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    33 Products For Anyone Whose Couch Is Their Personal Sanctuary

    It's not just a piece of furniture, it's a lifestyle.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A faux-fur blanket you can add to your throne for a lil' royal flair. Wear it like a cape, or whatever, while you receive visitors from your perch.

    2. Or a chunky knit merino wool blanket that'll be the next best thing to a couch-sized sweater.

    3. A lift-top coffee table to provide some extra storage room but also a nice lil' tabletop closer to your seat on the couch.

    4. ~Chill~ wall art that deserves some prime real estate by your fave piece of furniture for a visual reminder as to why you're there.

    5. A splurge-worthy sound bar to help you enjoy watching Killing Eve *even* more. Who knew that was possible?!

    6. A Roku player that works with Alexa to let you easily stream all of your TV/movie apps from your couch (aka, how it *should* be).

    7. A mug warmer because once you've settled into your designated spot you shouldn't have to move because of a tepid bev.

    A mug sitting on top of the Mr. Coffee mug warmer, which looks like a thick coaster.  There's also a spoon and a tea bag sitting on an actual coaster right beside it. This warmer is sitting on a desk.

    8. A microwavable plushie that can snuggle up with ya' in case you find yourself spending a big stretch on the couch thanks to cramps, sore muscles, or just because you hecking want.

    9. A memory foam seat cushion with cooling gel to make your well-worn go-to spot feel a little more supportive 'til you can splurge on a new couch.

    10. A couch coaster to keep your drinks safe from your butter hands. Sometimes reaching out to the coffee table for your wine is too much effort.

    11. Or, a foam caddy to hang onto several drinks and the ever-important remote. Lol if I don't always have both a coffee and a water by my side.

    12. A remote organizer to help corral your various clickers into one spot. Here's to less time spent hunting 'em down.

    13. A foot roller for giving yourself a nice massage because why not? You're sitting down anyway. I have one of these parked at the foot of my couch and use it allll the time while I watch my stories.

    14. A red wine stain-remover to help remove any mishaps on your fave throw, clothes, or the actual couch. LBH, if you're not screaming at your TV, you're not watching the good stuff!

    15. A (more than) decent-looking slipcover to change up the lewk of your living space and help get a few more years out of Old Faithful.

    16. A storage ottoman you can prop up your feet on and stash your couch essentials that don't need to be out in the open all the time (think magazines, throws, etc.).

    17. A memory foam pillow that'll give your back the support it needs during a rewatch of the first season of RHONY (trust me, something that's well worth your time).

    18. A bamboo end table just the right size for your laptop and a plate of snacks so you don't have to balance that stuff on your actual lap!

    19. Throw pillow covers to help liven up your living room look. Just a lil' refresh like this can make a HUGE difference!

    20. A lil' couch potato pin nearly as cute as you that you can sport when you're (sadly) not on the couch.

    21. A convertible velvet couch that'll also provide somewhere for a guest to sleep when they show up on your doorstep. Also, DANG it looks so much pricier than reality!

    22. Or a super affordable couch that's also super comfy... if you're in the market for a replacement.

    23. An armrest caddy to hold onto the remote instead of hunting for it in between the cushions.

    24. Or a handsome custom arm table that'll have enough room for this month's magazine haul while serving as a surface for your pint glass.

    25. A couple of bowls made for using on the couch because I wouldn't even wish spilling cereal all over the couch on my worst enemies.

    26. A foldable set of pet steps in case your fur baby keeps you company on the couch.

    27. Or a natural cat deterrent spray in case your cat is ABSOLUTELY not allowed on the couch but hasn't gotten the message.

    28. And anti-scratching couch protectors to keep your kitty from going to town on your sofa (or any upholstered furniture).

    29. Fairy lights with photo clips to adorn the empty wall behind your couch so if you're hanging out solo on the couch you can still feel like your friends are there with you!

    30. Comfy bike shorts that'll still feel like a FASHION moment while giving you lots of movement to wiggle into your fave position under a throw blanket.

    31. A floor lamp with shelves to keep the stuff you need within arm's reach while giving you a lil' reading light.

    32. A rolling acrylic table that'll be an amazing sartorial choice but also easily sidle up to your favorite spot when you need it.

    33. And a keychain representing me when I finally emerge from my throne.

    I never want you to be in this dire situation ever again:

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