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    36 Products That'll Make Your Backyard The Neighborhood Hot Spot

    You're about to feel like a bouncer at a club once the neighbors hear about your fancy new pizza oven.

    1. Rapid-fill water balloons so you can cut down on prep time and get to the backyard fun so much faster. 

    tub full of water balloons

    Promising review: "My family has had a blast with these this summer. Easy to fill up to get the fun started! Just make sure to make all players agree to the yard pickup afterwards, but it’s worth it!" —Momof3

    Get 350 balloons from Amazon for $23.68 (available in three color combos).

    2. Or a set of reusable water balloons in case you wanna keep the fun going with FAR less waste. *And* they won't sting when you get nailed, unlike regular water balloons. 

    person's hands holding the knitted yarn balloon-shaped toys
    Mama Love Boutique / Etsy

    Mama Love Boutique is a Sellersville, Pennsylvania-based shop that specializes in these balloons and knit hats.

    These water balloons are handmade with a chenille-like yarn, which means they're soft, absorbent, and a great alternative to wasteful plastic single-use water balloons. 

    Promising review: "Got them, opened them, used them in the same day. I have two boys with LOTS of energy and they had so much fun pummeling me with these water 'balloons' 🤣 and I had fun throwing them right back. Not just for kids. Very well made. So happy with this purchase!" —Carley Campbell

    Get the 12-pack from Mama Love Boutique on Etsy for $36.50 (available in three color combos).

    3. A mini sprinkler pool that'll help the fam cool off and get some water time without having to dump out a kiddie pool's worth of water once the fun has wrapped.

    Several reviewers shared that this little pool kept their kids engaged for hours.

    Promising review: "My kids love this. It is soo easy to plug the hose into and turn the water on and the kids can have hours of fun. Once the kids are done playing, I disconnect the hose let the water drain, and hang it over the porch." —Austin

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    4. An indoor/outdoor mat built to weather rain and more that can pull together decor for an outdoor room or just cover up an ugly surface.

    Promising review: "Durable and looks awesome! Price can’t be beat." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $55+ (available in six colors and six sizes).

    5. Interlocking Teak tiles can cover up a hard surface that, tbh, is beyond visual help. And you don't need tools to install! They're great for rental properties because you can take them apart and take them with you when you move!

    reviewer pic of patio with the teak tiles covering it
    close up of the teak tiles

    Promising review: "Living in Hawaii you have to select wise items that are weather-, salt-, and red dirt–proof, etc... In total I ordered 11 boxes to complete my yoga deck. I have a few left over to make steps on the back. Very pleased and happy. May order more for an outdoor shower project!" —Adazzle

    Get 10 sq. ft from Amazon for $77.99.

    6. A power washer to do the hard work in reviving outdoor hard surfaces like sidewalks, gates, patio furniture and more! Yep, THAT's the color of your patio...and now you won't be embarrassed to show it off to your neighbors!

    reviewer pic of half cleaned walkway thanks to power washer
    another reviewer's pic of half cleaned outdoor brick stairs

    Note that you need to be careful on wood when using a pressure washer because it can be too intense and actually damaging!

    Promising review: "I love this washer. It competes with my 2,200-PSI gas-powered pressure washer, which in fact I sold to keep this. But doesn't have the noisy gas engine or the heavy weight. Easy to move around, lightweight, and has great power. Very quiet. I love all the attachments and the different stream types. The soap dispenser works well. I'm cleaning everything, my deck, my house, the garage doors, the concrete slab. It takes off all the dirt and mold from the old concrete stairs and sidewalk." —Tim S.

    Get it from Amazon for $159.

    7. Some light-up flowers you can nestle amongst the *real* flowers in your flowerbeds around seating areas for a whimsical touch that'll make your backyard look like it's out of a fairytale once the sun sets.

    light up pink and purple faux flowers

    Promising review: "The pictures don't do these justice. At night my backyard looks like a scene from Avatar. The light itself is not bright, but the colors are very vibrant and intense. The color transition is gradual and glowing. They are hypnotic to watch. During the day they are unobtrusive and don't look too fake or artificial. The green leaves are very bendable, the stems of the flowers are somewhat pliable, and the cloth that makes up the petals can be smoothed and manipulated a bit so you can make them look different and more realistic. I've had them for a couple of weeks and so far they are performing perfectly. They are simply beautiful and we love them!" —Zavanna

    Get eight flowers (between two bunches) from Amazon for $24.99.

    8. A salt gun made for killing flies, but it'll *also* be an effective, fun way to pick off mosquitoes at your leisure. Welcome to your new hobby for when you're sitting on the porch.

    reviewer's pic of resting the salt gun on legs propped up on patio chair
    another reviewer's pic of the gun with more than a dozen dead horse flies

    Promising review: "This thing is awesome. I bait up the flies with my tasty legs and snipe them right off my shins with this thing. Afternoon hunting is the best!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $44.95.

    9. Magnetic grill lights that I'm sure even Hank Hill hasn't heard of!

    But really though, why isn't every grill equipped with these from the factory?

    Promising review: "This was a surprise for my husband. He loves them. The lights are nice and bright and make grilling those last few things that didn't get finished before dark hot. He's also used them early in the morning when he's setting the smoker up before dawn. He's happy and finding them very useful. He especially loves the magnet on bottom so he can hang them off of so many things while he's busy and he can use the flexibility to shine them where he needs them. Very awesome and easy to use." —Holly Gomez

    Get two from Amazon for $11.99.

    10. And an instant-read meat thermometer to help you FINALLY cook the perfect steak while you're grilling. Or maybe just not give your family food poisioning!

    Promising review: "Couldn't be easier to use really. I tested it with ice water and boiling water and it seems to be pretty accurate. I've already cooked some steaks using it and they came out perfect. Plan to use it a lot with my smoker and expect good results there too. I love that it has the magnets so I can stick on the fridge, the grill or the smoker and it's always handy. And you really can't beat the price at under $10!" —FCC

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    11. A weather-resistant cedar pathway along garden beds or other paths that'll help protect where your family tends to tread and wear down the grass. The flowers are there to gaze upon, not tread all over. 

    walkway beside a flower bed

    Promising review: "Looks very nice. It gives a perfect division between two areas and a place to walk and stay clean. It looks well made and sturdy. I will bring it in for winter to prolong its life. Only time will tell how it will hold up." —VH1

    Get an 8-foot path from Amazon for $112.99.

    12. Or some smol picket fencing (1 foot tall!) you can place around your prized garden beds to deter kids and pets from getting into them.

    garden bed with short white picket fence style edging

    Promising review: "I have been looking for fencing to keep skunks out of my 'patio pond'....this fit the size, is good quality and is 'flexible' enough to bend around corners. Problems with the way they attach to each other but that seems to be common to these types of fencing. The manufacturer should look into some sort of clips to keep the pieces connected......decent price for as many as I got!" —Roseann from Dayton, OH

    Get 18 composite pieces from Wayfair for $33.99.

    13. Waterproof globe string lights for a big style impact when hung along your roofline, draped on outdoor structures like a pergola, or just strung up solo so you can enjoy the lights *and* the stars.

    reviewer pic of the string lights along roofline in back of house by a pool patio area
    reviewer pic of lights strung up in lines above a patio area with benches

    Reviewers note that you should remove the bulbs before stringing up the strands and then install the bulbs.

    Promising review: "These lights were perfect for my patio, I've recieved plenty of compliments so far. The Edison light bulbs and beautiful and offer the perfect amount of lighting for any occasion...the clips were ideal for my eaves, the overhang of the roof, which made for simple installation...now just need to find a dimmer capable of handling the required wattage and the package will be complete." —Brody Vins

    Get a strand from Amazon for $15.98+ (available in three styles and lengths).

    14. And solar lights you can stake along a walkway or pond right where you need 'em. Lighting is key for getting more use out of your outdoor space in the fall. Oh, and they look nice in the daylight too!

    the solar lights at night
    the solar night along a walkway in the day

    Promising review: "Impressed with the size of the cell which provides a larger surface area for charging. The lights are the brightest I've seen for a solar light and the illumination covers a nice range. Placed them along my pond giving the place a classy look." —Percussionist

    Get six from Amazon for $44.99.

    15. A sunshade triangle rather than a canopy you can rig up over the patio or the kids' sandbox to block up to 95% of UV rays and keep things a bit cooler.

    The sunshade

    Promising review: "My pool is awesome when it gets into the hundreds of degrees here in California. We decided to grab a 20x20x20 triangle and holy cow does it do a number on the backyard! Not only does it keep my pool better-shaded, but it also keeps the sun off of my back patio during the hottest part of the day."Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $26.98+ (available in 6 sizes and 13 colors).

    16. A brick pizza oven building kit (with a foam form for easier building) in case you've given up hope on having one after trying to price them out...this Etsy shop has tons of plans to help you DIY and save!