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    22 Products For Anyone Who Travels Light

    Yes I'm one of those people who packs for a weekend in a backpack or only carry-on yet am incredibly high-maintenance. I'm about to tell you how.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A sleek anti-theft backpack that zips open like a roller suitcase so you can easily access your stuff once you get to wherever you're going. Plus you can wear it like a regular backpack, carry it with a handle like a suitcase, or slide it over your roller bag handle. What *can't* it do? Really just speak the local language for ya'.


    Promising review: "I recently went to Iceland and needed to be able to bring my laptop with me. I like to travel as light as I can and didn't want to have a separate laptop bag. This bag worked perfectly for being able to protect my laptop and still have plenty of room for all the clothes and other items I needed for my trip. While I'm still getting used to traveling with a backpack instead of a suitcase and 22 pounds was a little heavy for me after a while with this on my back, the bag was actually quite comfortable once the straps were all adjusted correctly for me. Will definitely be using this in the future!" —Kate

    Get it from Amazon for $66.99 (available in three colors).

    2. Or if you want something that's a lil' more like just a regular backpack, this slim InCase backpack is my go-to. It can (and will) fit a laptop in its faux fur–lined pocket, a packed-to-the-brim packing cube, toiletries bag, and other odds and ends while supporting you with ergonomic shoulder straps. This is what I use to pack for weekends!


    Plus, it looks super sharp and more expensive than it is. AND it stands out to me in a sea of backpacks, which is nice for convenience/safety reasons.

    Get it from InCase for $39.95 (originally $79.95).

    3. And a packable nylon backpack in case your travels include daytime trips where you need to pack even lighter — and will probably be sweating and wanna be able to easily clean it!

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    Yep I apparently have a thing for red backpacks because I also own this! I bought it for a trip to the Greek Islands that included a very sweaty hours-long hike (who am I even?!) and several beach trips. I was able to fit giant water bottles, a towel, change of clothes, pair of shoes, sunscreen, and other essentials in here comfortably. It's easily folded up (I swear) and fit into my suitcase NBD. Plus it was super easy to wipe all the sunscreen and sweat off of it. I've since taken it to the park and beach several times stateside!

    Get it from Amazon for $17.82+ (available in 16 colors and two sizes).

    4. A set of seven packing cubes of varying sizes to help you cram your things into much smaller spaces that are easy to move around when security finds you left a bottle of moisturizer NOT in your toiletries bag and down in the bottom of your suitcase. Oof.


    I requested this from my parents for Christmas last year and have put it to good use (way more than their money's worth!) since then. Yes, you can use the whole set in one roller bag. BUT most of the time I find it's easier to just use two of the cubes with mesh tops to pack like-minded things together (like undies, PJs, socks, and swimsuits in one, and then day clothes in another) and roll up my dirty laundry and shove it into the labeled laundry pouches at the end of my trip, which I'll then shove into the mesh-topped cubes for some separation but ease of packing.

    If you're trying to become one of those people who pack in just a backpack, I find that I can shove all my clothing (except the bulkiest clothing I of course wear while en route) into one of these mesh things and SO MUCH MORE than I'd think compresses into them. They're light and seem flimsy, but they're quite sturdy! Then when I'm loading up my backpack I'll put in that packing cube in the main part first, then squeeze in other stuff around it that you might need to access easier anyway, like a water bottle or book.

    Get them from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in eight colors).

    5. A *waterproof* Kindle paperweight so you can travel around with a whole dang library without worrying about if you left a library book in that seat-back pocket.


    Promising review: "I've held off on buying a Kindle for forever. I wish I had bought it sooner. I like being able to read without straining my eyes or worrying about a battery. It's almost as nice as reading from a real book. I also travel a lot but taking 3-4 books on a trip is annoying and cumbersome. This makes it so much easier (especially when flying). The lighting adjusts well and it connects to Wifi easily making it easy to sync with your Amazon and Goodreads accounts. The ads are not intrusive (literally only when it's waking up) and some of the recs have turned out to be great. Worth saving a little bit of money for something that never bugs me. The only thing that could use some work is the touchscreen. I don't know if it's because I'm used to my phones response but it seems delayed at times. Otherwise, I love everything about my Kindle." —Beth Friend

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99+ (available in two colors and two storage sizes).

    6. Silky PJs that'll make you look incredibly fancy when you tuck yourself in for the night AND take up v little room in your packing cubes in comparison to an old T-shirt and gym shorts.


    Promising review: "THE BEST JAMMIES I HAVE EVER OWNED!! Not only are they ridiculously cute, they are also extremely silky and comfortable. I put them on for bed when I first got them and my boyfriend was like 'Wow those must’ve been expensive.' Little did he know they were from Amazon!" —Teri Jenkins

    Get them from Amazon for $20.99+ (available in 14 patterns/styles and sizes XS–XL). Also check out a similar long-sleeve and pants pair for $18.99+.

    7. A TSA-friendly toiletries set you can easily fill, clean, and then refill with your go-to regular products. And the bag is sturdy as HECK.

    Yep, I also own and love this set! it includes the zippered bag, four soft silicone bottles with leakproof caps, three compact jars, an two toothbrush caps. I've used this set on more than five trips and and for trips when I don't require body wash or shampoo (like to visit my parents) I use the extra room in the bag to shove in all my beauty products and daily contacts. Plus! It comes with labels that stay on the containers really well despite my thoroughly washing these containers between trips.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.59.

    8. A dry shampoo that comes in a powder shaker and is actually also good to use for water-less body wash and deodorant. So if you're camping, you're probably gonna want this stuff!


    Promising review: "I use this as my daily deodorant, (I am happy that it is all natural, aluminum-free, and that it actually works). I also use it 3-4 times a week as a dry shampoo at home. I also pack this on every adventure: it is perfect for lake and boat living, camping, climbing, fishing, hunting, and rafting trips. I am also happy that it is biodegradable and is safe for water, so if I use it and then take a swim in the lake or river I know I am not harming anything. Last, I also bought this for my aunt who had a mastectomy and was not able to get in the shower." —Kindle Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in two sizes).

    9. Or a cruelty-free shampoo bar sampler if you HAVE to take a water shower but hate hotel toiletries and/or couldn't possibly spare room in your TSA-friendly toiletries bag.


    Includes three shampoos and two conditioners.

    Get them from Amazon for $16 (also available in body or face). And grab a soap carrying case while you're at it!

    10. A mini combo hair straightener/curling iron with ~legit~ customer photos so you won't have to empty your whole bathroom cabinet into your suitcase. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean that you have to wear your hair in a pony the whole time!, Amazon

    Promising review: "Nice mini flat iron! It's compact, lightweight, and straightens my curly hair quickly. It heats up so quickly and has two temperature settings. I love that it glides smoothly on my hair and my hair looks shiny and healthy after I use this flat iron." —Abby

    Get it from Amazon for $30.99.

    11. Or a heat-resistant rolling mat for those people who'd never leave home without their regular straightener, but don't want to bulk up their bags with a cumbersome carrier.


    I have one of these and use it to park my heat tools to warm up in all kinds of spots. So it's a multi-use product!

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    12. A pack of travel laundry detergent to help lighten your load (and clean your other load) instead of like last time when you poured laundry detergent into a travel bottle and you truly only needed a lil' bit!


    Plus, these packets are TSA-compliant so you can slip it right into your toiletries bag NBD.

    Get an eight-pack from Amazon for $11.85.

    13. An easy makeup pack in case you'd rather not lug along your glass foundation bottle on that next business trip. it's enough to do a full face with BB cream, lip/cheek color, and mascara. So the essentials!


    Promising review: "I travel often for work, and it’s so much easier to pack a few Pocket Palettes than tote my regular makeup — they’re super carry-on bag/airport friendly! and I love my Lancôme but I’d much rather not tote around heavy glass bottles, so I keep a palette at the ready for the gym, in my purse, at my desk at work, etc. — they’re that convenient.

    For the makeup itself, the quality of the BB cream is great. It’s light, feels and looks natural, you can get at least two full uses out of the quantity. The lip/cheek color amount is also generous. I personally go for a darker lip generally, but this is good for blush and will last me a while. I love how handy the mascara applicator is, so fun-sized. For someone on the go, who isn't soooo makeup savvy that I'm contouring all the time, this product is really practical!" —Maureen

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $11.99 (available in four shades).

    14. A pair of collapsible water bottles to save you more space (and weight) in your bag than insulated metal or glass bottles... and of course then some cash later when you can refill at water fountains for $free.99.


    They're made of food-grade silicone, have a metal carabiner for loop for storage, and they're even freezable!

    Get them from Amazon for $14.97.

    15. Pedialyte powder packets because yes you are a grown-ass adult but you still feel like a fussy baby when you wake up with a hangover, jet lagged, or some sort of sickly way thanks to all that delicious food you've been eating.


    ~Trust me~ when I tell you that these will work in a pinch. I bought them a year ago to take on a bachelorette party to New Orleans, and everyone in the Airbnb was grateful I did. Since then I've always had them in my carry-on bag when going on a trip. They REALLY came in handy when I went to the Greek Islands for 10 days with an apparent mission to eat every piece of seafood and cheese within sight while washing it down with jugs of wine. These are powder in small individual packets, so they're so easy to pack! And also you don't have to lug around a bottle of Gatorade to feel better.

    Get a 24-count from Amazon for $26.97.

    16. A super absorbent organic towel that'll look so stylish in photos yet rolls up drastically smaller than any other beach towel you've met.


    Total shocker but I also own this. It's been quite resilient over the four or so years I've had it, is incredibly easy to pack, absorbent enough to towel off quickly at the beach or after a shower, and will air dry faster than others. In addition to it being my go-to beach towel, I also use it as a bathroom towel while not living my best life on vacation. While on my most recent vacation, another person on the trip bought a similar style towel at a local shop that turned out to be as absorbent as a bed sheet.

    I know it is NOT a cheap towel, but if you LOVE packing light and/or care about how/where your purchases are sourced, this is a solid buy! It's 100% organic cotton grown and woven in the Aegean region of Turkey, and GOTS-certified.

    Get the beach towel from Coyuchi for $68. Or grab a bath set with two wash cloths, two guest towels, and two bath towels for $148.

    17. Neutral ankle booties that reviewers say are comfy compliment bait. They'll be easy to pull off and on through airport security, match most outfits, and have a low enough heel for easy traipsing around your destination. And if you mess 'em up while on your travels? They're also v affordable and won't be the biggest loss.,

    Promising review: "These are amazing! I bought them to go traveling in. So cute. Can wear them with socks or without. Great buy!" —MamaT

    Get them from Amazon for $19.16+ (available in 22 colors and sizes 5.5–11).

    18. Breathable, washable travel sneakers – they'll work just great as airport shoes OR rolled up in your luggage while you wear your bulkiest shoes en route (as you should!).


    I own these and have worn them sooo many times. And as far as washing goes, they wash really well! You'll just have to make sure that you put them in a well-ventilated area to dry because they do take a while to dry. I discovered this a year ago when I ventured into an extremely muddy corn maze and got my foot stuck in muck. I hosed off my shoes beside the farm's pig pen and expected to have to throw them away. The light gray (which I own in addition to this burgundy hue ^) washed really well, and then nearly a year later I wore them alllll over Athens. Did I mention they have excellent traction and you can wear 'em without socks?!

    Get them from SUAVS for $95 (available in five colors and whole sizes 5–12).

    19. A classic Levi's trucker jacket with sherpa lining that, tbh, will keep you WAY WARMER than its silhouette would suggest. I have one just like it and wore it all over London during early May and it was *quite* chilly.


    It'll also be a nice alternative to those awful airplane blankets once you get huddled down in your seat *just* how you like it.

    Get it from Amazon for $51.74+ (available in seven colors and sizes XS–XL).

    20. A packable water-resistant coat because maybe it's warm where you live and it's cold where you're going (or vice-versa) and you're just trying to figure out your outerwear sitch. This one packs down in a tiny pouch you'll def have room for in your luggage.


    Promising review: "I am 110% obsessed with this coat! I needed a more professional looking rain coat for work and this is perfection! The fit is great and I love that it fits in a small bag in my purse when I'm on the plane! I also love that it has two zippers so I can have the bottom unzipped for some flair! The zipper pockets are a nice touch as well. I can't say enough good things about this coat, totally obsessed!" —Maggy

    Get it from Amazon for $49.50 (available in sizes XS–XXL and eight colors).

    21. An inflatable neck pillow and travel pouch because you shouldn't have to give over half of your tote to a neck pillow while you're not wearing it. Ya' just shouldn't!


    Promising review: "After trying many travel neck pillows, I was thrilled to find one that I can deflate for packing and easily remove the cover for washing. I tried removing covers on other pillows and found it impossible because they are stuffed in there so tight. This pillow is easy to inflate and deflate. Once deflated, the cover comes off easily and can be washed. Then the deflated pillow can be reinserted with no problem and again inflated. Yes, it takes a few extra pumps to blow it up, but it's worth it. Also the design with the two bumps that go on either side of my neck are just right for support." —Rita Rover, R.D.

    Get it from Amazon for $16.95.

    22. And camera lens set that'll clip right over your regular phone camera to help capture vacation memories. No figuring out how that DSLR camera is going to fit in your suitcase!


    This set comes with a wide angle lens, a fisheye lens, and a macro lens.

    Promising review: "This camera is amazing!!! WOW, you’ll be able to take macro and wide-angle photos that will truly transform your photo albums and impress your friends. The wide-angle lens lets you capture more in a single shot than you normally can, which is great for group selfies. Want to get a high-resolution photo of something small? Attach the macro lens and you can capture all the detail you want from 1.18-1.57 inches away. The lenses screw onto a universal base, so you can add other lenses (like telephoto and fisheye) to your photography toolkit now that you've awoken your inner professional photographer. The quality of the product is well done, lightweight and compact. Great purchase" —Erik H

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $11.99.

    When you realize that you've finally nailed down packing light and all the wonderful ways it makes traveling so much easier:


    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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