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    27 Ways To Make Even The Tiniest Apartment Feel Roomy

    You can still live large in a small space! From "floating" your couch to distinguish a proper living area to doubling up on your cabinet storage to reduce clutter, these tricks will make you feel at home without feeling claustrophobic.

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    1. Layer rugs for a cool, lived-in look that'll suggest your floor space is SO EXPANSIVE you need multiple rugs to cover it 😉.

    2. Or if you're living in a studio (meaning one room for everything), use rugs to differentiate between areas within the room.

    3. Become BFFs with hair pin–leg furniture for pieces that feel substantial but won't mess up the visual flow of your space.

    4. Avoid seating clutter by throwing in a few floor pouffs in rooms where you can't spare the floor space on the reg. (They stack nicely under coffee tables and consoles!)

    5. Make a console serve as a skinnier desk with most of the bells and whistles. Also, you can shove a stool (as extra seating!) underneath it.

    6. Upgrade your storage ottoman from the plain box you bought for your dorm with a fancier version that'll hold junk you don't want people to see while giving them something to marvel at on the outside.

    7. Or better yet, invest in a Frankenottoman you can also use as a coffee table!

    8. Rely on folding furniture for special occasions, like a kitchen cart that'll come in handy during Thanksgiving meal prep.

    9. Install wall-mount furniture where you can so you can enjoy more floor space.

    10. Embrace the power of a large-scale mirror! It'll bounce light from your windows around your space and make it feel more open.

    11. And hang smaller mirrors where you can to help do the same. Just make sure you're hanging them on an adjacent wall to a window to get the most bang for your buck!

    12. Also take advantage of reflective furniture surfaces to really amplify your light sources. There are plenty of unexpected options, like a chrome bar cart or black mirrored side table.

    13. Put curtain rods 6–12 inches above the tops of your windows to make your ceilings feel taller.

    14. And think UP and OPEN for big items like bookshelves to lessen the cramped feel of a small space.

    15. Don't underestimate the utility of a side table where you need it. This "extra" piece of furniture is worth its weight in gold for serving as a helpful little surface and making your space feel *complete*.

    16. Opt for a bistro table instead of a regular-size pedestal table for a dining room fixture in a smaller footprint.

    17. "Float" some of your furniture, aka fight the temptation to just shove it up against the wall in the interest of floor space.

    18. Choose wall sconces to put light exactly where you need it and help create different sources of light, which will make your space look so much nicer.

    19. Place some upholstered chairs for cushy seating in place of a huge-ass couch that'd totally swamp your space.

    20. Buy a straight-back couch or loveseat so you won't lose major floor space to a deep seating option.

    21. Expand the look of a small bathroom with an artfully striped shower curtain. Sick of stripes? Try another design that'll make your eye travel horizontally like a marble print.

    22. Double up your storage space with cabinet inserts and extra shelves so you won't feel like you live with a family of cleaning products.

    23. And slip *clear* storage containers into spaces you'll probably see more often, like a vanity-top makeup organizer or medicine cabinet shelf.

    24. Create storage solutions in unusual spots so everything has its own place, like these Command hooks and measuring cups on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door!

    25. Continue the trend of storage solutions that ~blend in~ with some flat-pack closet organizers that (kinda) match your closet walls.

    26. Seek out design-y storage solutions that help solve a problem you have, like this shoe storage ottoman.

    27. Fill overlooked corners with specially designed shelves to fit in those nooks!

    Here's to making the tiny apartment you can afford work for you:

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