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29 Pineapple Gifts As Sweet As The Actual Fruit

After all, it's the universal symbol of hospitality. Wealth, too!

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. An adjustable cap for living your juiciest life.,

Gotta catch 'em all, er, both.

Get it from Fab for $35. / Available in red and green.

2. A soft pillow so cute you'll wanna eat it.

No sticky hands after handling this little guy.

Get it from Target for $14.44.

3. An adult shot glass duo for imbibing all things tropical.

Replace all your tourist shot glasses with these.

Get it from W&P Design for $35. / Available in three finishes.

4. A cookie cutter for making the tropical eat even sweeter.

It totally makes cookies healthier.

Get it from FrostedCo on Etsy for $3+. / Available in four sizes.

5. A fine-apple pin for your jean jacket.

One way to get your fruit.

Get it from Towne9 on Etsy for $10.

6. A watch that proves it's always pineapple o'clock.

Stop using your phone as a watch.

Get it from J. C. Penney for $23.99. / Available in black and white.

7. A glitzy dish for paperclip gathering.

Luckily it comes with all those paperclips. Because you lost all of yours anyway.

Get it from Anthropologie for $18.

8. A quenching lip balm that isn't tested on animals.

A cheap thrill you can buy for each of your bags, like a king!

Get it from Jet for $1.51.

9. A memorable table lamp that doesn't require a light bulb.,

A pointy reading light.

Get it from for $93. / Available in pink and gold.

10. A pair of sandals that'll leave a fruity glimmer in your dust.

Make 'em look twice at this clever footwear construction.

Get them from 6pm for $79. / Available in whole and half sizes 6–10.

11. A metallic pineapple sweatshirt that'll earn a spot in your wardrobe rotation.

Everybody needs a metallic pineapple piece.

Get it from Asos for $30. / Available in sizes XS-XL.

12. A sippy cup for your go-go juice.

Just tell security it's full of H20.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $8.

13. A pair of bright socks to snazz up your ankles.

Get them from Amazon for $9.33+. / Available in two colors.

14. A little earbud holder you'll want to show off.

Considerably more stylish than wrestling with a nest of wires in your coat pocket.

Get it from Anthropologie for $20.

15. A tropical hair-elastic holder you won't lose.

A better storage idea than the bottom of your purse.

Get it from Hollister Co. for $7.95.

16. A hefty bulk bag of pineapple gummy bears.

Cut out the middle man in sorting out the faves for the cost of a fancy cocktail.

Get the 5-lbs. bag from Amazon for $15.97.

17. A pair of workout leggings you'll be able to find in your drawer of black pants.

You'll for-sure stick out in spin class. And that's a good thing.

Get them from Shopbop for $73. / Available in sizes XS-L.

18. An approp money box to help save up for an island vacation.

A colorful incentive to pinch some pennies.

Get it from Asos for $23.

19. A printed tee that goes with everything.

This teensy print makes a big wave.

Get it from Forever21 for $12.90. / Available in sizes XS-XL.

20. A quilted coin purse that deserves its moment in the spotlight of your Instagram feed.

It gives nearly as much sass as you.

Get it from Kate Spade New York for $63.

21. A cheery apron for all your kitchen clothes-guarding needs.

Pineapple sidekick optional.

Get it from Amazon for $20.

22. A pair of coffee mugs that look pretty in — or out of — use.

It's all about the stacking order.

Get them from Fab for $32.

23. A pack of briefs so you can wear your fave fruit at all times.

Only someone special will know your juicy secret.

Get them from Asos for $31. / Available in 2XS-2XL.

24. A metallic tea towel for quick cook-space cleanup.,

Pretty enough to frame.

Get them from H&M for $5.99 and $6.99.

25. A PJ set that'll make you feel like you have your shit together.

The jewel tones will help mask the ice cream and Cheetos stains.

Get them from Target for $24.99. / Available in sizes S-XL.

26. A Kawaii tote for lugging around your essentials.

"Smile, girl" said no one to these cheerful pineapples.

Get it from Human for $27.20.

27. A gleaming pot for housing your new succulent.

No promises about your plant, but at least your pot will look alive.

Get it from CB2 for $5.95.

28. A pair of studs for decking out your lobes.

Get them from ObsessoriesLA on Etsy for $9.95.

29. And a subtle-but-snazzy tie that's way better than the cartoon snowman number you were gonna buy your dad.

Just tell pops to watch out for street-style photographers.

Get it from Asos for $12.50.

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