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    34 Products To Help Solve Problems You've Been Putting Off Way Too Long

    After your first smoother No. 2 thanks to a Squatty Potty you'll wonder what you could've been doing with all that extra time.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A natural deodorant that'll ACTUALLY work like it says. Cheers for an aluminum-free formula you can fully switch to with confidence.

    the deodorant stick with lavender and lemons around it

    2. A small but mighty knife sharpener for transforming your lackluster cutters into safer, sharper instruments. No more (dangerously) hacking at a cucumber while wishing you'd sharpened 'em already.

    hand holding up the knife sharpener to show the two sharpening niches

    3. A hair-finishing stick (aka, styling product on a mascara-like wand) you can use to swipe all the baby hairs back into your ponytail. No more having to use *all* of those stylish hair clips you get in the pack at once. It's a LEWK, but something you shouldn't have to resort to!

    person with hair pulled back and tons of hair wisps, then after with it looking smooth thanks to the product

    4. A mug warmer because you know that you should sip your tea faster but you get distracted so easily. No need to walk to the microwave for a refresh with this bb.

    A mug sitting on top of the Mr. Coffee mug warmer, which looks like a thick coaster.  There's also a spoon and a tea bag sitting on an actual coaster right beside it. This warmer is sitting on a desk.

    5. Bottle-cleaning tablets to rejuvenate the inside of your travel mug that currently looks like it's caked in mud thanks to your beloved coffee. Seriously, it's time to stop averting your gaze from its gross inside. These tablets fizz up and renew the look of your container.

    reviewer's dark stained inside of a thermos, then the same one completely clear and looking new

    6. Death Wish Coffee (yep, that's the name!) that'll make you scarily alert in case you find yourself chugging the regular stuff to keep your heavy eyelids open and operating.

    hand holding a bag of the coffee

    7. Or an "ultra coffee" concentrate in case you'd rather just add water (and milk, in case you take it that way) for a quick, delicious caffeinated that is waaaay effective.

    hand holding a bottle of the coffee concentrate

    8. A brow-volumizing gel to give you some definition and color without major artistic skills. (I hear the cries of the folks who've had zero success with pencils.)

    blonde light skin model with sparse brows before and then filled in brows after with the product

    9. Indoor plant-food spikes so you can FINALLY feel like an adequate plant parent. You spent way too much on it at the farmers market anyway and are determined to help this one thrive. This is the year that we don't kill off every houseplant!

    reviewer pic of plant that looks like it's dying, then the same plant that looks revived

    10. A bidet attachment that'll make you rue the day (or ALL the days) you've spent hunting for TP lately and then stood in line at the store with a GIANT package of toilet paper. Let's cut down on that, OK?

    rectangular like attachment wit a dial sticking out from the side of a toilet

    11. A dishwashing spray for anyone without a dishwasher (or even with one!) who wishes they could just close their eyes and have someone scrub at baked-on gunk. Ok, this won't scrub for you but'll make it to where you just have to SWIPE off the gunk and rinse instead!

    person spraying the spray onto a sink full of dirty dishes

    12. An odor-neutralizing candle made for pet-filled homes because those normal candles just are NOT cutting it no matter how many times you clean and spray freshener. It'll even neutralize the smell of roasting brussels sprouts in a tiny apartment, I know this.

    lavender green tea candle in a jar on a nightstand

    13. A budget monthly tracker that'll work in your Google sheets in case you prefer to keep it digital, are trying to be better about paying attention to where every (digital) penny goes.

    colorful budget monthly tracker

    14. A teeth-whitening pen – it'll put only a teensy dent in your budget (vs. a trip to the dentist you've been saving up for), *plus* they're way easier to use than white strips and taste minty. I've used these and they're super easy but effective!

    reviewer's before pic with yellow teeth and then after pic with much whiter teeth

    15. And while we're talking about dental needs, a copper tongue scraper that'll help kill the funk so you don't waste your precious time buying different mouthwashes and mints to address it.

    the copper tongue scraper

    16. A trio of simmer sauces no one will be able to tell are keto- or paleo-friendly unless you tell them. These'll be easier and better than than finally getting around to making all these sauces from scratch like you've been swearing you'd learn how to do in 2021.

    chicken and bok choy with thai coconut sauce in a cast iron pan

    17. Or a grocery delivery with 10-minute recipes tailored to your dietary needs/wants because you've been meaning to do so more research into buys that don't have artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. But that sounds like a whole lotta work. Let Hungryroot do it for ya.

    open kitchen fridge and kitchen counter piled high with food items

    18. Affresh dishwasher tablets to get rid of residue that ends up creating odor and buildup on your dishes. Turns out, you don't need a new dishwasher, it just needs a proper cleaning.

    19. A storage shower curtain liner with mesh pockets that'll finally help prevent all those mid-shower product avalanches from when the body wash slips from the tub corner. I should know — I own it, and this is my shower!

    shower curtain liner with mesh pockets filled with various toiletries

    20. A NordVPN security system that'll keep your personal *and* WFH data protected and private by encrypting your internet connection.

    a graphic of an astronaut in a bubble headed towards a laptop

    21. A password log you can use so you can easily access all those streaming service passwords that are vital to your life. *Plus* you can update them every few months accordingly in one fell swoop bc ~security~.

    the logbook

    22. A wine filter you can swish in your glass to help combat the sulfites and histamines in that delicious glass, aka the stuff that can give you a wicked hangover. Wine is so good! I want you to be able to have a glass or two without feeling gross after. No need to shotgun a pizza (unless you want!) just to balance out those two glasses.

    people using the handheld metal device stirring it in glasses of wine

    23. And a wine subscription that'll help you discover new bevs delivered straight to your door because you've been meaning to branch out a while need someone to guide you. Zoom happy hours are about to get tastier.

    person lifting a box on their house's front steps

    24. A nail-strengthening cream for anyone who's been meaning to do something about their thin or brittle nails...or is taking the time rn to give themselves a break from acrylics. This is pretty low-effort and incredibly affordable.

    25. Acne patches here to help get at those blemishes without scarring or drying out the skin surrounding them. (AKA, they *gently* draw out the gunk.) Where were these when I was in middle school?

    reviewer's pic of broken out forehead and then healing forehead thanks to the patches

    26. A pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner to remove all sorts of stubborn rings that've been staring at you every time you're in the washroom. Nope, you do NOT need a new toilet. Your OG just requires some zhuzhing.

    27. Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver that'll do a far better job of clearing your bathroom or kitchen drains than the super well-known brand you usually grab.

    a green bottle with two openings with twist-off caps at the top of it.

    28. A biotin shampoo in case you've been thinking about how it looks like more and more hair ends up in the shower drain. This stuff is formulated to 1) of course, clean your hair and 2) help set your hair up for lusher success. Also, the reviews mention it works on multiple hair textures!

    29. A ~ghost-like~ Squatty Potty because, uh, you'd like things to go much smoother than they have been during recent bathroom sessions. This stool better aligns your colon for a comfier, more efficient time. Now this is a haunting you want!

    clear stool in front of a toilet

    30. Poo-Pourri to once and for all help you combat smells in your shared bathroom. You simply spray beforehand and create a barrier between odors in the water and the air. Once you use this stuff, you won't be able to go back.

    bottle of Poo-Pourri with a bouquet of lavender in at toilet bowl

    31. Adorable bag clips to help keep your snacks in pristine condition 'til you're ready to dig in again. No more telling yourself those potato chips are gonna go stale if you don't finish them in one sitting (yes, I am speaking to myself).

    32. A memory foam seat cushion with cooling gel to make your car seat or desk chair bearable, nay, comfy(?!) for longer stretches of time. Your poor behind and lower back will thank you.

    the U-shaped seat cushion on a computer chair seat

    33. And a memory foam orthopedic knee pillow in case you can only get to sleep starting on your side but have chronic pain. This cushion can help put everything in alignment.

    reviewer with the pillow positioned between their thighs

    34. A pack of light-dimming stickers because you need to be able to see the time with your eyes open, but not feel like a laser is boring into your eyeballs when you're trying to get some sleep. You always forget about the problem 'til you put yourself to bed. Here's to solving it and then forgetting it was a thing in the first place.

    the blackout stickers and a modem with bright lights significantly dampened because of them

    35. A fabric defuzzer to bring your go-to sweater back to a suitable state. Oh, and it'll also de-pill your super comfy couch that you snagged for a steal on Craigslist a few years back.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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