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    27 Ways To Make Your Junk Car Look So Much Better

    You spend a lot of time there, but you don't want it to look that way!

    1. Revive your ghosted-over headlights with a headlight restoration kit so you won't have to shell out $100 at the local shop to pass inspection.

    2. Corral the jingling change in your car door pocket into a spring-loaded coin holder that'll fit nicely into a cup holder and help you make speedier money moves in the drive-thru.

    3. FINALLY get all the pet hair off your back seat and floors with this ugly but effective tool you'll wonder how you lived without up until now.

    4. And keep a pet protector made to fit over your backseat in your trunk so you won't have to go hunting for it in your garage next time Fido rides with you for errands.

    5. Ward off lost phones, French fries, change, and more with some low-key seat gap fillers you may have eyed on Shark Tank and wished you'd invented them yourself.

    6. Bring some order to your glove box with a straightforward organizer that'll put your important documents front and center in the event of an emergency and someone who's not you needs to get to your deets.

    7. Stretch a sling-like purse holder between your front two seats to keep all your essentials within reach and upright, even when traffic forces you to break in a split second.

    8. And universal purse holder hooks in case you rarely travel with just one bag or often find yourself putting your groceries in the back seat.

    9. Install an adorable phone holder with an embrace wide enough to fit most phones because nothing looks as bad as unsafe driving [insert guilt-inducing mom stare].

    10. Detail vents and other hard-to-clean areas of your car with some gooey cleaning compound that feels like a child's plaything but WOW does it work.

    11. And give your vents special attention with some smol blind dusters with washable cloths to really get in there.

    12. Tidy up your vehicle without displaying its contents to the world thank to a lidded trunk organizer you'll be able to put SO MUCH into.

    13. Throw smaller miscellaneous stuff into a handy seat organizer you can easily move from seat to floor to backseat to backseat floor — all sorts of places!

    14. Or opt for a cup holder–sized organizer in case you need to invent some storage space out of thin air.

    15. And if you're a smoker (or drive around a smoker), this cup holder ashtray will look so much nicer than stray butts or repurposed soda cans.

    16. Tackle odors (smoke or otherwise) with a bamboo charcoal air purifier you can toss in your car and forget about it.

    17. But if you have an olfactory disaster on your hands (like say, a dead mouse?!), spray some air sanitizer even funeral directors recommend.

    18. Freshen up your car surfaces with some UV protectant spray ready to give your 11-year-old model a facelift.

    19. Maintain your floor with some trim-able floor mats built to stand up to the elements because you're not going to wipe off your drenched shoes before you duck into your car during a downpour.

    20. And guard the back of your seats with protective kick mats because no matter how many times you say "Stop kicking!" your kids keep on doing it like it's their job.

    21. But if your kids are old enough to need all their essentials back there with them, store stuff like toys and snacks in some storage-filled seat guards can do the trick.

    22. Train everyone in your crew to use this great new waterproof trash can instead of the floor for containing the mess.

    23. Throw a dedicated wet/dry vacuum (that plugs into the cigarette lighter!) in your trunk because who has the time to go by the car wash and feed quarters into the vacuum?!

    24. Clean off the road dust (and so much more) with a powerful tire cleaner that'll work on all sorts of wheels.

    25. Create a streak-free shine with a foaming glass cleaner because the windshield is the window to your car's soul. But really.

    26. Wipe down your car with some gentle microfiber cloths whether you're doing an at-home wash or never seem to get a thorough dry in a drive-thru wash.

    27. If all else fails, give your car interior a decent wipe-down with some auto wipes because they'll make a surprising difference for such a low level of effort.

    Now that your car's tidy, you can concentrate on other things.

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