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    34 Problem-Solving Products From The Grommet You'll Probably Wish You'd Known About Sooner

    A suction tool to deal with bug bites, moldable glue with tons of handy uses, a portable pressure washer for muddy paws, and lots more super useful things.

    1. A bug-bite suction tool made to remove the insect saliva that causes all the irritation and itching so your poor skin can heal faster. It also works on stings!

    the tool being applied to a child's forearm

    2. A hands-free doggy poo bag holder to make the necessary chore a little bit more pleasant. Now you can stroll carefree for a little bit longer instead of steering your dog to the closest trash can ASAP.

    loop-like keychain attachment to dog leash that holds a dog poo bag

    3. An easy-install bidet attachment that'll help you cut down on your TP use and feel cleaner every time you go #2. Plus you won't have to have a pro to install this for you because it's nonelectric.

    toilet with a white rectangular-shape attachment on side with dials and a piece at the top/back of the toilet bowl that sprays the water

    4. A pair of pet hair-removing tools you throw in the wash to cut down on one step in your laundry routine. Here's to drastically cutting down on your lint roller use.

    5. A bacon grease container to pour your drippings into, lest a family member see a regular jar with drippings by the sink and dump it down the drain. Again. Noooooooo.

    6. A ~discreet~ hair remover with a built-in LED can help you spot any hairs you want to get. Plus it's travel-friendly so you can throw it in with your everyday essentials!

    7. A scrubbing brush attachment for your drill/driver to take most of the scrubbing effort away from you. You more or less just have to find something dirty and hold down a button.

    8. A pull-out cabinet organizer that'll help you file away your multitude of (all essential!) spices in a way you can more easily access them thanks to a slim design and pull handles. Grabbing the cinnamon sugar for cinnamon toast just got THAT much easier.

    person pulling one of the organizers with two shelves of spices out of a kitchen cabinet

    9. A hair-catching TubShroom to neatly fit into your tub drain to prevent nasty monstrous hair tangles and you being ankle-deep in dirty water before you've had your morning coffee. I swear by these bbs!

    white Tubshroom sticking up out of a shower drain while letting water freely drain

    10. A Stasher silicone storage bag that'll help cut down on your plastic baggy consumption because these bbs can withstand all kinds of wear and tear, sous vide meal prep, and more. Plus they're super easy to clean!

    person closing the silicone bag with baby carrots inside

    11. An adjustable standing desk with four height options to outfit your WFH station to its full potential. Plus you don't have to install anything (and that's always a good thing).

    person on a table with desk lift with laptop on it with room to write on a sheet of paper on surface

    12. Or a collapsible laptop stand – it'll adhere to your computer so no matter where you're typing away you can put things at your perfect angle. And it'll fold up when it's time to close your laptop and take it somewhere else!

    minimalist stand to prop up laptop at an angle

    13. An ergonomic spout and handle to make it SO much easier to pour from a mason jar. I can't be the only person who's made a complete mess with such attempts.

    mason jar with liquid with the spout on top and large easy-to-grip handle

    14. A carbon smartphone cleaner that'll wipe away all sorts of smudges without compromising your device with liquid cleaners. Plus one pad is good for 300+ cleaning sessions and it kills bacteria.

    person using a Swiffer-shaped small cleaner to wipe away smudges on a smartphone screen

    15. A Frywall splatter guard for keeping that bacon grease in the pan where it belongs... instead of all over you and the stovetop you just cleaned this morn.

    red cup-like high walled guard that fits on top of a frying pan

    16. Sugru moldable glue – it can help you solve all sorts of storage problems around the house by helping you form your own solutions, like a clip for a charging cord that always falls behind your desk or a well-placed hook for an oven mitt that always seems to go missing, to just name a few. Or simply wrap it around a charger cord that gets tugged constantly.

    person wrapping, pressing, then rubbing on red moldable glue over laptop charging cord where it may wear down

    17. A soup-freezing tray that'll help you really take *stock* of your go-to recipes and how you portion 'em out for enjoying later. No, you don't have to eat the same soup three nights in a row!

    two ice cube-like trays with larger portion compartments

    18. A tape measure tool to help you easily measure around corners in a similar fashion as those super pricey laser measures!

    binder clip like metal clip holding a tape measure in place up against a corner inside a cabinet

    19. A weighted couch coaster that'll hang onto your cup of hot coffee while you wait for it to cool or just hold onto your beer while you sit on the edge of your seat during the 90 Day Fiance reunion.

    20. A 360-degree bedsheet holder for keeping your bedding exactly in place. No more waking up from a nightmare thinking you're being made into a human burrito because that fitted sheet popped off in the night. (OK, I can't promise you won't have that nightmare.)

    person pulling down fitted sheet in place with a clip that connects to a band that goes around the edge of the mattress

    21. A three-pack of beeswax wraps you can use to transport food or just keep it fresh instead of what feels like miles of plastic wrap. It'll easily mold however you need it to thanks to the heat of your hands.

    flat beeswax wrap pieces with a slice of bred, cheese, and half a lemon on it

    22. A motion-activated toilet light so you won't have to turn on the harsh overhead light when nature calls at 3:02 a.m. Here's to finishing up in the wash room and then drifting back to sleep ASAP.

    toilet with purple light inside the bowl

    23. A versatile bag holder to help your purse stay in place while you're driving in the car or give you a serious hand with toting around shopping bags.

    24. A 3-in-1 portable jump starter kit really anyone should have in their car because you never know! With this, you can power vehicles as big as a dieisel truck. Plus it can be recharged 1,000x.

    A flashlight-like device and two plugs under the hood of a car

    25. A puzzle roll-up mat to help you scoot your in-progress work away from the dining room table without displacing anything.

    person rolling up a puzzle on a mat that fits around a cylinder

    26. An adjustable julienne slicer that'll do the even cutting for you next time it's your turn to cook dinner. It has two blades and five blades to give ya' options. Plus it's dishwasher-safe!

    person holding the tool over a frying pan while using it to slice mushrooms into the pan

    27. A portable pressure washer to get at those muddy paws from an exuberant afternoon spent at the dog park. Everyone had their fun, now your car won't be a total mess!

    person using the pressure washer to wash off a dog's paw on a sidewalk or driveway

    28. Heavy-duty scrub gloves you could, yes, use to help clean a horse's beautiful visage, but also to scrub up some house siding or caked-on casserole dishes. These bb's will do the scouring for you.

    person wearing one of the gloves and cleaning a horse's face

    29. A retractable telescoping ladder for helping you (safely) reach new heights around the house without worry about storage space. It folds up small enough to fit into a closet!

    30. A travel scarf with a hidden pocket for your passport or other essentials. It's kinda like Mary Poppins' bag but instead it's around your neck.

    person wearing an loop-style scarf around neck and tucking passport into secret pocket in the scarf

    31. Gardening knee pads made to mimic the back of an armadillo so they're super flexible for all the stuff you've gotta do while being super sturdy to block out discomfort from hard surfaces like your patio stones or driveway.

    person wearing the knee pads over jeans and kneeling on concrete beside garden bed

    32. A magnetized glasses holder that'll clip onto your top right where you need it without leaving behind a mark.

    person placing arm of eyeglasses into a metal holder attached to shirt

    33. Hypoallergenic wool dryer balls to fluff up your laundry instead of a fabric softener sheet. (FYI, those sheets can leave behind unnecessary buildup on the inside of your machine. These won't.)

    the wool balls with a stack of towels and in a basket

    34. A magnetic necklace-clasping attachment so you can finally put on your fave locket without hollering for someone else in the house to help you. This'll be super helpful to anyone, but especially those of us with arthritis or limited dexterity.

    person using attachment to put on their own necklace

    Plus! The Grommet has a whole section of problem-solving products that's worth checking out!

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