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22 Useful Products To Help You Fix Your Makeup Mistakes

Look like a makeup artist without all the hard work.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A waterproof cream-to-powder eyeshadow you can turn into a gorgeous monochrome eye if blending your crease isn't happening for you today.

FYI, this is similar to the cult Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color that runs higher at $29 a pop.

Promising review: "I love this eyeshadow! This is the first and only eyeshadow I have found that does not crease. It doesn't need reapplying and goes on very smooth! The Julep eyeliner is great, as well. It doesn't smear at all. I bought the plum eyeshadow and pencil. Great product!" —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $18 (20 colors). Cruelty-free

2. A maximum-cover foundation formulated to cover serious bouts of acne, surgical scars, dark spots, and other skin woes so you won't have to gloop on the concealer like a topographical map. And it's SPF 15!

Um, did this exist before I went on Accutane? I did so much glooping on of concealer back then. FYI, celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury likes to thin it down with moisturizer, according to this Into The Gloss story. And it stays put for 12 hours!

Promising review: "I am 52 and never had acne but for the past two years I have gotten adult acne along with rosacea. I started using Double Wear Maximum Cover. This has been a life saver! The coverage that it does for rosacea and acne was amazing. Not only coverage but how smooth and soft it makes my face feel. Not oily, dry, or cracking, and stays on all day. No longer am I self conscious of going out in public. I'm happy to say for the first time in two years I only have one small blemish!" —Sassy23

Get it from Nordstrom for $42 (six shades), Sephora for $42 (seven shades).

3. A set of eyeshadow brushes for finally achieving the blended eyeshadow look the sponge applicator that came with your palette is not delivering.

Promising review: "Great quality for the price. Blends eyeshadow like a dream. Brushes are soft and easy to use. Would buy again!" —Megan Enright

Get them from Amazon for $8.99.


4. A six-pack of inexpensive blending sponges that are perfect for dampening and using to smooth your liquid foundation to photo-filter levels of perfection.

Yes, the Beauty Blender is legendary, but it's also $19 for one sponge! Making the smaller investment in this pack will allow you to fully experiment with makeup application without having to wash a sponge and wait for it to dry to perfect your technique. (Please wash your sponges.)

Promising review: "They're a nice oval shape that is flat on one side and pointed on the other side. The flat side is wonderful for foundation applications, while the pointed side is great for blending concealer under the eyes. The sponge is soft enough to use dry, however, for the best makeup application and results, the sponge should be use damp." —Désirée

Get them from Amazon for $9.99.

5. An swipe-on lipstick remover so you don't have to commit to that vampy long-wear lip you're not feeling this a.m. after all.

Story of my life, amirite?!

Promising review: "I used a black matte lipstick and it wouldn’t come off with regular makeup remover so my friend recommended this and it absolutely did the trick. The best way to use it is to wipe it off as soon as the oil is on the lip and it completely wipes it all off, not even a stain or shadow of the black lipstick remained and my lips were not irritated after using it, either. I will be buying this in the future!" —Andrea1443

Get it from Sephora for $15. And check out the other products in this makeup-erasing line: Meltdown Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil Stick for $26 and Meltdown Makeup Remover Dissolving Spray for $26. Cruelty- and paraben-free

6. A magnifying lighted mirror to get close and personal with a lopsided brow, even if the bathroom's occupied.

Promising review: "Yes you can see everything, but I've never been able to tweeze my eyebrows so effectively!! The suction cup is heavy duty. Big enough to do my makeup." —Gabrielle Brugato

Get it from Amazon for $14.97+ (available in suction and standing).

7. And a magnifying compact that folds up nicely for taking with you wherever because smudges and touchups happen in places that aren't your bathroom.

Promising review: "I use this as my travel mirror. I've been inventing it in my head every time I have to put on makeup in a hotel room with my little 10x compact mirror that didn't light up and or stay in position. This one does both! I was a little leery that the light would be too bright or dim, but it's just perfect. I'll never go on a trip without it!" —Debbie Tanis

Get it from Amazon for $17.99 or Walmart for $18.10.


8. A lip balm to help tone down a too-bright lippie after the fact OR diffuse some color when you know the color is going to be a little much flying solo.

9. A punny primer for a super smooth foundation application that won't put your pores on display.

Promising review: "I live for this primer. It does a great job filling in pores and after I apply the primer after moisturizing with a hyaluronic-acid based moisturizer, it didn't ball up with is usually the case with pore-filling primers and it leaves your skin baby soft. My face was still peeling slightly a week after I got a chemical peel but this primer made my foundation perfect the entire day. No flakiness and kept it smooth and moisturized. Holy grail." —nikoles

Get it from Amazon for $14.76 or Sephora for $18. Cruelty-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic

10. A bottle of micellar cleansing water and cotton swabs for taking aim at the tiny little dab of waterproof mascara that somehow ended up on your eyelid.

Word to the herd: You can use micellar cleansing water all over your face, but it's also oh-so-handy for annihilating tiny little mistakes.

Promising review: "I've used it with cotton swabs to clean up undereye makeup mistakes, dissolve thick mascara, and any general spot cleanups. In the same concept, I've sucked some up in baby medicine syringes and dropped it on super gunky mascaraed lashes and let the micelles dissolve the chunky mascara. I love this stuff and recommend it for heavy makeup wearers." —Bunni Monroe

Get the micellar water from Amazon for $6.79, Jet for $6.96, or Walmart for $6.96, and a 500-pack of Q-tips for $2.99, Jet for $3.88, or Walmart for $2.98.

11. Or a pack of makeup-eraser sticks so you can make an even quicker touchup when you smudge your eyeliner or bold lip.

Promising review: "My daughter dances and we have to do quick makeup changes on her, which means her eyeliner and mascara often get smudged. With these, you simply break the cotton swab in half, which makes the makeup remover run to one of the swabs and then you can dab the swab on your 'mistake.' It's so much easier to use these than towelettes or cotton balls, which don't give you precision around the eyes. These swabs have become an essential part of our makeup kit!" —KPETE

Get them from Amazon for $5.72, Jet for $6.02, or Walmart for $6.02.


12. A light-handed eyebrow tint with an easy-to-use brush to make you toss your brow pencils you've been using to meticulously fill in your arches.,

Bold brows are great, but you don't wanna look like a clown. (Unless you do!) This product does it all, like adding color, setting your shape, and generally taming unruly brow hairs.

Promising review: "LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I have been using a small angled liner brush with some eyeshadow that matches my brows to fill them in, using small brush strokes to simulate hairs, and I still felt like it was falling short. I bought this on a whim to see if it would work and my hopes were initially low as my brows are very sparse and admittedly grow a lot more sporadically than I'd like them to. I was WAY OFF! This is a miracle worker. This filled my brows FLAWLESSLY!" —A. Stanley

Get it from Amazon for $7.57 (four shades) or Jet for $7.97+ (two shades).

14. A silky eyeshadow primer that'll make your color stay put and prevent fallout from ruining your lewk.

@elizabethmott / Via

Yep, it's one more step to add to your routine. But if you're going to bother with that lovely eyeshadow palette, you might as well make sure your handiwork stays intact.

Promising review: "I have oily skin and my eyelids are no exception. I laughed at the name Thank Me Later but then I laughed at myself when I was amazed at how well it worked and I thought: 'Well damn, thank you eye shadow primer!' I went to an outdoor event where it was hot and I was sweating like crazy and my makeup was as perfect as when I put it on (4 hours). On another occasion, I was indoors and had the same effect for over 12 hours of wear! I am coming back to Amazon today to purchase another bottle because while such a tiny bit covers a large area and will probably last me over a year, I NEVER want to run out now that I've found it :)" —LTH

Get it from Amazon for $15. Cruelty- and paraben-free

15. A concealer brush duo to set the space around a bold lip and prevent feathering later in the day.

Promising review: "Very pleased with this duo. Perfect for concealing under eyes and skin imperfections." —Elizabeth Hecate

Get them from Amazon for $3.97 or Jet for $6.47. Cruelty-free


16. A dewy setting spray for making the effects of your moisturizer apparent and keeping your translucent powder from making your skin look dry or powdery.,

A setting spray will do a world of good for your finished makeup look. But one with a ~dewy~ formula will help brighten up your look on a day when you're feeling parched.

Promising review: "Just bought this and used it yesterday. I went to the park and played with my son (running around and all that) with my makeup on. Normally my makeup would've been completely worn off but this setting spray kept everything in place (even my cheap eyebrow pencil stayed)! It also gives you a very dewy glow IF you generously moisturize before adding your makeup." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $8. Cruelty-free

17. A spare *clean* powder brush ready to sweep away any excess blush or bronzer for those mornings you got a little heavy handed before you rushed out the door.

Investing in one that doesn't match the rest of your brushes will make keeping this *clean* one separate so much easier.

Promising review: "The brush is huge and very soft! I like it better then some of my high-end ones." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $1.99.

18. Or a loose translucent powder you can dust on top of any too-bright cheek color without having to start from scratch.,

Promising review: "It makes your face look super smooth! And it lasts all day! Definitely my new favorite, especially for the price. It can be a little messy while applying, but that's normal." —Ciara

Get it from Amazon for $7.22.

19. A long-lasting liquid lipstick for fighting the mid-day fade.

@katvondbeauty / Via

Promising review: "I have tried so many shades of this lipstick and it remains my favorite liquid lipstick formula on the market. Wear time and pigmentation are consistent throughout the line, from lights to brights to darks. Wears up to 12 hours so long as you don't eat (or eat very carefully, with a fork and knife) and only drink through a straw. Not drying, doesn't settle into fine lines of lips. A must-have for anyone of any skill level, novice to professional." —chloebeect

Get the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick from Sephora for $20 (44 colors). Cruelty-free, vegan


20. A clear lip liner so you can save yourself from feathering and lining your lips in a mismatched shade.

Promising review: "I really do love this lipliner. The whole point of it is that you don't need a million colors to line your lips. You buy one, clear, that works with everything. The only difficulty is seeing where you have applied it. It's clear. So you can't see it. But other than that, it's an amazing product." —Brian Podczervinski

Get it from Amazon for $5.05.

21. Or a gel lipliner that's pigmented enough to help deal with lipstick fade *or* wear instead of lipstick., Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "I normally do not get excited about lip liner at all. Dry pencils that tug at my skin do not appeal and I normally skip them altogether. Until I discovered these. I bought It's Cherry yesterday and went back in and picked up Aubergine Dream today. They are really creamy and easily finish, and are perfect dramatic-colored lipsticks." —RubyRocker

Read our full review here.

Get it from Sephora for $12 (36 colors). Paraben-free

22. And a Makeup Eraser to start fresh because sometimes you just need to go back to a clean slate without stripping your skin of moisture.

@makeuperaser / Via

This ~magical~ wash cloth somehow gets all of your makeup off your face with just water. Even waterproof mascara. Really! It's great.

Promising review: "This thing is incredible. It seems just like a little plush towel, I don't understand how it works so well. But I'll never go back to using makeup remover pads or the oily stuff. This is way easier, cheaper, better for the environment and probably better for you. It's black, so all my makeup I wipe off blends right in so it never looks gross. But I wash it every week with my laundry anyway, and it still looks good as new." —Angela S

Read our full review here.

Get it from Amazon for $20, Jet for $16.40+, or Walmart for $13.99. Cruelty-free