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    32 Pairs Of Shoes For People Who Only Wear Black To Wear This Winter

    From head to toes, YES!

    1. Sparkly Old Skool Vans in case you stylishly lean toward the abyss. But like, a sparkly abyss.

    2. Shearling-lined Birkenstocks for some house slippers–like comfort without dirtying up your home go-tos.

    3. And Minnetonka slippers lined with faux fur as a cozy step that'll be even closer to your actual house slippers.

    4. Fierce buckled options that'll provide the right amount of bite — to your outfit, not your toes.

    5. Heeled combat boots ready to kick it in all senses of the phrase.

    6. Lace-up boots for an extremely exclusive party in the back. Just your calves are invited. Sorry. No plus ones.

    7. Waterproof espadrilles in case you're super lucky and will be frolicking on a beach this season.

    8. Frye riding boots in a classic silhouette you can wear to death. JK. As long as you take care of these puppies you can get them resoled and dolled back up for years and years of wear.

    9. Studded shoes that'll be your new closet crush.

    10. Dr. Martens 1460s you'll really and truly wear for years and years and years.

    11. Strappy boots to wear underneath your maxi or midi dress on days that aren't *too* frigid.

    12. Leather sneakers in a silhouette that'll never go out of style. (And you don't even need to wear them with socks!!!)

    13. Quilted beauts can give you some texture blocking when you're stuffed into your down coat for what feels like the 300th year.

    14. Patent booties for a ~slick~ look when you pair them with anything, really.

    15. Platform Supergas as a fashion sneaker option that'll elevate you *and* your ensemble.

    16. Cowgirl boots that'll make you wonder why the heck this is your first rodeo. Seriously, they'll go with everything.

    17. Or rhinestone cowboy thigh highs you can wear where hustle's the name of the game.

    18. And while I'm at it, rhinestone hiking boots that may finally give your fave (absence of) color its time in the spotlight.

    19. Sporty Fila sock boots for those days when you feel like wearing some color. There's some red on these!!!

    20. Motorcycle boots that'll look hard but actually feel super comfy on your old dogs.

    21. Fringed numbers to move with you as you shimmy. (Dancing is a great way to increase your body temp during morbidly cold winter, just sayin'!)

    22. Rubber penny loafers for a rainy day fit when you just can NOT with wearing wellies for the fourth time this week.

    23. Affordable Chelsea boots because they're a staple you'll find yourself reaching for on so many mornings with zero regrets.

    24. Rain ankle boots in the same Chelsea silhouette no one will suspect are actually rain boots!

    25. And fun wedge boots for when you wanna level up that look.

    26. Sweet Mary Janes to layer with all those colorful tights in the back of your sock drawer you've been neglecting.

    27. Gorgeous kitten heels wrapped up neatly in a bow for the kitten heel haters to finally admit that they're a chic look.

    28. Italian leather loafers you can keep at the office for those days when you have to wear snow boots on your commute but want to walk around in normal shoes indoors.

    29. Mesh sock booties for when you need to wear some stilettos but yearn for a lil' bit of coverage against harsh winter gusts.

    30. Cute sneakers that have a few dad sneakers tendencies, but aren't full-on in case you'll never completely get on with that trend.

    31. Platform oxfords as a way to honor your fave flat style while gaining a few inches on the sartorial competition.

    32. Washable flats that'll be on pointe for many seasons to come because they're a classic shape that'll hold up for the long haul.

    When your friends don't get your obsession with all black, everything.

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