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    37 Attention-Grabbing Little Black Dresses Your Closet Needs ASAP

    They don't give a damn about their bad reputation.

    1. A caged body-con sheath that'll ensnare onlookers.

    2. A velvet T-shirt dress for an effortless look that's extra snuggly.

    3. A total dazzler primed to assist you in a grand party entrance.

    4. A winged looker with some major fall wardrobe lift.

    5. A mesh mini that forces the eye to travel in all kinds of directions.

    6. A sporty-as-hell dress well suited to pair with your dad caps.

    7. A floral number that'll mesh well with the rest of your fall wardrobe.

    8. An office-appropriate look you can dress up or down with a few accessories.

    9. A racy mesh combo featuring a view of your fave bra...or not.

    10. Some selective sheer paneling in case you wanna leave a little more to the imagination.

    11. An illusion dress that has it all, including a thigh slit, plunging neckline, and open back.

    12. A vintage-inspired LBD with a cape. A CAPE!

    13. A flapper-style delight befitting a speakeasy or prohibition-era party.

    14. A dress with a cut-out that makes it so expensive.

    15. A slinky work of art to leave plain ole slip dresses in your dust.

    16. A daring number that'll keep you in style, even when your plans are tied up in someone else's nonsense.

    17. A taste of fringe for a fanciful approach to a low-key T-shirt dress.

    18. Or a whole lotta fringe you'll wanna put to work all night long.

    19. An embroidered sweat dress featuring your animal identity.

    20. A lacy Anna Sui x INC number ready to wear to every function ever.

    21. A PU shirt dress with plenty of stretch so it doesn't have to feel as hard as it looks.

    22. A stretchy wrap for when you need a little somethin' somethin'.

    23. A strapping overall dress your friends are gonna rave about.

    24. A series of mesh inserts that makes you *think* you're seeing more than reality.

    25. A solid choice you should definitely wear to a mariachi band audition.

    26. A peacock-decked tulle frock for fulfilling all your 1955 prom fantasies while Marty McFly shreds with the band.

    27. A one-shoulder wonder with some (original) Dynasty realness.

    28. A floral number begging for a spin on the dance floor.

    29. A gratuitous bell sleeve featuring an embellished neck so you don't have to worry about picking out jewelry.

    30. An elegant option if you're super into the ballet-inspired trend. Or not! Either way, it's just a cool dress!

    31. A crochet-paneled beaut you can let folks assume is Balmain.

    32. A gorgeous A-line decked out in fanciful appliques.

    33. A velvet dress that looks downright luxurious.

    34. A demure turtleneck with pretty of swing and lace trim.

    35. A ruffled masterpiece designed to make you strut.

    36. A fashionable cage you won't mind being trapped inside for a night.

    37. And a lesson in pattern mixing we're sure would get the nod of approval from the pattern-mixing master herself, Margherita Missoni.

    Now say it with me...