interior aesthetic. You may be residing in an apartment rn but who said you'd never own a house?

    house-shaped white square tissue box cover on a stack of books

    30. Switch up your end table game with a chic trunk set that'll also help you stash tons of throw blankets. Y'know, the ones that are the COZIEST but look like a cat gave birth on them despite going through the wash a million times.

    stack of three blush storage trunks with gold tone hardware used as a night stand

    31. Hang up an accent wall mirror on a wall adjacent to a window to help capture natural light and make your room look bigger, brighter.

    sunburst style mirror on wall

    32. Measure once, twice, even three times to make sure your area rug fits the room.

    rug in living room

    33. Spring for a showstopping bookshelf if your place, unfortunately, doesn't have good bones. This one in particular creates the look of cool built-in storage (a dream feature)!

    bookshelf with oddly shaped nooks for interesting look

    34. Zhuzh up a non-working (or working but dirty) fireplace with a gorgeous fireplace screen. Styles run the gamut and you can even snag some vintage ones!

    fireplace with the screen in front of it

    35. If you're going for extra credit, try out a fireplace whitewashing kit for a transformation on the cheap. Don't even LOOK up how much it'll cost you for a new fireplace surround. Trust me.

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