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    27 Products That'll Help Even *YOU* Feed Yourself At Home

    Y'all, "drive-thru" is not a food group.

    1. An easy cookbook with limited ingredients (but unlimited flavor!) in case recipes with double-digit ingredients intimidate the heck out of you.

    2. An egg cooker to mind your #1 source of protein instead of you having to stand over a pot with a stopwatch in hand. Maybe you'll even feel fancy enough to make some deviled eggs for Friendsgiving!

    3. A rotating countertop oven for ~evenly~ cooking all sorts of the frozen goodies that make up your entire diet. (Might as well make them taste their absolute best!)

    4. Spicy honey that'll add all kinds of extra flavor on anything and everything like leftover pizza, turkey burgers, "healthy" frozen stir fry, whatever!

    5. A bacon keeper to keep those tasty slivers of meat just right 'til you have a chance to finish off that opened package. You and I both know breakfast for dinner is easy when you have the goods to make it!

    6. And a bacon microwave maker so you won't have to worry about grease popping onto your hand like the last time you attempted the breakfast staple.

    7. An anti-soggy cereal bowl that could also make the perfect server for chips and dip and other delish two-fer things you can pass off as dinner.

    8. An Instant Pot with 7(!!!) uses! Even those who "can't cook" can use this to whip up a hot, home-cooked meal.

    9. Or a programmable slow cooker (with fewer frills) and slow cooker liners in case the thought of cleanup has been what's keeping you from hopping on the (v friendly) slow cooker train.

    10. An omelet microwave maker set to help you recreate your fave greasy spoon dish without the grease or greasy spoon smell.

    11. Sheet pans to turn you into a sheet pan dinner believer because you can throw so many delish food combos onto one pan, pop it in the oven, and have several brag-worthy meals!

    12. A rolling garlic chopper because you'll never quite get over that time you tried to slice a clove paper thin like in Goodfellas.

    13. A vented microwave cover to help keep those restaurant leftovers on your plate (and eventually in your tummy) instead of splattered on your microwave walls.

    14. A spiralizer set so you can transform (gasp) FRESH PRODUCE into smaller pieces for ingestion to put in soups, salads, pastas. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!

    15. A muffin tin that'll help you cook multiple meals at once! It ain't just for breakfast, kids.

    16. A panini press to get you excited about coming home to a hot sandwich you can whip up (and then eat) in a flash.

    17. Or if you're still meh about how often you'll use that, some toaster sandwich bags to make your bagel prep machine kinda sorta like a panini press!

    18. A really good can opener to make popping the top off that can of chicken noodle soup (even when you feel like death!) easy-peasy.

    19. An electric kettle you can use to steam veggies, make hard-boiled eggs, cook food, or heat up leftovers so you aren't tempted to spend all your pennies on fast food when you have perfectly fine stuff to cook at home!

    20. Produce freshness extenders — they may just help you eat those cucumbers you picked up at the farmer's market before they go bad for the 74543th time.

    21. A microwave ramen cooker ready to get those delish noodles just right for even less effort.

    22. And a microwave pasta cooker so you can cover all the important noods in your life.

    23. A quesadilla maker to create perfect lil' pockets of ooey, gooey cheesy goodness that we are lucky to have thought to call a meal.

    24. A snap-on strainer to make draining the water from your canned tuna pantry staple so much easier.

    25. A rice cooker/steamer — it'll take care of meal prep for all kinds of dinner staples.

    26. A fish spatula that'll become your go-to for other proteins like those turkey burgers in your freezer just begging to be inhaled with some spicy brown mustard.

    27. And in case peanut butter is a food group in your household, a special peanut butter knife could be a sound investment to help you get the last creamy bits at the bottom of the jar.

    There's hope for you yet!

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