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    60 Home Products You'll Probably Wish You'd Bought Years Ago

    You can only move forward with your new reusable bacon grease towel, couch arm tray, stain-lifting pads, and other incredibly useful home items.

    1. Wood polish and conditioner to revive all sorts of heirloom and sidewalk finds so you can bring your great-grandmother's rocking chair back to fighting condition for the nursery. You're going to start scouting out projects to tackle with this potion!

    2. A humidifier that may seriously help your stuffy nasal passages and dry winter skin woes. Buy one for your bedroom AT LEAST but you'll thank yourself for buying one for your living area too. Just think of that harsh indoor heat!

    the humidifier on a side table in a living room

    3. And a smaller decorative humidifier to park in more public areas like your living room.

    three house-shaped humidifiers with steam escaping from the house chimney

    4. Smart plugs that'll pair with Alexa, Google home, and IFTTT so you can finally dip your toe in the home automation pool you've been flirting with awhile now. New year, new you who's basically turned your home into Smart House, except for the scary dystopian stuff!

    four of the plugs

    5. A shower curtain liner with storage pockets and double-hook curtain hooks for a streamlined bathing experience. Yup, this is my shower and since I took these pics I've easily swapped in two different shower curtains thanks to these hooks!

    6. Foaming garbage disposer tablets to bring up all the gunk so you don't have to. It's gonna get GROSS but you can get through it to the much cleaner side.

    double kitchen sink with running water on one side and cleaning foam coming up from drain on other side

    7. A water mark removing cloth that could also do wonders on the nail polish remover you dribbled down your nightstand two years ago that's been a running "project for next weekend" for the past two years.

    8. A slim cutlery organizer here to prove that, yes! You do have room for all your cutlery in your tiny kitchen drawer! Scoot over, forks.

    open kitchen drawer with the slim utensil holder fitting lots of silverware, leaving room for larger kitchen utensils in the rest of the drawer

    9. A bacon sponge "unpaper" towel to help get the extra grease off of your fave breakfast side with a reusable kitchen tool!

    a pile of bacon on the reusable towel

    10. A purr-fect coffee spoon that'll post up on the side of your mug once you've mixed in all the good stuff.

    glass coffee mug with silver cat spoon on side with arms that keep it hanging from the edge of the coffee mug

    11. A couch clip-on table for that side where there's zero space to squeeze in a side table for your beverages and the remote.

    couch arm with octogonal shape tabletop that clips onto the arm

    12. A hanging boot organizer because maybe you spent New Year's Day re-watching Tidying Up to get you back in the organizing spirit post-holidays. (It's personally one of my fave soothing New Year's rituals.)

    13. A jetted tub cleaner that'll make you gag with delight once you run it through your system and all the pipe filth emerges like some Ghostbusters sludge. Oh, and it's septic-safe.

    14. A neutral runner to place in your hallway where you can hear EVERY footstep. This bit of cushioning underfoot will help dampen sound while making the overlooked space look homier.

    light gray vintage-inspired rug

    15. And a faux cowhide rug to zhuzh up a corner of your home that's needed a little something for a while you haven't quite put your finger on it 'til now.

    chaise lounge with dog sitting on it with the faux cowhide rug on the floor in front of it

    16. An tea press and tumbler that's dishwasher-safe and will fit in most fridge doors so you can have some none-coffee caffeine at the ready.

    two of the tumblers showing using loose leaf and a tea bag to make the tea

    17. A scratchy lil' tool to FINALLY get all the pet hair off your fabric surfaces both inside your house and car. You'll wonder how you lived without it up until now.

    18. Fishing rod organizers for your garage door because you can never seem to keep them in one place out of harm. (It sounds like a weird idea, but it totally works!)

    inside of a car garage door with racks that hang fishing poles horizontally without disturbing the use of the garage doors

    19. A scratch-off world map that'll be a pretty reminder of your past travels and how staying inside not spending money will make your future travels even more spectacular!

    20. An all-season comforter made of down alternative that is ACTUALLY MACHINE-WASHABLE. Seriously, leave the bedding and home goods that require dry cleaning in 2020. And it's reversible, so you can get a lil' versatile with your bedding scheme.

    gray fluffy looking comforter on a bed

    21. An Instant Pot 7-in-1 multicooker you'll be so sad you were sleeping on this whole time once you realize that this could be the biggest lazy-enabler in your kitchen since pizza delivery. And that's a good thing! (Yes, I believe even Martha uses one secretly.)

    The Instant pot on a kitchen counter with chicken tacos

    22. A silicone sink strainer that can make ridding it of tiny food particles easy as pie so you aren't awkwardly standing over your trash can raking them out of your OG metal strainer like a masked killer in a movie. I bought one of these and it truly is game-changing.

    hands holding sink strainer with knob you can toggle to help get food off of it

    23. Stain-lifting pads made to tackle icky pet stains. You love 'em but you don't have to live with their stains. Seriously, you'll wish you could turn back time so you can tell Past You about them.

    24. A baby gate to finally keep the dogs out of the kitchen while you're cooking. Or from stealing cat food. Or from scaring visitors. It's quite the problem-solver!

    reviewer's dog looking sad behind a baby gate in a doorframe

    25. A Roku that works with Alexa so you can catch up on your stories from the couch without lifting a dang finger — JUST as nature intended. Seriously, why aren't you watching Superstore?

    26. A memory-foam pillow to make your couch or fave chair feel *so* much comfier (yes, it's possible!) during your next binge-watching session.

    person sitting on a couch with long half-circular pillow used as a lumbar pillow

    27. An unassuming wall-mounted broom organizer that'll become your cleaning station with five spots for long-handed tools and six hooks to help corral product bottles.

    28. A really good steam mop — it can help kill up to 99.9% of germs on household surfaces like wood, tile, marble, and linoleum. So that *should* cover a good amount for ya'.

    the steam mop being used on a wood floor

    29. A commercial-grade cleaner for getting at soap scum and grime on notoriously hard-to-clean shower doors. It's time to stop ignoring those scummy surfaces you encounter on the reg.

    before pic of a very murky looking shower door covered in soap scum then a clear looking shower door thanks to the cleaner spray

    30. A set of reusable coffee pods you can fill with your favorite ground brew and then toss in your K-cup machine like normal. This'll put a halt to tons of plastic pod waste, both for the environment and your fam's monthly budget.

    31. A luxe-looking futon no one will realize is a futon, unlike that metal monster you've been using as extra seating in the TV room. Blech.

    navy blue tufted futon that looks like a couch in a living room

    32. A v good air mattress so you'll have something squishy to sleep on (instead of the couch or floor) when your in-laws visit for a week at a time.

    the air mattress

    33. An exterior trash can holder in case you're tired of 1) carting your patio trash back inside or 2) staring at an ugly trash can that does anything but look nice with your patio dining set.

    basket-effect trash can holder beside a home entry

    34. A handsome Nic Cage sequin pillow cover because you *know* you've wanted it awhile. Just go ahead. Add to cart and then lovingly stroke that beautiful sequined face.

    gold sequin pillow cover that when is stroked reveals a pic of Nic Cage in Conair

    35. And a coffee mug that transforms from solid black to utter perfection you can sip from while parked beside your new throw pillow cover.

    coffee mug with Nic Cage's face on it with flowers and the words "You're my national treasure"

    36. A motion-activated toilet light that I guarantee SOMEONE in your household will love.

    toilet with half in the daylight and half in the dark with the toilet lit up

    37. A Tasty wall calendar ready to reside on that awkwardly blank wall in your kitchen and remind you of the wonderful dinner possibilities. The recipe is *right there*.

    view of open month in the calendar with a sheet pan clam bake recipe on it

    38. Bamboo charcoal odor neutralizers you can keep in the mudroom and make a house rule that your kid with the stinkiest feet puts in their shoes as soon as they kick 'em off. It may even make those shoes last longer!

    athletic sneakers with the bamboo inserts in them

    39. A storage bench that'll be perfect in the spot where everyone kicks off their shoes. Look! Cubbies where they can put those shoes!

    mudroom area with bench that has a cushion on top and three cubbies for storage below

    40. A candle that smells like home because there's no place like home. But your current digs can at least smell a bit like it!

    the Maryland candle

    41. A marble-print desk in a much-easier-to-clean PVC laminated particleboard because maybe it's time you stop balancing your laptop on your lap on the couch. Just because it's *called* that doesn't mean that you have to park it there.

    mid-century modern style white marble print desk with two open compartments with access in the front and gold tone legs

    42. A tea bag organizer so you can finally reclaim your cabinet space from the miscellaneous tea boxes you forget you had until you need that ONE spice that also lives in the same cabinet.

    reviewer pic of the tea organizer mounted on the inside of a kitchen cabinet

    43. Wool dryer balls you can toss in the dryer instead of chemical-coated dryer sheets that, psssst, leave behind buildup on the inside of your dryer and thus makes it less effective over time.

    white wool balls on a blanket

    44. Satin pillow cases that I own and love! They'll become an essential for anyone who sleeps hot and/or wants to keep their hair and skin moisturized. Soooooo, everyone?

    gray satin pillowcases on sleeping pillow on a bed

    45. A neon light to add in some major pizazz to your living room setup.

    46. A hybrid mattress as an extremely comfy compromise if your partner swears they need springs and you want adaptive foam. Turns out, you can have both!

    47. A limited-edition "tiny print" from Tiny Showcase, which is a market place chock full of stunning affordable art to help fill up your walls.

    48. A faux-monstera plant complete with a planter and rocks for a realistic look even plant serial killers (like me!) can care after.

    faux monstera plant in a silver-tone planter with rocks

    49. A heavy-duty Command hook that'll hold your step stool in place because you're tired of having to scoot it out of the way every time you have to get at something else in your closet. (I do this every single time and need this for my step stool!)

    the hook on a wall holding up a two-tier stepstool

    50. A NordVPN security system that'll keep your personal *and* WFH data protected and private by encrypting your internet connection.

    a graphic of an astronaut in a bubble headed towards a laptop

    51. A gel-infused mattress topper to help keep hot sleepers cool as a cucumber without sacrificing the cushy embrace of memory foam.

    bed with blue mattress topper on top

    52. A professionally framed gallery wall because your attempts to put up your wedding photography haven't quite panned out and you just celebrated your fifth anniversary.

    living room couch with gallery wall of pictures hanging above it on the wall