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    No One Will Believe You Only Paid $20 For This Fancy-Looking Faux-Fur Stole

    Quite possibly the cheapest way to look like a rich person.

    If you've never experienced the luxurious feeling that comes from wrapping up in a fur coat or collar — yes, even faux — you are MISSING out. I mean, just LOOK at Taraji here.

    But fur is very expensive! And some folks are morally opposed to it. So if you're on a budget and/or swear against animal products, you can invest in this $12.99 faux-fur stole instead!

    Apparently we've all been sleeping on this compliment bait — it has 600+ 5-star reviews on Amazon!

    Judging from customer photos, this rich-looking gem is a popular pick for formal events, holiday parties, and Gatsby-like galas.

    When you're not using it to cover your shoulders at a black-tie affair, you can easily attach it to a coat collar or drape it on top for a toasty addition to your go-to outerwear.

    It's ALSO great for making a variety of costumes! From a cowardly lion to Jon Snow to a princess to drag lewks to, well, a prohibition-era shindig.

    Perhaps most importantly, one reviewer discovered that it looks just as good on her pug as it does on her.

    Ready to be glam and cozy? Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in two sizes and 16 colors).

    When it's super nippy out but your (faux) fur is keeping you toasty and looking unbothered.

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