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    34 Practical Things You'll Be Glad You Have In Your Car

    Vent-cleaning slime, a waterproof trash can, a mask clip that resembles your Starbucks order, and other items you'll pat yourself on the back for having while you get from one point to another.

    1. A jar of dust cleaning gel that'll get into all sorts of nooks and crannies for some actually fun cleaning.

    2. A chic(?!) cupholder trash can for catching all those squeezed-dry sauce pockets, straw wrappers, and receipts you no longer require.

    cup-size garbage can with gold glam lid

    3. And a larger waterproof trash bin the whole fam can use to toss their stuff someplace that isn't the floorboard.

    cube-shape car trash can in a flamingo print with storage pockets on the front and sides

    4. A Starbucks or a minimalist honeycomb face mask holder so you won't have to resort to hanging your go-to from the rear view mirror where it's been blocking your view.

    5. A spring-loaded coin holder that'll fit nicely into a cup holder and help you make speedier money moves in the drive-thru.

    person holding the coin holder in one hand

    6. A Chewbacca seatbelt cover so The Force (rather than rubs and seatbelt burns) will always be with you.

    7. Or a medical alert seatbelt tag because it's always great to be prepared and this'll catch anyone's eye ASAP who needs to see it.

    row of seat belt covers with Type 1 Diabetic medical alert on it

    8. A pair of low-key seat gap fillers you may have eyed on Shark Tank and wished you'd invented them yourself.

    9. Bunny-like cable clips that'll keep your charger in just the right place where you like it.

    orange cable clip with bunny ears on the console holding a charging cable in place

    10. A dip clip that'll hold your sauce while you eat in the best spot in the joint. No one deserves dry nuggets.

    11. And a steering wheel desk you *could* use for your laptop OR for an impromptu gourmet feast. Maybe both. You have range!

    12. A visor tissue holder fit for a royal's snotty nose.

    hand pulling tissues out of visor holder that has a rhinestone crown design on it

    13. A flashy lil' document holder to help you track down your registration and insurance info faster in the depths of your glove box.

    light pink metallic organizer for car documents

    14. A set of universal purse holder hooks in case you rarely travel with just one bag or often find yourself putting your groceries in the back seat.

    back of a car seat with the hooks attached to the head rest with a bag hanging from it

    15. Or some leather and stainless headrest hangers if you really wanna step it up for anyone in the backseat.

    16. A dog booster seat with a seatbelt that attaches to your pup's collar. Gone are the days of your furry BFF "helping" you navigate by sticking their wet lil' nose in your ear while you're weaving through traffic.

    17. An adorable phone holder with an embrace wide enough to fit most phones because nothing looks as bad as unsafe driving [insert guilt-inducing mom stare].

    18. A colorful car organizer you can strap in with a seatbelt or nestle in between seats. And you can easily change your mind with this because it'll easily move from one spot to another.

    gray organizer with two cup holders, two large sections to hold toys

    19. Universal fit seat covers to guard your poor driver's seat from your drive-thru french fry habit.

    inside of a car with the two black and snowflower print

    20. A Golden Girls windshield shade to help keep your vehicle's contents cool while the convo remains sizzling.

    21. Agate-look drink coasters that'll help soak up the condensation from your McD's Diet Coke. IDK how they do it, but it really does just taste different.

    top down view of the drink coasters in a drink cup holder

    22. A lidded trunk organizer you'll be able to put SO MUCH into. Finally, you you'll tidy up your vehicle without displaying its contents to the world!

    reviewer's SUV trunk with the covered organizer in the back

    23. A small but mighty safety hammer emergency escape tool might look cute on your car's visor but it'll cut off your seat belt and help you break glass should you need that (hopefully not).

    24. A bamboo charcoal air purifier you can toss in your car and forget about it. Say buh-bye to weird pet, smoke, and all sorts of other odors.

    pyramid-shaped bamboo bag with a dog behind it

    25. And if you're a smoker (or drive around a smoker), this cup holder ashtray will look so much nicer than stray butts or repurposed soda cans.

    person putting their cigarette out in a light-up ash tray that fits in a car cup holder

    26. A lithium car jump starter for a little backup that can jump start 12V cars, SUVs, trucks or vans up to 30 times on a full charge. (Psst, it also charges phones and tablets.)

    27. Some trimmable floor mats built to stand up to the elements because you're not going to wipe off your drenched shoes before you duck into your car during a downpour.

    inside of a car with a gray floor mat

    28. And protective kick mats because no matter how many times you say "Stop kicking!" your kids keep on doing it like it's their job, leaving their tiny, adorable scuff marks on your nice leather.

    inside of a mini van with seat protectors on the back of the two front seats

    29. An expandable cup holder so your actual child-size soda from the drive-thru can snugly fit while you show the yellow light who's boss.

    30. Or a cupholder adapter with a slit to fit in your coffee mug handle.

    31. A mesh organizer to help you stow away essentials within arm's reach *or* keep your dog in the backseat so you can concentrate on getting where you're going.

    32. A car power inverter might just do everything except file your taxes. It has two AC outlets, two USB charging ports, a car adapter, and a car cigarette lighter socket. Whew!

    A photo of the car power converter in a cup holder of a car.

    33. A first-aid kit in a sturdy, weatherproof case that'll take all sorts of hard knocks in your trunk or under your backseat 'til you need it.

    the open kit with various parts inside of it

    34. And some cheery Welly fabric bandages with some major flexibility and strength that'll stick with you for the whole road trip. Trust me: I, a very clumsy person, swear by them!

    various sized tie-dy print badges

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